Monday, 12 November 2012

Why many Jews will never accept Jesus as the Messiah

Today, I had the opportunity of engaging in an online Twitter debate with an Israeli Jewish female Soldier in the Israeli Army (Ora Levitt) currently serving in Israel. 

To her credit, she seemed knowledgeable of her professed faith in Judaism, and pretty much expressed her views in a coherent manner, which made this exchange worth my time. She adamently expressed that Jesus was a false Messiah (Hebrew: "Mashiach"). The prevailing view among Jews is that Jesus was a false prophet, and a blasphemer, so her statements only confirmed my understanding.

Overall, I think she is a pretty good representative example of just how typical Jews think (in terms of attitude) toward Jesus and toward gentiles (or "goyim"). To all Zionist Christians, I tell you that the Jews feeling toward you is not a mutual one in that they would ever hold you in any high regard! The reason is this: Because you believe in Jesus as your Messiah, people like Ora see you as an apostate for daring to even suggest that Jesus is God come in the flesh! She says there is only ONE God and Jesus ain't it!

Below, I will post some of the Twitter scripts of our conversation:

The does too much 4 ! Can U see how have MANY wrapped around their finger?

Jews have & the wrapped around their finger? You rather support terrorism/tyranny bc u are an
No, hate ppl! I don't. I'm trying to wake up to see as ur ! cont...

What we have above is Ora's initial bomb that she dropped on me, and the one that so many Jews love to use -- i.e., the term - "antisemite!" This is a common move, and yet it is an important one to recognize. Let me be clear. I hate the antichristian teachings of Judaism (and the Talmud), but I do not hate the Jewish people. I feel sorry for them, because so many of them are blind and brainwashed by their culture, which promotes an adament antichristian global and international environment. 

And now, here is Ora's outright rejection of Jesus as the Christ and Messiah:

is a creation of where the hatred the hearts of the who rejected !
so this is the root of your hatred...a classic ... Sorry was not the he met no criteria
U have just demonstrated ur hatred of ! W/ that , U also demonstrate hatred of the as well! cont..
We don't hate , he is insignificant, let the have him, it is not , only disinterest

Not only does Ora deny Jesus as the Christ, she further says "let the goyim have him!" As she has a very low opinion of Jesus, she also seems to have a very low opinion of anyone (i.e., the "goyim") who would accept that Jesus is indeed God come in the flesh (ref: 1 John 4:2 NT). 

According to Ora, those who accept Jesus as the Messiah are in violation of God's 2nd Commandment:

G-d said 'Thou shalt have no other gods before Me' Second commandment-
that is your book. Our book says 'Thou shalt have no other G-ds before Me' read
Now, this is to all of you Christians, and particularly, those of you who are Zionists and supporters of the current Nation of Israel. Ora (as do many other Jews) sees you as an ignorant "goyim" and an infidel, simply because you believe in the trinity (God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit)! Ponder Ora's statement, when she says you (believers in Jesus) have more than "one god" when you profess your belief in Jesus as God in the flesh! 

When I told Ora that the NEW Israel of God (fully redeemed) will not be of this world, she had this to say:

it is of this world, open your eyes and see we are here. Against incredible odds and we will remain bc it is G-d will
U r correct on one point! The run the world and it is 's will. But know that is a !

I had to agree on one point with Ora. It is true that there is a current nation of Israel established in 1948...taken by brutal force...and in a barbaric manner. Sure Israel as a nation exists, and God has allowed this to be. However, this current Israel is far from any fully redeemed Israel, which is God's promise only to those who have accepted Jesus as the Christ. Nonetheless, Ora is correct when she says that God has in fact allowed the current nation of Israel to exist. Further to that, God has allowed Jews to pretty much run the entire world, as well as nearly every powerful American institution that actually matters.

I will also quote a statement that I made in my previous blog entry - Who might be the "Man of Sin" (or final "Antichrist")?  

"So, why would God allow Jews to run the world? A short, quick, and down 'n dirty answer might be this: Jews crucified Jesus thereby not allowing Jews to enter God's Kingdom. Remember this...His Kingdom is NOT of this world! But, the Jews wanted a kingdom that Jesus would NOT provide for them...i.e., a kingdom of THIS world! And what does a Jewish kingdom of this world look like? It is one that gives the Jews dominion of THIS that gives them the material riches of this, power, influence! Thus, Jesus gave the Jews EXACTLY what they wanted -- He gave them THIS world! 

As a final hint, when Jesus' 2nd Coming occurs (i.e. His Parousia), the Jews running the kingdom of THIS world are going to HATE what they see! They will try to run and flee and hide, but by that point, it will be too late! Those souls will be punished eternally!"
My essential point is that those (like the Jews) who are blessed with supreme financial power and global political influence, that is not truly a blessing. It is actually a curse, and I explained this in my previous blog entry - ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ leads to suicide so says the Federal Reserve study! 

"It is no accident that Jews have been running the world particularly over the last century. And believe it or not, God has allowed this to be the case! And, I assure you it is NOT because God is “blessing” the Jews with all of this wealth and power! Actually, the reverse is true. The Jew's successful acquisition of wealth, power, and international influence is indeed a “curse!” Why? Because, wealth and power lead all people towards sin and corruption! And, when that happens, it becomes impossible for those souls to ever be saved! Most, if not all, will spend an eternity in hell! Looked at from this perspective, what rational Jew (or anyone for that matter) would view wealth and power as God’s blessing?"

The quote above pretty much sums up my point that Israel and the Jewish people are under curse. This phenomenon can only be reversed if or when there is a change of heart among Jews! Arrogance and hard-heartedness are the two major blocks that so many Jews suffer from. If Jews would only consider my points, they could indeed accept that their Messiah came long ago, and will be coming again (Ref: NT Rev 20 - 22). 

My hope is that all Christians reading this blog entry will learn from it. My intent is to provide a real world example of a dialog of what a Jewish soldier in Israel believes her cause to be. The reality is that she is not fighting for a Godly state or a Godly religious system. She is fighting for an apostate nation that has rejected Jesus the Christ...a nation that is long overdue to repent for her ways! For nearly 2000 years, Jews have lived just as sinfully as they did prior to Jesus' 1st Coming. If there is no repentance, Jews will merely go the way of unbelieving goyim.

While the title of this blog entry looks pessimistic, my hope is that I am incorrect, and that a larger number of Jews will see the light and will accept Jesus as the Christ. Then and only then will Jews have God's spirit to actually be able to obey His Commandments, and to be able to do anything pleasing to God! Knowledge of any Scripture (alone) is useless! 

Knowledge of Scripture (OT & NT) + the acceptance of Jesus & the Holy Spirit = the ability to do that which is pleasing to God!


  1. Rather interesting to note her linking "Terrorism" with "Antisemite" with the expressed notion that you're a terrorist if you dare to criticize Israel and its actions.

    Here is a little History Lesson for those not familiar how Israel came about:

    The state of Israel is built on Racism, Terrorism, Ethnic Cleansing, Massacres, Genocide and all manner of Atrocities.
    And that pattern continues today, every day the Palestinians suffer unspeakable atrocities and oppression and get bombed, have their houses destroyed and get evicted from their homeland.

    Israel is an Illegal state, it is build on someone else's land by someone else's "Mandate".
    The Palestinians had never any say or had a chance to defend their homeland against the Zionists and the international gang of thugs robbing hem of their land.

    The tragedy and the atrocities continue today perpetrated by Israel and its puppet the US of Atrocities.

    Religion is a very toxic poison, a intractable meme, which is at the root of many of the world's most abhorrent atrocities, like the case of Israel.

    If people would educate themselves and follow true science then there would be no need for Religion and its destructive mind control.

    1. Quo_Vadis: Thank you for your comments and for your input. I agree w/ your sentiment and your political insight. I cannot yet comment on the Youtube Clip (re: History of Israel), as I have not yet viewed it, but I will get around to it.

      And to your point about "religion," I absolutely agree! In my case, I hold to the teachings of the "Holy Bible," but I do NOT view that as a "religious" book. It is merely the Word of God, and if PROPERLY followed, the current Nation of Israel would NOT have stolen the land in Palestine that is NOT theirs, and they would then NOT need to claim the "right" to defend that land using tyrannical & sinful means.

      Many Zionist Christians claim the "Bible" as "God's Word," then they give moral & (in some cases) financial support to the current apostate Nation of Israel to hold onto illegally stolen land which is NOT Biblically supported in the first place! In my view, that is the real sin.

    2. Quo_Vadis:

      I finally got around to viewing "The Zionist Story" clip that you posted. Very good film. I decided to do a new blog entry today (November 27th) on it. Here is the link:

      Thanks again for your input!