Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Zionist Story - An Independent Documentary Film

I learned of this film from a commenter (and blogger) under the name of "quo_vadis." She had commented on my blog entry - "Why many Jews will never accept Jesus as the Messiah."

This film is 1 hr and 15 minutes in length, and should be viewed by all. It covers the history of the development of the "Israel of 1948." The plans for this state began approximately in 1897, and this film essentially documents the disasterous social experiment, which is the Israel of today! 

I will state first off that this film is written strictly from a secular perspective, which means no information was taken or used from those with biblical knowledge. Rather, much of the information comes from reporters and from professors representing large public Israeli or US universities. I should also mention that there was no mention of what the Jews did to Christians in 1948. Only the sad plight of the Arab Palestinians is ever mentioned, which cannot be understated for certain. Otherwise, this film is a very good one to gain some understanding of just how this nation of Israel was formed in 1948. 

A few critical points made in this film were noteworthy. Many of them were made towards the end of the film (1:04 to 1:10): 
  • Zionist Christians have been brainwashed to support Israel, and to accept their crimes unconditionally. This is due to blatant ignorance.
  • The term "anti-semite" has been mercilessly used as a manipulative tool! The Jews have used this label to force compliance to many of their political, social, and religious demands. In other words, the Jews control "political correctness" (PC). I will add that those who control PC also control the minds of the world!
  • The Jews have a weapon far more powerful than any nuclear weapon - The Holocaust. It was that event which paved the way for a new Israeli nation in 1948. Without such an event, it would have been far more difficult to justify the tyrannical actions of the Jews in Palestine. As stated in this film, white South Africans could have never accomplished the same level of tyranny (i.e. Apartheid) that the Jews have been able to over the last sixty years. The manipulative use of the Holocaust has successfully stifled any open discussion regarding the actions of the Jews in global affairs, and this is how Jews have managed to leverage tremendous control over the United States and the world.
There are a fair number of other points made in this film, and I say it is worth viewing.

Now, that I have discussed this film (The Zionist Story), I will segue to my next point which is most often misunderstood by nonbelievers.

That point is one that nonbelievers often hold, which is that "religion" is at the root of the problems behind the hideous social experiment that became the "Israel of 1948." For certain, religion(s) have been problematic in this case and in many others. However, I also feel that pinning the root problem using the broad term - "religion" can be somewhat misleading for all people attempting to better understand the greater problem of Zionism. 

I will use a better term to describe the problem behind Zionism, which is "Judaism." There is no other religion in the world that embellishes what is described as the "Synagogue of Satan" in the Book of Revelation. Jews were the first rejectors of Jesus Christ, and that is the very reason why so many of them serve Satan, while proclaiming faith in "God." 
‘I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9 NASB)
Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. (Revelation 3:9 NASB)
While Jews do hold to the Torah (the Old Testament of the Holy Bible), they still cannot know God, because they have failed to understand a critical verse in the New Testament (NT), which they reject, because they reject(ed) Jesus. 

Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. (John 14:6 NASB)

Even if Jews have studied the Torah (OT of the Bible), and even if they intellectually understand what they have read, they still have no ability to implement what they know in order to do anything that is truly pleasing to God! That is due to what Jesus said in John 14:6 (see above). Without Jesus (and His Holy Spirit), it is not even possible for an intelligent human being (a Jew or otherwise) to properly implement that which is pleasing to God. This is a core reason why Jews see no issue with using immoral (and unbiblical) practices to steal, brutalize, and to occupy Palestine. Effectively speaking, their Torah is useless to them without Jesus & His New Testament! 

Therefore, to understand the problem with the Israel of 1948, we can now better understand why Jews, who proclaim to know God, act hypocritically and in direct contrast to nearly anything that God would ever ordain as "righteous!" The real Israel that God does promise to His "Chosen People" (i.e., believers in Jesus Christ - Jew & Gentile alike) is described in the NT, and in Romans 11. The real Israel that is to come is the one I described in a previous blog entry - The "Israel of God."

If Jews, through God's grace, were to fully understand that "the land" that God has promised is not some slab of land in Palestine, but rather something much larger and better than that, there would be no destructive violence in Palestine today!


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