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Who might be the "Man of Sin" (or final "Antichrist")?

The topic of who the final antichrist might ever be is the topic of best-selling novels such as the "Left Behind" series. Those of you who have read these highly popular readings are familiar with what I am talking about. As exciting and entertaining as these writings are, they are deceiving a very large mass of believers, which is sad to see. People who believe they are going to be raptured out just in the nick of time prior to any types of future tribulation is someone who is very likely to not even make the most basic of physical survival preparations given the potentially unstable times that we all currently live in. 

Those who are interested in learning reformed eschatology (i.e., a FAR more realistic Biblical interpretation of things to come), you should buy and read my book. Much of what I want to say is already written on this topic. However, I do want to mention a point particularly about the "Man of Sin," who is the final antichrist that is to arise just prior to Christ's 2nd Coming. And the point I am making now is a point I did not mention in my book. However, after much thought, I decided I would make my point in this blog entry. 

I will pose my point in the form of a rhetorical question that goes like this: Could the "Man of Sin" (prior to Christ's 2nd Coming) be a Jew? 

I pose the question this way, because there have been numerous antichrists throughout this entire dispensation (i.e., from 70 AD to present). However, the "Man of Sin" is special as he is described both in II Thessalonians 2 and in Revelation 20 in a parallel fashion. And Jews, throughout history, have been the group of people that have been most ardently against anything that proclaims Jesus to be the Christ and the Messiah.

Brother Nathanael Kapner offers his basic reasoning why he thinks the "Man of Sin" will be a Jew here:

THE “JEWISH” SPIRIT OF THE ANTI CHRIST is already at work. St John the apostle tells us what this Jewish spirit of the Anti Christ is:
— “Every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is the spirit of Antichrist. He is the spirit of Antichrist who denies that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah.” — (I John 2:22; 4:3)
Thus the essence of the Jewish spirit of Antichrist is:
1. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Eternal Son of God Who became incarnate.
2. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah.
3. Denial of the Holy Trinity of which Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of the Father.

Thus, the points that Kapner makes are parallel to the one I have mentioned in my previous blog entries or tweets. Those who deny Jesus as "God come in the flesh" are in the spirit of antichrist. This is a critical point to understand, and I should mention that this very point could help so many people understand which "teachers/preachers/gurus" are in alignment with God's truth and which ones are not. 

The fact that Jews crucified Jesus, and the fact that God has allowed Jews to have control of the world (BTW this is a curse, not a blessing), should it be any surprise if one antichrist (blessed by Satan) among a large pool of Jewish power brokers rises to the position of "Man of Sin?" 

If one is to believe the "Left Behind" series, the fictional Romanian President (Nicolae Carpathia) was the final "Man of Sin" of the endtimes. In that case, he was depicted as arising from eastern Europe. I find it interesting that he is assasinated by an Israeli statesman, thereby making Israel look as though they are the "good guys!" After that (per dispensational eschatology) Nicolae rises from the dead to complete the final 3 1/2 years of his antichrist rule until he is defeated and destroyed by Jesus Christ at His 2nd Coming.

Right away, we should be very suspicious with this depiction, and even more suspicious, because Israel (the most antichrist nation of any on earth) is depicted as the "good guys" fighting the forces of antichrist rather than the ones leading those antichrist forces.

One thing is for certain. I look around and I can see that nearly every major institution (government or corporate) in the United States and Europe (and other places) are run and owned by Jews. Just the fact that they run the US and European central banking systems from within, and run the most sought-after governments (namely the United States Government in particular), should be testament to the points I am making. Control of these institutions pretty much allow for control of the world! Let us all be honest with ourselves. Jews run the world. Period! 

So, why would God allow Jews to run the world? A short, quick, and down 'n dirty answer might be this: Jews crucified Jesus thereby not allowing Jews to enter God's Kingdom. Remember this...His Kingdom is NOT of this world! But, the Jews wanted a kingdom that Jesus would NOT provide for them...i.e., a kingdom of THIS world! And what does a Jewish kingdom of this world look like? It is one that gives the Jews dominion of THIS that gives them the material riches of this, power, influence! Thus, Jesus gave the Jews EXACTLY what they wanted -- He gave them THIS world! 

As a final hint, when Jesus' 2nd Coming occurs (i.e. His Parousia), the Jews running the kingdom of THIS world are going to HATE what they see! They will try to run and flee and hide, but by that point, it will be too late! Those souls will be punished eternally!

Therefore, back to my point. Even though I can never be 100% sure that Kapner's assertion that the "Man of Sin" will in fact be a Jew, I do believe that because Jews run the kingdom of THIS world, it is possible that the "Man of Sin" might also be an antichrist Jew.

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