Thursday, 29 November 2012

80's Thrash Metal Band - Overkill - Fear His name

Overkill - Fear His Name 

From the album 'Taking Over' (1987)


On judgement day, the moon lights the way.
And those with open eyes will see...
Hail the avenger, midnight defender.
The end will never be.
You look to the light...
Dawn of a new day.
Hail the avenger...
He who lights the way.

Away with your fear, I've cried all my tears,
Delevered from the night...
Hail the avenger, laughing at danger.
Shed blood, bring life.
If you live by the sword...,
You die by the sword.
All hail! the avenger..,
Accept our new lord.

The defeated lay, lifeless in the pit.
His face reflects the horror of his victems in tenfold.
A death of deaths,
All evil fear his name!
Struck down, by a man!
His severed limbs ooze oceans of our blood. stands, oh knee deep, within..!
Paused to scream, this is not a sin,
I have done your will, I've delivered.
From this day forth, known as the avenger...

Guarding the weak, and those who seek,
Asylum from a world of wrong....!
Hail! the avenger, midnight defender.
Silent bold and strong.
You echo our cry, so ends war.
All hail! the avenger.
Victory hour
Ooo, Victory ours.

Our vengeance recall, those starting to fall.
Oh victory hour!!!

My Comments:

Back in 1987, it seems as if it was just yesterday when I ran out to the local record store to purchase the cassette version of Overkill's album - "Taking Over." I fell in love with the power and heaviness of the guitar riffs plus the speed and the power of the music itself. Nearly every song on this album rocked!

Back then, the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center), headed by none other than Tipper Gore (wife of fmr VP Al Gore), was targeting many of these bands and using their political power to force heavy metal bands to label their albums with such phrases as "Explicit Lyrics - Parental Advisory" or a similar phrase. 

Back in the 1980's, I find it very ironic that the very people who claimed to be protecting the "moral fabric" of America, were actually indeed the very people who were destroying it! One only needs to reference her husband's (Al Gore) "global warming" and "carbon tax" scams designed to bankrupt Americans and to destroy their standard of living while lining his own pocket! What hypocrisy if there ever was any!

On the other hand, consider that the former drummer of the band - Overkill (Rat Skates), who back then would have been depicted as an "evil" thrash metal, devil-worshipping musician, is doing his part to actually make America a better place! Check out his latest projects to help improve the moral fabric of Americans, and particularly the "young people" of America! His website is: ratskates dot com. 

How nice is it to see that the very music that I grew up on in my earlier years was produced by a number of people who actually do care about humanity, and are doing critically important work today! Are not these the real philanthropists? 


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Zionist Story - An Independent Documentary Film

I learned of this film from a commenter (and blogger) under the name of "quo_vadis." She had commented on my blog entry - "Why many Jews will never accept Jesus as the Messiah."

This film is 1 hr and 15 minutes in length, and should be viewed by all. It covers the history of the development of the "Israel of 1948." The plans for this state began approximately in 1897, and this film essentially documents the disasterous social experiment, which is the Israel of today! 

I will state first off that this film is written strictly from a secular perspective, which means no information was taken or used from those with biblical knowledge. Rather, much of the information comes from reporters and from professors representing large public Israeli or US universities. I should also mention that there was no mention of what the Jews did to Christians in 1948. Only the sad plight of the Arab Palestinians is ever mentioned, which cannot be understated for certain. Otherwise, this film is a very good one to gain some understanding of just how this nation of Israel was formed in 1948. 

A few critical points made in this film were noteworthy. Many of them were made towards the end of the film (1:04 to 1:10): 
  • Zionist Christians have been brainwashed to support Israel, and to accept their crimes unconditionally. This is due to blatant ignorance.
  • The term "anti-semite" has been mercilessly used as a manipulative tool! The Jews have used this label to force compliance to many of their political, social, and religious demands. In other words, the Jews control "political correctness" (PC). I will add that those who control PC also control the minds of the world!
  • The Jews have a weapon far more powerful than any nuclear weapon - The Holocaust. It was that event which paved the way for a new Israeli nation in 1948. Without such an event, it would have been far more difficult to justify the tyrannical actions of the Jews in Palestine. As stated in this film, white South Africans could have never accomplished the same level of tyranny (i.e. Apartheid) that the Jews have been able to over the last sixty years. The manipulative use of the Holocaust has successfully stifled any open discussion regarding the actions of the Jews in global affairs, and this is how Jews have managed to leverage tremendous control over the United States and the world.
There are a fair number of other points made in this film, and I say it is worth viewing.

Now, that I have discussed this film (The Zionist Story), I will segue to my next point which is most often misunderstood by nonbelievers.

That point is one that nonbelievers often hold, which is that "religion" is at the root of the problems behind the hideous social experiment that became the "Israel of 1948." For certain, religion(s) have been problematic in this case and in many others. However, I also feel that pinning the root problem using the broad term - "religion" can be somewhat misleading for all people attempting to better understand the greater problem of Zionism. 

I will use a better term to describe the problem behind Zionism, which is "Judaism." There is no other religion in the world that embellishes what is described as the "Synagogue of Satan" in the Book of Revelation. Jews were the first rejectors of Jesus Christ, and that is the very reason why so many of them serve Satan, while proclaiming faith in "God." 
‘I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9 NASB)
Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. (Revelation 3:9 NASB)
While Jews do hold to the Torah (the Old Testament of the Holy Bible), they still cannot know God, because they have failed to understand a critical verse in the New Testament (NT), which they reject, because they reject(ed) Jesus. 

Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. (John 14:6 NASB)

Even if Jews have studied the Torah (OT of the Bible), and even if they intellectually understand what they have read, they still have no ability to implement what they know in order to do anything that is truly pleasing to God! That is due to what Jesus said in John 14:6 (see above). Without Jesus (and His Holy Spirit), it is not even possible for an intelligent human being (a Jew or otherwise) to properly implement that which is pleasing to God. This is a core reason why Jews see no issue with using immoral (and unbiblical) practices to steal, brutalize, and to occupy Palestine. Effectively speaking, their Torah is useless to them without Jesus & His New Testament! 

Therefore, to understand the problem with the Israel of 1948, we can now better understand why Jews, who proclaim to know God, act hypocritically and in direct contrast to nearly anything that God would ever ordain as "righteous!" The real Israel that God does promise to His "Chosen People" (i.e., believers in Jesus Christ - Jew & Gentile alike) is described in the NT, and in Romans 11. The real Israel that is to come is the one I described in a previous blog entry - The "Israel of God."

If Jews, through God's grace, were to fully understand that "the land" that God has promised is not some slab of land in Palestine, but rather something much larger and better than that, there would be no destructive violence in Palestine today!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Have Premillennialist Dispensationalists ever been accurate?

This blog entry is one that I did not expect to write, but I thought that for all the negative points that I have made about the dispensationalist perspective (with hard evidence), I thought I would actually make a few points where the dispensationalists have actually been accurate (at least on some points). By no means is this an endorsement of the dispensationist perspective, but at the same time, I do encourage those in the reformist camp to pay attention to dispensationalists and the claims they make regarding their perception of prophetic developments. 

As I mentioned in my book, I cited Grant Jeffrey's 1988 book - "Armageddon - Appointment with Destiny," which I read around 1990. Long story short, Jeffrey had made the prediction that "Daniel's 70th Week" would begin in Fall 1993, and then 7 years later, Christ's 2nd Coming would occur in the Fall 2000. 

True to Jeffrey's 1988 prediction, there was indeed a "peace agreement" somewhat fitting the description of what many dispensationalists would have agreed to be Israel's "peace treaty" with an "antichrist" entity of some sorts. This agreement was the Oslo Accord treaty signed in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, and President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1993. At the time a fair number of dispensationalists were convinced that Daniel's 70th week had begun, and that the rapture was nearly imminent! 

As history shows, Jeffrey was somewhat correct in his 1988 prediction of what would happen in the Fall of 1993, but he was terribly incorrect in his prediction of a pretribulation rapture, and the 2nd Coming of Christ which should have occured in Fall 2000 (according to his prediction)! 

History is full of failed dispensationalist predictions to set dates for Christ's 2nd Coming, yet as depicted above, they have at times been accurate on the general occurence of events, such as the prediction of the "Oslo Accord" treaty above. 

Now, I will turn to another dispensationalist called William Frederick, M.Div. He made some predictions several years back, when he published his book - "The Coming Epiphany" in early 2011. 

Here are some of his predictions that he has made in this January 17, 2012 blog entry. I should mention that these predictions were made at least a year, or more than that before the date of this blog entry with his quote below. Here is what he said will happen. The information in the quote below can be found here:

Here are the major events that I see as a possibility of occurring in 2012

1. War with Iran

2. WWIII (possible start date on 11/23/2012)

3. Worldwide financial collapse, hyperinflation

4. Nuclear confrontation with North Korea

5. Worldwide pandemic

6. The death of 1.75 billion +

7. UFO disclosure

8. Chaos and rioting

9. Severe earth changes—earthquakes, tsunami’s, floods, etc.
Here are the major events that I see occurring beyond 2012.

Arising of antichrist

2/21/2013—Abomination of desolation

3/23/2013—Ministry of two witnesses begin

4/22/2013—Rule of Antichrist, global currency system, “mark of beast”.
Seal 6: RAPTURE: Moon to blood, sun darkened, worldwide earthquake, Saints raptured. Will most likely occur in alignment with a Jewish feast 2013-2015. (Rev 6:12-17) 
10/3/2016—Vial 7: Armageddon (Rev 16: 16-21)

10/18/2016Beginning of Millennium!!!

2016-3016–1000 years of "Heaven on Earth!!!!"

For those who love to read the writings of date-setters, Frederick's writings will more than satisfy your urges! However, I should give him some credit for his prediction of WW3, which he said a few years back would start on November 23, 2012! Well, that would be this upcoming Friday! The possibility of a WW3 war time situation does in fact appear to be imminent in some form or another! Could Frederick be accurate about this WW3 prediction? 

Just as I gave Jeffrey credit for his 1988 prediction of an Israel peace treaty in Fall 1993, I will also give Frederick credit for his prediction (made several approximate years ago) of this current Middle East war time situation! Credit where credit is due!

Frederick further predicts that the "antichrist" (or final "Man of Sin" or "Man of Lawlessness") will arise about 13 weeks later - April 22, 2013. It is at this time that he predicts that the "Man of Sin" will have total control of the "global currency system" and when he will institute a "mark of the beast" type system. Will Frederick be accurate in this prediction as well? Time will tell!

In addition to the above, he predicts that a "pre-wrath" (i.e. God's wrath) rapture will occur sometime after the arrival of the "Man of Sin" in 2013 and at some point prior to the "Battle of Armageddon" which he believes will begin on October 3, 2016 and will last until Satan's defeat. At that point, Frederick contends that the new millennium (semi-golden age) will commence on October 18, 2016! That is some very bold "date-setting" indeed...far bolder than the date-setting of a WW3 scenario or even of the possible date of arrival of an "antichrist" ("Man of Sin") type figure!

No matter what happens, this is what I have to say to the dispensationalists. There are times when their predictions appear to be accurate (or somewhat accurate). However, know that "date setting" goes diametrically against all that Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse, when He was discussing the specific timing of His 2nd return. Jesus had this to say:
36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. (Matthew 24:36 KJV)
This is the very verse that most dispensationalists violate. Even Jesus does NOT know the exact day or time when God will initiate Christ's 2nd Coming. The angels do not know either! How much more evidence do dispensationalists need in order to understanding that even if they have been (somewhat) successful in making other predictions (such as the ones I noted above), ANYONE attempting to predict the date of Christ's 2nd Coming are in the wrong! Further to that, it cannot be done! Impossible. There are some things that God wants all of us to know, and some things He does not want us to know. The date of Christ's 2nd Coming falls into that category!


OK, November 23, 2012 has just passed, and as it stands, Frederick's prediction of WW3 is NOT officially yet! Here is his open and public admission that he was "wrong" in his latest blog entry - WWIII Udate. He posted this update on November 24th. Even though he admits that he was wrong about this particular date, he now says that a WW3 event could occur between now and January 21, 2013. It is true that the situation in Palestine is not yet settled and that a wider Middle East conflict effecting the world at large is indeed a possible nearer term possibility. So, I won't be too quick to indict Frederick for his prediction of what we are now seeing in the Middle East. He cites this information out of DEBKA, which provides open-source intel regarding Middle East current events and much more - "Middle East in high suspense for Gaza operation sequels."

As a former Premillennialist Dispensationalist myself, I only wish Frederick (and those like him) could be accurate 100% of the time. I only wish we could set benchmark timelines of events that would reliably occur from point to point, so that we could better know the timing of His 2nd Coming! However, God has made it clear that we are NOT to know the timing of the 2nd Coming as I previously referenced in Matthew 24:36 above! 

To all of my readers, I will say this much. Prepare physically for a possible WW3 scenario. And more importantly, prepare "spiritually" for all of the uncertainty ahead, so that you may be ready for the fully-redeemed "life" beyond this world! My book can help those wanting to be fully prepared both physically and spiritually.

And if/when WW3 does occur, remember this verse first above and beyond all the others:
"You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end." (Matthew 24:6 NASB)
This is the verse that Dispensationalists so often ignore. If/when WW3 begins, know that "the end" is NOT yet! WW3 will NOT be an imminent sign of the Parousia and of His 2nd Coming! There are other things that MUST occur, but big Middle East wars are not one of them! 


Now, Frederick contends the following in his January 22, 2013 blog entry called "Prophecy Watch 1/22/13." Here is statement regarding his Fall 2016 prediction of Christ's return:
"As far as 2013 and WWIII goes; I believe it is still prophetically possible that WWIII could start between now and 4/22/13. If WWIII does not start by 4/22/13—which I hope it does not—then I would conclude that the 70th week did not begin in 2009 and the Second Coming will not be in 2016." 
At this point, Frederick is beginning to see the possibility that his prediction could be inaccurate. Further to that, the WW3 that was supposed to begin in full force by 11/23/12 and did not as he expected, even if the Gaza situation erupted right around that time. Now he is shifting the goal posts to 4/22/13 deadline, wherein if WW3 has not begun in full force by that time, his prediction of a Fall 2016 date for Christ's return will be null and void. Incidentally, 4/22/13 is also the date that Frederick predicts a "Man of Sin" (or final "antichrist") to be revealed. Could it be that WW3 & the revealing of the "Man of Sin" might occur on the same day? 

Also, when Frederick (or those like him) says "If WWIII does not start by 4/22/13—which I hope it does not—", I sometimes wonder, though I cannot know for sure what is in his heart, if he truly means this statement sincerely! I make this statement, because I know that it is a natural human instinct "to be right, correct, or accurate." If WW3 does not occur by 4/22/13, he will have to admit that he was inaccurate! Further to that, his hopes of Christ's return by the Fall of 2016 will also be dashed (in his own mind)! Dispensationalists are totally dependent upon a BIG Middle East (Armageddon) - type war. Thus, when he says he does not want a WW3 type event, such a statement also equates to him stating that he hopes Christ does not return by Fall 2016! And, the reality is, he does want Christ to return by that time (as would I)! Can you detect some serious discrepancies of stated motives versus what one might expect of someone who believes in the dispensationalist perspective? 

I'm here to state that reformists are not dependent upon a WW3 type Armageddon type war in the Middle East. We know that such events are not a sign of Christ's imminent return. Therefore, we Christian reformists do not support or stand with a corrupt nation of Israel (illegitimately formed in 1948)! We are not in support of her corrupt ways. It is true that we are saved by God's grace. But I question those whose saving grace is dependent upon the support of an apostate Israel launching deadly wars to bring about His return!  

Though I do not subscribe to dispensationalism (sensationalism) I continue to monitor some of my favored dispensationalist brothers even if I am a reformist!

May 4, 2013 UPDATE:

It is now May 4th, nearly two weeks after the April 22, 2013 date, which Frederick had set some years back what he believed would be what the "Man of Sin's" entrance into a newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. This obviously has not occurred and so this is yet another damning piece of evidence that "date setting" does not work. There is no newly rebuilt temple and there is no "Man of Sin" yet to be revealed. And, no it did not happen on April 22nd!

Check out Frederick's latest blog entry on May 3rd called "Where's the Third Temple?" Those who read it will see just how far dispensationalists have to reach to manipulate their predictions to fit the current events. Now he is making more outlandish predictions of what of what may occur:
"My answer; I see 2 possibilities.

1. They can very quickly erect a tabernacle (temporary temple) like they did in the Old Testament days when they were traveling in the wilderness.

2. The antichrist will “miraculously” make a temple appear."
The 2nd point puts a smirk on my face! Dr. Frederick, I think it is high time for you to just admit that your dispensationalist predictions have failed, and worse, have mislead many of those who follow your teachings! Your following greatly outnumbers mine! May you and your followers wake up and see the light! Beneath your false teachings, is the "truth" buried deep! Only through God's grace will a few ever find it!

June 5, 2013 UPDATE:

Finally, Dr. Frederick has made the admission he was hoping he would not have to make! That is, his "date-setting" and prophetic timeline are pretty much dead in the water! His prediction that the antichrist would enter a newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem (on April 22, 2013) did not happen, and so he cannot expect Jesus to return in the Fall of 2016. Here is his admission of his failure to set prophetic dates:
"The crucial date for seeing the seals would have been the midpoint--4/22/13. Obviously nothing of prophetic importance happened, thus I conclude the Second Coming will not be in 2016." (Source link: )
I guess it is safe to say that his book is now out of date, as his "date-setting" did not go according to plan. Another useless prophetic book which will collect dust, and join the ranks with all the other useless books written by "date-setters." I suppose he'll have to invent a new timeline, spruce up a new captivating theory, and put this one on the market! I guarantee that his gullible audience will buy it, and will go through the same highs/lows that they did with his previous work...much like that of a drug addict, who gets high to feel good, only for the high to dissipate into a low. My concern for people who buy into this hype is that dispensationalism may well lead many to loose faith in God and His Word! My book does not make these outlandish claims.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Why Christian Conservatives should stop supporting Neocon Pro-Zionist Policies

My experience blogging and tweeting has given me a better understanding of the types of people out there on the internet, and I must say that it has been a learning experience for myself. What I have learned is that a very large percentage of conservative Christians (as it appears by my perception) are ardent supporters of neoconservative politics (and political candidates) as well as ardent supporters of Israel (i.e., pro-Zionists). 

One reason for this phenomenon is due to the fact that a majority of Christians (in the United States) are premillennialist dispensationalists. Those who have read my rant -  "An Open Message to Premillennialist Zionist Christians" will understand at least the points that I make regarding the flawed eschatological assumptions behind this understanding of things to come. Zionist Christians believe that by "standing with Israel," they are doing what they are supposed to do according to Scripture. What they fail to understand is that Scripture actually points to a time when "the land" extends well beyond a small strip of land in Palestine. The "land" referred to in Scripture actually refers to the Cosmos (i.e. the entire new "earth" and new "universe"). That is the newly redeemed "Israel" that we all should be longing for! 

I should also mention that back in 1948, the Jews who took Palestine by brute force, ordered both Arabs and Christians to leave Palestine within hours! The Christians were forced into the outskirts of Nazareth with no home. Many Zionist Christians are not aware of this fact. Yet, so many Christians today continue to support Israel, because they believe this is the right thing to do.

Now, that we have discussed "the land," I will now address the issue of the "chosen people." The "chosen people" that will inhabit this newly redeemed "land" ("Israel") will be those who accept Jesus as their Saviour (Jew or Gentile alike)! In fact, in the new (current) covenant, there is no distinction between a Jew or a Gentile in the eyes of God. The only distinction is this: Do you follow Jesus or do you follow the world (i.e. run by Satan)? Those following Jesus Christ are God's chosen! 

Jews that are followers of Judaism, are by default, rejectors of Jesus the Christ. By default, they follow the world run by Satan. And, the evidence of this fact has been proven time and again by their way of living and behaving. Many Jews have chosen to serve mammon (money) and the rest is history. They run the US Federal Reserve and other Central Banks in other parts of the world, and that is how they run the world for their own personal gain. We have all seen the wickedness of the Jew's deeds, and all of this has been and is being documented in human history, as well as in the scrolls in Heaven!

All the above said, the Jewish elite controllers have managed to accomplish a feat that is absolutely amazing! They have managed to convince so many Christian Americans that 'support of modern-day Israel' is "of the Lord!" It is literally a fact that Judaism runs and controls a majority of Christianity! How have we come to this point of insanity? 

One thing I can say is this: US Presidents (controlled by the Jewish elite), for decades, have been in staunch support of the nation of Israel and assisted in its creation. In October 1994, President Bill Clinton made the statement that it is a sin not to support Israel. Further to that, he pledged unconditional support of Israel forever and without fully defined limits. Those who want to learn real information about the fraud of Israel's seizing of Palestine, as well as what the real Israel will look like, I urge you to buy and read "The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." You should read this book even before reading my book. In my book, I stick more to Biblical eschatology and guidance principles (30%), and to survival and privacy topics (70%). I don't delve into the topic of Zionism. Those who read Robertson's book will have an epiphany! What you read, will reach down into your soul, because what you will read is the truth.

A second point is that the Jewish elite have managed to convince Christian conservative neocons (in particular) is that it is "proper," "politically correct," and "religiously correct" to 'stand with the current nation of Israel.' While it is true that neolibs also stand with Israel (some times without really knowing it), the neocons (and Christian right) do so fully believing that 'standing with Israel' is the 'right thing' to do, and they do so in a very staunch manner. Now if that is not an example of "mind-control," I don't know what is!

Now, to close out this discussion, I will pose a rhetorical question to the neocon Christian conservatives: The return to "the land" (Israel) in Bible prophecy refers to a new fully redeemed Israel. Does the Israel (of 1948) meet this criteria? 

Refer to Romans 8:22, 23 (HCSB) when answering the above question:

22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together with labor pains until now.
23 And not only that, but we ourselves who have the Spirit as the firstfruits—we also groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for adoption, the redemption of our bodies.

The "whole creation" refers to "the land" from the new covenant perspective, not to the strip of land in Palestine. And the "redemption" (and paradise) that is foreseen is not a return to the shadowy forms of the old covenant, but rather, it means a rejuvenation of the entire earth (i.e., "the land" of the new covenant in Jesus Christ)! 

Also ask yourself this rhetorical question: Does the Israel of 1948 meet the definition in Romans 8 above? As I can see, this Israel has seen nothing but attacks from their neighboring Arabs ever since! Further, the nation of Israel has been engaged in nearly every corrupt act that any nation (of power) can be engaged in. Who in their right mind would consider that to be God's redemption? 

The Israel of today is an Israel that is lost in sin, destruction, and corruption!! Why do American Christian conservatives continue to support this current Israel of 1948? Why do they continue to support her sinful ways, no different than that of any other sinful nation?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Why many Jews will never accept Jesus as the Messiah

Today, I had the opportunity of engaging in an online Twitter debate with an Israeli Jewish female Soldier in the Israeli Army (Ora Levitt) currently serving in Israel. 

To her credit, she seemed knowledgeable of her professed faith in Judaism, and pretty much expressed her views in a coherent manner, which made this exchange worth my time. She adamently expressed that Jesus was a false Messiah (Hebrew: "Mashiach"). The prevailing view among Jews is that Jesus was a false prophet, and a blasphemer, so her statements only confirmed my understanding.

Overall, I think she is a pretty good representative example of just how typical Jews think (in terms of attitude) toward Jesus and toward gentiles (or "goyim"). To all Zionist Christians, I tell you that the Jews feeling toward you is not a mutual one in that they would ever hold you in any high regard! The reason is this: Because you believe in Jesus as your Messiah, people like Ora see you as an apostate for daring to even suggest that Jesus is God come in the flesh! She says there is only ONE God and Jesus ain't it!

Below, I will post some of the Twitter scripts of our conversation:

The does too much 4 ! Can U see how have MANY wrapped around their finger?

Jews have & the wrapped around their finger? You rather support terrorism/tyranny bc u are an
No, hate ppl! I don't. I'm trying to wake up to see as ur ! cont...

What we have above is Ora's initial bomb that she dropped on me, and the one that so many Jews love to use -- i.e., the term - "antisemite!" This is a common move, and yet it is an important one to recognize. Let me be clear. I hate the antichristian teachings of Judaism (and the Talmud), but I do not hate the Jewish people. I feel sorry for them, because so many of them are blind and brainwashed by their culture, which promotes an adament antichristian global and international environment. 

And now, here is Ora's outright rejection of Jesus as the Christ and Messiah:

is a creation of where the hatred the hearts of the who rejected !
so this is the root of your hatred...a classic ... Sorry was not the he met no criteria
U have just demonstrated ur hatred of ! W/ that , U also demonstrate hatred of the as well! cont..
We don't hate , he is insignificant, let the have him, it is not , only disinterest

Not only does Ora deny Jesus as the Christ, she further says "let the goyim have him!" As she has a very low opinion of Jesus, she also seems to have a very low opinion of anyone (i.e., the "goyim") who would accept that Jesus is indeed God come in the flesh (ref: 1 John 4:2 NT). 

According to Ora, those who accept Jesus as the Messiah are in violation of God's 2nd Commandment:

G-d said 'Thou shalt have no other gods before Me' Second commandment-
that is your book. Our book says 'Thou shalt have no other G-ds before Me' read
Now, this is to all of you Christians, and particularly, those of you who are Zionists and supporters of the current Nation of Israel. Ora (as do many other Jews) sees you as an ignorant "goyim" and an infidel, simply because you believe in the trinity (God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit)! Ponder Ora's statement, when she says you (believers in Jesus) have more than "one god" when you profess your belief in Jesus as God in the flesh! 

When I told Ora that the NEW Israel of God (fully redeemed) will not be of this world, she had this to say:

it is of this world, open your eyes and see we are here. Against incredible odds and we will remain bc it is G-d will
U r correct on one point! The run the world and it is 's will. But know that is a !

I had to agree on one point with Ora. It is true that there is a current nation of Israel established in 1948...taken by brutal force...and in a barbaric manner. Sure Israel as a nation exists, and God has allowed this to be. However, this current Israel is far from any fully redeemed Israel, which is God's promise only to those who have accepted Jesus as the Christ. Nonetheless, Ora is correct when she says that God has in fact allowed the current nation of Israel to exist. Further to that, God has allowed Jews to pretty much run the entire world, as well as nearly every powerful American institution that actually matters.

I will also quote a statement that I made in my previous blog entry - Who might be the "Man of Sin" (or final "Antichrist")?  

"So, why would God allow Jews to run the world? A short, quick, and down 'n dirty answer might be this: Jews crucified Jesus thereby not allowing Jews to enter God's Kingdom. Remember this...His Kingdom is NOT of this world! But, the Jews wanted a kingdom that Jesus would NOT provide for them...i.e., a kingdom of THIS world! And what does a Jewish kingdom of this world look like? It is one that gives the Jews dominion of THIS that gives them the material riches of this, power, influence! Thus, Jesus gave the Jews EXACTLY what they wanted -- He gave them THIS world! 

As a final hint, when Jesus' 2nd Coming occurs (i.e. His Parousia), the Jews running the kingdom of THIS world are going to HATE what they see! They will try to run and flee and hide, but by that point, it will be too late! Those souls will be punished eternally!"
My essential point is that those (like the Jews) who are blessed with supreme financial power and global political influence, that is not truly a blessing. It is actually a curse, and I explained this in my previous blog entry - ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ leads to suicide so says the Federal Reserve study! 

"It is no accident that Jews have been running the world particularly over the last century. And believe it or not, God has allowed this to be the case! And, I assure you it is NOT because God is “blessing” the Jews with all of this wealth and power! Actually, the reverse is true. The Jew's successful acquisition of wealth, power, and international influence is indeed a “curse!” Why? Because, wealth and power lead all people towards sin and corruption! And, when that happens, it becomes impossible for those souls to ever be saved! Most, if not all, will spend an eternity in hell! Looked at from this perspective, what rational Jew (or anyone for that matter) would view wealth and power as God’s blessing?"

The quote above pretty much sums up my point that Israel and the Jewish people are under curse. This phenomenon can only be reversed if or when there is a change of heart among Jews! Arrogance and hard-heartedness are the two major blocks that so many Jews suffer from. If Jews would only consider my points, they could indeed accept that their Messiah came long ago, and will be coming again (Ref: NT Rev 20 - 22). 

My hope is that all Christians reading this blog entry will learn from it. My intent is to provide a real world example of a dialog of what a Jewish soldier in Israel believes her cause to be. The reality is that she is not fighting for a Godly state or a Godly religious system. She is fighting for an apostate nation that has rejected Jesus the Christ...a nation that is long overdue to repent for her ways! For nearly 2000 years, Jews have lived just as sinfully as they did prior to Jesus' 1st Coming. If there is no repentance, Jews will merely go the way of unbelieving goyim.

While the title of this blog entry looks pessimistic, my hope is that I am incorrect, and that a larger number of Jews will see the light and will accept Jesus as the Christ. Then and only then will Jews have God's spirit to actually be able to obey His Commandments, and to be able to do anything pleasing to God! Knowledge of any Scripture (alone) is useless! 

Knowledge of Scripture (OT & NT) + the acceptance of Jesus & the Holy Spirit = the ability to do that which is pleasing to God!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Truther's Lack of Understanding of Who Really Runs America

After reading Dr. Paul Craig Roberts essay - "The Special Interests Won Again" 
I could not help but make a few comments to clear up the misunderstandings that this essay will invoke. 

Some good points were made in Roberts essay, such as this point:

"Wars are profitable for the military/security complex. Israel rewards its servants and punishes its enemies. Staffing environmental regulatory agencies with energy, mining, and timber executives is regarded by those interests as very friendly behavior." (see fourth paragraph)
To those who are ardent Alex Jones listeners, and fans of Roberts, is this not a tacit admission of the fact that Israel (i.e. Jews) pretty much run the world? Could it be a fact that the term Roberts uses - "Special Interests" is a code word for "Jewish lobby?" 

Nathanael Kapner has this point to make regarding Roberts (and other popular "truthers"), which can be found here:

"There are some things in life that we just can’t do without: Water, fresh air, food, and TRUTH.
But “truth” must be the whole truth and not just a portion of it.
Those who “portion out” truth are people like Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, and even Paul Craig Roberts who happens to be one of the best in the Truth Movement.
But NONE OF THESE MEN ever say the “Jew” word. Never.
Paul Craig Roberts was recently interviewed and when asked to comment on the detrimental influence of the “Jewish Lobby” the man could not bring himself to repeat “Jewish Lobby” but instead answered his interviewer’s question by using the term, “Israel Lobby.”
Let’s talk about Wall Street. Celente, Jones, and Roberts, ALL talk about how evil “Wall Street” is."

Notice the politically correct mincing of words that Robert's uses. The average politically informed American will most often not even take notice of this fact! The longer we use inappropriate words like "Special Interests" or "Wall Street" or other very broad (and misleading) terms, the longer we will all remain under the weather and in the dark! 

In Kapner's June 2011 Open Letter To Paul Craig Roberts, he had this to say:

"Our jobs are gone by way of JEWISH FINANCE CAPITAL, insured by Zionist shills on Capitol Hill and the White House, and NOT coming back.
The shame of it all is that due to the Jewish-destruction of the White Middle Class vis a vis our White Collar jobs being outsourced to India at 1/5th of the wages paid them in America, money has been concentrated into the hands of a few - A tightly organized racial group known as World Wide Jewry.
This is scary and MUST be understood by all honest economists like you.
We MUST identify the culprits or we get nowhere in our fight to save America and its economy."

Thus, the only way to move closer to "truth" is to hack our way through all of politically correct muck that lies in our way! It is time to call a donkey a donkey, a horse a horse, and a dog a dog! 

The term "Special Interests" = "Jewish Lobby." Worldwide Jewry runs the world. God has allowed this status to the antichristian Jews that deny Jesus as the Messiah and the fact that He is alive TODAY and sitting at the Right Hand of God in Heaven! 

Though I cannot speak for God's intentions, I will suggest this point in the form of a rhetorical question: Could it be that God is allowing Jews (who rejected His Son - Jesus) to attain the world's foremost position and power, so that when Jesus does return (i.e. the Parousia) that those who hated Him the most will be the ones who receive His fiercest wrath and judgment? I pose this question to stimulate your thought and your interest in eschatology (i.e. the things to come)! 

Take off your blinders, seek God via of Jesus Christ, and you will notice that through your awakening to God's truth, you will already have your blessings starting here and now!