Sunday, 18 November 2012

Have Premillennialist Dispensationalists ever been accurate?

This blog entry is one that I did not expect to write, but I thought that for all the negative points that I have made about the dispensationalist perspective (with hard evidence), I thought I would actually make a few points where the dispensationalists have actually been accurate (at least on some points). By no means is this an endorsement of the dispensationist perspective, but at the same time, I do encourage those in the reformist camp to pay attention to dispensationalists and the claims they make regarding their perception of prophetic developments. 

As I mentioned in my book, I cited Grant Jeffrey's 1988 book - "Armageddon - Appointment with Destiny," which I read around 1990. Long story short, Jeffrey had made the prediction that "Daniel's 70th Week" would begin in Fall 1993, and then 7 years later, Christ's 2nd Coming would occur in the Fall 2000. 

True to Jeffrey's 1988 prediction, there was indeed a "peace agreement" somewhat fitting the description of what many dispensationalists would have agreed to be Israel's "peace treaty" with an "antichrist" entity of some sorts. This agreement was the Oslo Accord treaty signed in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, and President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1993. At the time a fair number of dispensationalists were convinced that Daniel's 70th week had begun, and that the rapture was nearly imminent! 

As history shows, Jeffrey was somewhat correct in his 1988 prediction of what would happen in the Fall of 1993, but he was terribly incorrect in his prediction of a pretribulation rapture, and the 2nd Coming of Christ which should have occured in Fall 2000 (according to his prediction)! 

History is full of failed dispensationalist predictions to set dates for Christ's 2nd Coming, yet as depicted above, they have at times been accurate on the general occurence of events, such as the prediction of the "Oslo Accord" treaty above. 

Now, I will turn to another dispensationalist called William Frederick, M.Div. He made some predictions several years back, when he published his book - "The Coming Epiphany" in early 2011. 

Here are some of his predictions that he has made in this January 17, 2012 blog entry. I should mention that these predictions were made at least a year, or more than that before the date of this blog entry with his quote below. Here is what he said will happen. The information in the quote below can be found here:

Here are the major events that I see as a possibility of occurring in 2012

1. War with Iran

2. WWIII (possible start date on 11/23/2012)

3. Worldwide financial collapse, hyperinflation

4. Nuclear confrontation with North Korea

5. Worldwide pandemic

6. The death of 1.75 billion +

7. UFO disclosure

8. Chaos and rioting

9. Severe earth changes—earthquakes, tsunami’s, floods, etc.
Here are the major events that I see occurring beyond 2012.

Arising of antichrist

2/21/2013—Abomination of desolation

3/23/2013—Ministry of two witnesses begin

4/22/2013—Rule of Antichrist, global currency system, “mark of beast”.
Seal 6: RAPTURE: Moon to blood, sun darkened, worldwide earthquake, Saints raptured. Will most likely occur in alignment with a Jewish feast 2013-2015. (Rev 6:12-17) 
10/3/2016—Vial 7: Armageddon (Rev 16: 16-21)

10/18/2016Beginning of Millennium!!!

2016-3016–1000 years of "Heaven on Earth!!!!"

For those who love to read the writings of date-setters, Frederick's writings will more than satisfy your urges! However, I should give him some credit for his prediction of WW3, which he said a few years back would start on November 23, 2012! Well, that would be this upcoming Friday! The possibility of a WW3 war time situation does in fact appear to be imminent in some form or another! Could Frederick be accurate about this WW3 prediction? 

Just as I gave Jeffrey credit for his 1988 prediction of an Israel peace treaty in Fall 1993, I will also give Frederick credit for his prediction (made several approximate years ago) of this current Middle East war time situation! Credit where credit is due!

Frederick further predicts that the "antichrist" (or final "Man of Sin" or "Man of Lawlessness") will arise about 13 weeks later - April 22, 2013. It is at this time that he predicts that the "Man of Sin" will have total control of the "global currency system" and when he will institute a "mark of the beast" type system. Will Frederick be accurate in this prediction as well? Time will tell!

In addition to the above, he predicts that a "pre-wrath" (i.e. God's wrath) rapture will occur sometime after the arrival of the "Man of Sin" in 2013 and at some point prior to the "Battle of Armageddon" which he believes will begin on October 3, 2016 and will last until Satan's defeat. At that point, Frederick contends that the new millennium (semi-golden age) will commence on October 18, 2016! That is some very bold "date-setting" indeed...far bolder than the date-setting of a WW3 scenario or even of the possible date of arrival of an "antichrist" ("Man of Sin") type figure!

No matter what happens, this is what I have to say to the dispensationalists. There are times when their predictions appear to be accurate (or somewhat accurate). However, know that "date setting" goes diametrically against all that Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse, when He was discussing the specific timing of His 2nd return. Jesus had this to say:
36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. (Matthew 24:36 KJV)
This is the very verse that most dispensationalists violate. Even Jesus does NOT know the exact day or time when God will initiate Christ's 2nd Coming. The angels do not know either! How much more evidence do dispensationalists need in order to understanding that even if they have been (somewhat) successful in making other predictions (such as the ones I noted above), ANYONE attempting to predict the date of Christ's 2nd Coming are in the wrong! Further to that, it cannot be done! Impossible. There are some things that God wants all of us to know, and some things He does not want us to know. The date of Christ's 2nd Coming falls into that category!


OK, November 23, 2012 has just passed, and as it stands, Frederick's prediction of WW3 is NOT officially yet! Here is his open and public admission that he was "wrong" in his latest blog entry - WWIII Udate. He posted this update on November 24th. Even though he admits that he was wrong about this particular date, he now says that a WW3 event could occur between now and January 21, 2013. It is true that the situation in Palestine is not yet settled and that a wider Middle East conflict effecting the world at large is indeed a possible nearer term possibility. So, I won't be too quick to indict Frederick for his prediction of what we are now seeing in the Middle East. He cites this information out of DEBKA, which provides open-source intel regarding Middle East current events and much more - "Middle East in high suspense for Gaza operation sequels."

As a former Premillennialist Dispensationalist myself, I only wish Frederick (and those like him) could be accurate 100% of the time. I only wish we could set benchmark timelines of events that would reliably occur from point to point, so that we could better know the timing of His 2nd Coming! However, God has made it clear that we are NOT to know the timing of the 2nd Coming as I previously referenced in Matthew 24:36 above! 

To all of my readers, I will say this much. Prepare physically for a possible WW3 scenario. And more importantly, prepare "spiritually" for all of the uncertainty ahead, so that you may be ready for the fully-redeemed "life" beyond this world! My book can help those wanting to be fully prepared both physically and spiritually.

And if/when WW3 does occur, remember this verse first above and beyond all the others:
"You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end." (Matthew 24:6 NASB)
This is the verse that Dispensationalists so often ignore. If/when WW3 begins, know that "the end" is NOT yet! WW3 will NOT be an imminent sign of the Parousia and of His 2nd Coming! There are other things that MUST occur, but big Middle East wars are not one of them! 


Now, Frederick contends the following in his January 22, 2013 blog entry called "Prophecy Watch 1/22/13." Here is statement regarding his Fall 2016 prediction of Christ's return:
"As far as 2013 and WWIII goes; I believe it is still prophetically possible that WWIII could start between now and 4/22/13. If WWIII does not start by 4/22/13—which I hope it does not—then I would conclude that the 70th week did not begin in 2009 and the Second Coming will not be in 2016." 
At this point, Frederick is beginning to see the possibility that his prediction could be inaccurate. Further to that, the WW3 that was supposed to begin in full force by 11/23/12 and did not as he expected, even if the Gaza situation erupted right around that time. Now he is shifting the goal posts to 4/22/13 deadline, wherein if WW3 has not begun in full force by that time, his prediction of a Fall 2016 date for Christ's return will be null and void. Incidentally, 4/22/13 is also the date that Frederick predicts a "Man of Sin" (or final "antichrist") to be revealed. Could it be that WW3 & the revealing of the "Man of Sin" might occur on the same day? 

Also, when Frederick (or those like him) says "If WWIII does not start by 4/22/13—which I hope it does not—", I sometimes wonder, though I cannot know for sure what is in his heart, if he truly means this statement sincerely! I make this statement, because I know that it is a natural human instinct "to be right, correct, or accurate." If WW3 does not occur by 4/22/13, he will have to admit that he was inaccurate! Further to that, his hopes of Christ's return by the Fall of 2016 will also be dashed (in his own mind)! Dispensationalists are totally dependent upon a BIG Middle East (Armageddon) - type war. Thus, when he says he does not want a WW3 type event, such a statement also equates to him stating that he hopes Christ does not return by Fall 2016! And, the reality is, he does want Christ to return by that time (as would I)! Can you detect some serious discrepancies of stated motives versus what one might expect of someone who believes in the dispensationalist perspective? 

I'm here to state that reformists are not dependent upon a WW3 type Armageddon type war in the Middle East. We know that such events are not a sign of Christ's imminent return. Therefore, we Christian reformists do not support or stand with a corrupt nation of Israel (illegitimately formed in 1948)! We are not in support of her corrupt ways. It is true that we are saved by God's grace. But I question those whose saving grace is dependent upon the support of an apostate Israel launching deadly wars to bring about His return!  

Though I do not subscribe to dispensationalism (sensationalism) I continue to monitor some of my favored dispensationalist brothers even if I am a reformist!

May 4, 2013 UPDATE:

It is now May 4th, nearly two weeks after the April 22, 2013 date, which Frederick had set some years back what he believed would be what the "Man of Sin's" entrance into a newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. This obviously has not occurred and so this is yet another damning piece of evidence that "date setting" does not work. There is no newly rebuilt temple and there is no "Man of Sin" yet to be revealed. And, no it did not happen on April 22nd!

Check out Frederick's latest blog entry on May 3rd called "Where's the Third Temple?" Those who read it will see just how far dispensationalists have to reach to manipulate their predictions to fit the current events. Now he is making more outlandish predictions of what of what may occur:
"My answer; I see 2 possibilities.

1. They can very quickly erect a tabernacle (temporary temple) like they did in the Old Testament days when they were traveling in the wilderness.

2. The antichrist will “miraculously” make a temple appear."
The 2nd point puts a smirk on my face! Dr. Frederick, I think it is high time for you to just admit that your dispensationalist predictions have failed, and worse, have mislead many of those who follow your teachings! Your following greatly outnumbers mine! May you and your followers wake up and see the light! Beneath your false teachings, is the "truth" buried deep! Only through God's grace will a few ever find it!

June 5, 2013 UPDATE:

Finally, Dr. Frederick has made the admission he was hoping he would not have to make! That is, his "date-setting" and prophetic timeline are pretty much dead in the water! His prediction that the antichrist would enter a newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem (on April 22, 2013) did not happen, and so he cannot expect Jesus to return in the Fall of 2016. Here is his admission of his failure to set prophetic dates:
"The crucial date for seeing the seals would have been the midpoint--4/22/13. Obviously nothing of prophetic importance happened, thus I conclude the Second Coming will not be in 2016." (Source link: )
I guess it is safe to say that his book is now out of date, as his "date-setting" did not go according to plan. Another useless prophetic book which will collect dust, and join the ranks with all the other useless books written by "date-setters." I suppose he'll have to invent a new timeline, spruce up a new captivating theory, and put this one on the market! I guarantee that his gullible audience will buy it, and will go through the same highs/lows that they did with his previous work...much like that of a drug addict, who gets high to feel good, only for the high to dissipate into a low. My concern for people who buy into this hype is that dispensationalism may well lead many to loose faith in God and His Word! My book does not make these outlandish claims.


  1. There is far more time for the 70th week to happen. I wish I would be dead way before then.

  2. Actually, the point that I make, and is made at length in my book, is that the "Daniel's 70 Weeks" endtimes prophecy is a gross misinterpretation of the book of Daniel. This interpretation is one that is held by "Premillennialist Dispensationalists," or what I like to call "sensationalists."

    But, let me be clear, many dispensationalists (e.g., Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, etc etc) have made a lavish living selling such hype. My book debunks such lies and misinformation!

    By the way, dispensationalism is one of the vehicles that the Jewish elite promote in support of their Zionist objectives for global world domination. 25% of all Americans (notice how I did NOT say only "Christians") consider themselves to be a Zionist Christian. If such trend where to ever reverse, and if global Jewry were to ever loose their American Zionist Christian (70 Million person) following, the Iraq & Middle East Wars would collapse abruptly!

    It is true that Jews hate Christianity, but would be more than happy (as Jews do control "mainstream media") to promote Zionist Christianity even though they want nothing more than to bury Jesus Christ and His name six feet (or more like 666 feet) below the surface, so as to make His name unrecognizable to most!