Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is it really so that God so loves the Zombies?

After reading a blog entitled "Durable Faith," I was inspired to write a few points in response to a blog entry entitled "For God so loved the zombies…" And in this entry, there are some definite truthful points. Read it for yourself if you would like to. 

The part I agree with is this portion of text:
Before atrocities are carried out, propaganda and dehumanization are utilized to condition the masses to provide moral cover for the intended crimes.
That process is well underway in the united states.  Fema has a website that teaches how to survive a zombie apocalypse. A new show is coming out portraying abraham lincoln as a zombie hunter. The news is giving visibility to events where one person bites or menacingly growls at another. Flash Mobs are getting away with crimes and the news and law enforcement is making it clear that usually no-one is apprehended...
I agree with the point that the Jewish elitist establishment pushes the concept of "zombies" and is using it to first dehumanize the blind masses, and will then further justify any tyrannical actions they may decide to take from that point forward. 

Now for the part which I disagree with:
What you can be sure of is that the chaos that comes with the killing of zombies serves their purposes, not yours, and not God’s.
There are no zombies, just unprepared, hurting, scared, hungry, desperate people. Some will be drugged, others will be feeling the effect of withdrawals. But make no mistake, they are still people Jesus died for.
It is this part that falls into a category of what I will dub to be "liberal Christian" thinking. Certainly, it is true that the term "Zombie" is a derogatory or pejorative term, but I believe the term itself is appropriate to describe people who are blind mentally and spiritually. 

From my orthodox and conservative interpretation, here is what I believe regarding Zombies. First of all, God did not send His Son Jesus to die for all people. He sent His Son to die for those who would believe and accept Him and His sacrifice on the cross! The number of people who love the satanic Jewish-run world far outnumber the number of those people who follow Christ and His Word. I expand on this point further below.

Dr. Jay Adams puts it this way:
In Acts 16:31, in response to the question, “What must I do to be saved?” Paul answered, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and your house.” Salvation is received by faith. When Scripture says that you must believe “on” (or “in,” or “upon”) Jesus Christ, it is talking about something more than mere assent. The Bible is clearly saying that you must depend upon Jesus Christ. But, what does that mean? It means that you must entrust your entire life, here and hereafter, to Him. It means that you must depend wholly upon what He has done, to be saved.
But what has He done in order to save? Jesus Christ died on the cross, bearing the punishment that was due to all who throughout the ages will believe on Him. He rose from the dead, giving evidence that God accepted His penal, vicarious sacrifice. The wrath of God fell on Him instead of them. All who trust Him as Savior have their sins forgiven. This is the “good news” that the apostles proclaimed around the Mediterranean world and that you are now learning in this blog. If you depend upon the saving work of Christ on the cross you will be saved. (Source: Dr. Jay Adams; "What Does It Mean to be Saved?")
Dr. Adams makes a parallel point to my statement that Christ died for those who believe in Him. This liberal concept that Jesus died for everyone is simply not true. God is the God of the living, not of the dead. 

27 He is not the God of the dead, but of the living; you are greatly mistaken.” (Mark 12:27 NASB)
And, I will contend that most (if not a mass majority of) "Zombies" are on the pathway to death. Sadly, there is little to no hope for these people! Does this serve God's purpose? I believe it does. Far more people are going to die, than that which will be saved. We may not know the exact number that will be saved, but we do know this much about the number of wicked ("Zombies") who will be lost:
and will come out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together for the war; the number of them is like the sand of the seashore.  (Revelation 20:8 NASB)
The number of wicked will be an infinite number (somewhat) equivalent to the number of sand grains on a (given) seashore! I interpret that to mean a massive and a huge number of lost souls! Did Jesus die for those lost souls? No! He died only for the sinners who through God's grace would accept Him! 

One final point that I need to make which I referenced in a previous blog entry entitled "Why Libertarian philosophy & psychology cannot save you! " which covered this issue, but I will reiterate this critical point. That is, God actually blinds the "Zombies" who are blind. How do we know this fact? Consider these verses below:
    8 just as it is written,
    “God gave them a spirit of stupor,
    Eyes to see not and ears to hear not,
    Down to this very day.” (Romans 11:8 NASB)

    40 “He has blinded their eyes and He hardened their heart, so that they would not see with their eyes and perceive with their heart, and be converted and I heal them.” (John 12:40 NASB)
The "Durable Faith" blog entry describing the "Zombies" as scared, unprepared, hurting, and desperate, are really (in many cases) just blind, decadent, and arrogant people who foolishly spend every dime they have on the latest bling, on alcohol/drugs, and many other useless things! These people are incapable of ever finding God, and for many of them, there is little if any hope.

To summarize, God blinds those who do not have the heart to accept Jesus, and therefore, in so many cases, remain blind! If a liberal Christian wants to argue that God blinds Zombies out of "love" for them, then so be it! I will not be one to agree with such an ignorant statement! In my view, the term - "Zombie" is an appropriate term as any other pejorative term that we may use to describe the wicked or the lost souls.


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jewish rudeness

It is a well-known fact that Jews are among the rudest people in the world. The Jews I met and dealt with when I was over in Israel (as well as Jews right here in America) are proud of that fact. Many Americans (particularly those living in rural areas), may not fully understand what I am talking about. Yet, the truth is, so many Americans behave in a similar manner to Jews, because the Jews are the ones running (and brainwashing) the people of America! The rudeness that we have witnessed for a number of years among our young people has escalated, and that is due to the promotion of "rude" behavior in our Jewish-produced Hollywood films (movies & TV).

My point is this: Americans are by and large unaware of *why* they are behaving as they are! Hence the term - the "Ugly American." Read the hyperlink to this term. The behaviors which have molded the behaviors of the "Ugly American" are really "Jewish" in origin. Jewish style rudeness sits at the top of the pyramid and rolls down the hill just like a pile of dung! When I was in the military, the proverbial "Schumer" rolls *down* the hill was a common expression. Jews influencing the ignorant goyim is literal truth! 

If anyone reading this blog entry has ever lived in or been to an urban Jewish community, you will know that these people simply walk into you, they rarely if ever say "Excuse me" or "Pardon me." They just walk right through "you" as if they are entitled to all the space around them! I have also noticed that this occurs in many wealthy Jewish-American communities as well. Many Jews who are reading this entry will say that such behavior is "assertive" behavior. I will disagree and state that such behavior is absolute "rudeness" with a core premise of absolute "selfishness" ...i.e, "me, me, and me!" Any Jew who would enter into a so-called "tough" neighborhood (e.g., Southeast D.C., Bronx, N.Y., South-central L.A., etc.) would be in for a rude (pardon the pun) awakening! People who live in "tough" neighborhoods have learned politeness and respect for the most part. Hollywood movies love to depict people in these areas as "rude," but that is not the reality. People who live in the tough areas often behave with more respect towards others, and as such, polite behavior serves as a means of survival. Unfortunately, rude Jews in the wealthier parts of town rarely, if ever, have to pay the price for their rude behavior, and so their behavior proliferates. 

Consider the points by a Jewish mother who is embarrassed by her people's behavior. Her points are revealing. A link to her blog entry is sourced at the end of her quote:
"We spent our sabbatical year in Israel in 07-08. It was a fabulous experience. I agree with most of the observations/comments above. For me, the most striking thing was the bad behaviour of the children AND the adults who had obviously been parented in a similar manner. Don’t get me wrong. My children also misbehave, but the difference is that, when they do, I notice, I care and I act. Many Israeli parents do not notice, care or act. They are raising another generation of rude, spoiled children. I had visited Israel 3 times before our sabbatical year and, of course, I noticed and experienced the rude behaviour of both adults and children. However, over the course of the year, this aspect of Israeli culture REALLY began to wear on me. It was embarrassing, as a Jew, to imagine what non-Jewish tourists thought of “us” as Jews. They are not just seeing rude Israelis, they are seeing rude Jews. Many of the Israelis that I spent time with while in Israel were also embarrassed by the behaviour of their fellow Israelis and their children. The difference, in almost every case, was that the people I spent time with – family and friends – had themselves lived in Canada or the US.
I should state again, because this reads as very negative. We loved our time in Israel and look forward to future vacations there. And to be sure, there are things that Israeli parents probably do a better job of than North American parents." (Source: Hannah Katzman; "In Defense of Israeli Rudeness".)
"Trudy" (the person who left wrote the above comment) has every reason to be ashamed of the behavior demonstrated not only by "Israelis" but by "Jews" of all nationalities. The problem of Jewish rudeness is a much wider problem and at least she understands that point. What she may not understand is how Jewish rudeness is also afflicting (i.e., influencing) a HUGE population of goyim in American (and elsewhere)! 

A Jewish apologist by the name "Mimi" responds with her justification for the rude behavior of Jewish (and Israeli) people:
"Trudy’s comments about Israeli behavior are unfortunately accurate. By American/Canadian lights, there is no culture of politeness here – no customer service – lots of confrontation.
On the other hand, it’s necessary not to care what outsiders might think if Israel is to survive in an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel world....
My life experience is different. I’ve sat in buses wondering if I’ll make it to my destination, or if my destiny will be to get blown up by a suicide bomber in the next few minutes. My children have attended funerals of kids their own ages, victims of terror. I look at my precious little grandchildren and pray that peace will come before they reach army age.
If there’s one thing rude Israeli culture has taught me, it’s that it takes assertiveness to survive.
So yes, Israelis are missing an essential element in that which lubricates social relations. It hurts us here and abroad. I’m perfectly willing to own that many of us need to be educated in manners, consideration, trust and trustworthiness.
But that hard, assertive core keeps us alive. No apologies for that."
(Source: Hannah Katzman; "In Defense of Israeli Rudeness".)
"Mimi" justifies Jewish rudeness and refers to such behavior as "assertiveness!" To reiterate what I said above, "assertiveness" is not the rudeness we see among Jews. Jewish rudeness is better classified as "aggressiveness." The Jews who run the world, use aggression at the very top, and that is what they portray in mass media (via Jewish-run Hollywood) as "strength." 

"Assertiveness" on the other hand, is what most Jews lack. Assertive people are a minority in our culture. Assertive people say "pardon me" or "excuse me." Such types do NOT view "politeness" as "weakness." They are polite and they exude a sense of "inner strength" not commonly seen among rude Jews. They speak in a relaxed tone of voice, but their statements are direct, brief, and succinct. If a rude Jew walks abruptly into them at the market, they might be apt to make a direct statement such as "How about excusing yourself!" or a similar statement. In my experience, I have found that the rudest Jews are also most fearful of making direct statements of what they really want. In other words, these type of people are afraid to tell "you" what they really think! Is not that the true mark of cowardice?

Therefore, next time a "rude" Jew expresses their pride of how "rude" and "aggressive" they are, such a statement should be indicative of just how much of a coward they really are! 

Lastly, I should also mention another point Mimi made excusing Jewish rudeness. That is, Jews are rude by the mere necessity that the world hates them and are largely "antisemitic." Therefore, the thinking is this: If the world hates Jews, then the Jew must become that much ruder and more aggressive to preserve their position in the world. To that, I must state that if Jews would have accepted Jesus as their Christ and Messiah, they would be able to come to God (ref to John 14:6). Yet, because Jews rejected Christ, they cannot know God or even follow His Commandments. The Jews of today are the perfect example of this. Those who ignore God's Commandments go against the grain of His natural law, and therefore, the Jews who do so will naturally be hated by the people of the world. What comes around, goes around! 

The only way for Jews to reverse this trend, so that they will not feel the need to be "rude" and "aggressive" is to accept Jesus. If that ever happens, only then will Jews be able to come to and know God. Only then will they be able to follow His Commandments and natural law. If Jews were to do that, it would be metaphysically impossible for the people of the world to hate them! Now that, my friends, would be "true strength!" 

Friday, 26 July 2013

What do Palestinian Muslims and (white) Americans share in common?

Those who are Zionist (Judeo) Christians or neocon Republicans in staunch support of the Nation of Israel often like to label those (like myself) who speak against Jews (and apostate Judaism) as lovers of Islam. Such a label might be true of some who speak against Israel (and/or Jews), but I can assure anyone that such a label would not be well fitting to someone like myself who is a reformed Christian. My perspective is quite different and unconventional. 

A simple concept is this: Muslims do not run the world. Many, if not most Muslims live in poor conditions, and that observation is one I am qualified to make as I have seen the poor Muslim nations as well as the more affluent ones. The wealthy Arabian Oil tycoons are the natural exception to my previous statement. These Arabs play along with the "mammon worshipers" of the world (i.e., the Jewish controllers), and they are rewarded for their participation in Satan's Jewish-run worldly kingdom. Muslims did not crucify Jesus, and so today, they do not share the same high status that Jews have acquired in the last 2000 years. 

So to my point, are the militant acts that Muslims commit against their oppressors justified? Perhaps, some of their acts are justified in the eyes of God, perhaps in other cases, such might not be the case. It is impossible for me to be the judge! Is every act of Muslim "resistance" an act of "terror" unjustified in the eyes of God? Pastor Chuck Baldwin (in his "Romans 13" book) would disagree. He contends that when governments treat citizens in an unjust manner, the citizens have a right to resist tyranny. Would those like-minded types (who agree with Baldwin) feel the same way towards Jewish-instigated oppression against Muslims in the Middle East or elsewhere? 

Many Judeo Christians in America are hypocritical on the above point. To them, it is "right" in the eyes of God for an "American Patriot" to resist his/her corrupt (Jewish-run) American government; however, it is "wrong" (in the eyes of God) for a Muslim in Palestine to resist his/her corrupt (Jewish-run) Israeli government which dictates most of what Palestinians can and will do on their own tiny slab of land. What confused thinking I might add!

Yet, as one can see, this issue is a very complex one with no easy "across-the-board" answers or solutions. From all that I can see, white patriotic Americans are in the same boat as poor Muslims are in Palestine. Both are oppressed by Jewish elites who run the world. Of course, the methods of oppression differ in flavor, yet the overarching result is the same - that is, white Americans are manipulated by Jewish elitist interests, just as the poor Muslims are in Palestine and the Middle East (and elsewhere)!

Also, please read this blog entry: "Are Jews the cause of global Islamic terrorism?" I wrote this entry a few months back depicting how Jewish control extends well beyond the reach of just Israel (and the Middle East). 

My hope is that white Americans (and all other Americans and goyim around the world) will understand the points expressed in this blog entry and begin to reexamine the brainwashing they have received from so many angles of Jewish-dominated culture. 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jerome Corsi stating Jews are the problem, but...

I just wanted to bang out a quick blog entry on Jerome Corsi who is best known for his book regarding the Obama Birth Certificate debacle. And to Corsi's credit, no doubt he is absolutely correct on this point, and perhaps on many other points (or issues) as well. I see him as a useful source of information, but there is a point he makes which will lead so many of his readers/followers off of a steep cliff (spiritually)!

Sandy Rios (of the American Family Association) interviewed Corsi, and here is his statement. I will offer a brief explanation below:
Rios, who earlier asserted that secular Jews often “turn out to be the worst enemies of the country,” asked Corsi about the “powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU.” Corsi said that such forces are trying to make America “abandon the Judeo-Christian tradition” and therefore abandoning “values that are fundamental lynchpins of our freedom.”
Rios: I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU; can you just say a word about that very briefly, what’s that all about?

Corsi: There has been a real union between Jews in America and the Democratic Party ever since President Truman agreed with the partition of Palestine and created the state of Israel in 1948 at the UN. But my book is arguing for a Judeo-Christian faith, which is the heart of America. We cannot abandon the Judeo-Christian tradition. If we do we are abandoning our whole values that are fundamental lynchpins of our freedom. (Source: "Corsi and Rios Explain How Evolution, the ACLU and 'Powerful Jewish Forces' Will Destroy America")
In essence, Corsi is making a truthful statement and then following that statement with information that is total nonsense. "A", "B", and "C" are true, and so therefore it follows that "D" must also be true. That is the line of logic that Corsi uses. 

It is true that Jews want to destroy Christianity (I will add that Jews want to destroy "genuine" Christianity, not Judeo Christianity). It is true that there is a "real union" between Jews in America and the Democratic Party (BOTH parties in reality are Jewish-controlled I will add) since Truman (and well before that I will add), and it is also true that "Judeo-Christianity" is at the heart of American culture.  Therefore (as Corsi asserts), America must cling even tighter to its Judeo Christian roots, which are (supposedly) at the core of American freedom and prosperity.

This is where Corsi and I must part ways. Judeo (or "Jewish") Christianity has not made America a "great country" however the term "great" can be defined. Yet, it is possible to assert that it did make America "materialistically prosperous." On that point, I will agree! America is materially prosperous because we have adopted the "mammon-worshiping" ways of the Jew which have been the controlling force of America pretty much since it's inception. 

Yet, with all the material prosperity that America has seen, it is also this aspect which is leading this country towards a potential catastrophic downfall much like that which was witnessed in 5th century Rome, the Greek and Persian Empires, and Babylon! Where then is the track record to prove that Judeo Christianity is the answer to greatness?

The answer to my rhetorical question is this: Those who live and behave as Jews are incapable of making the world one which runs in accordance to God's Word. Instead, what we have is a world full of wars, violence, and division rife with a mountain of God's curses upon this land which is in dire need of repentance and healing! That's what we now have!

Further discussion of the dangers of Judaizing can be found in my other blog entry called "Why Muslims are persecuting Christians in the Middle East". Please read it as well, in order to better discern the difference between genuine and fake Christianity! The life of your soul could well depend upon the information in that blog entry (as well as this one)!

Rios: I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU; can you just say a word about that very briefly, what’s that all about?

Corsi: There has been a real union between Jews in America and the Democratic Party ever since President Truman agreed with the partition of Palestine and created the state of Israel in 1948 at the UN. But my book is arguing for a Judeo-Christian faith, which is the heart of America. We cannot abandon the Judeo-Christian tradition. If we do we are abandoning our whole values that are fundamental lynchpins of our freedom. - See more at:
Rios: I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU; can you just say a word about that very briefly, what’s that all about?

Corsi: There has been a real union between Jews in America and the Democratic Party ever since President Truman agreed with the partition of Palestine and created the state of Israel in 1948 at the UN. But my book is arguing for a Judeo-Christian faith, which is the heart of America. We cannot abandon the Judeo-Christian tradition. If we do we are abandoning our whole values that are fundamental lynchpins of our freedom. - See more at: