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Who might be the "Man of Sin" (or final "Antichrist")?

The topic of who the final antichrist might ever be is the topic of best-selling novels such as the "Left Behind" series. Those of you who have read these highly popular readings are familiar with what I am talking about. As exciting and entertaining as these writings are, they are deceiving a very large mass of believers, which is sad to see. People who believe they are going to be raptured out just in the nick of time prior to any types of future tribulation is someone who is very likely to not even make the most basic of physical survival preparations given the potentially unstable times that we all currently live in. 

Those who are interested in learning reformed eschatology (i.e., a FAR more realistic Biblical interpretation of things to come), you should buy and read my book. Much of what I want to say is already written on this topic. However, I do want to mention a point particularly about the "Man of Sin," who is the final antichrist that is to arise just prior to Christ's 2nd Coming. And the point I am making now is a point I did not mention in my book. However, after much thought, I decided I would make my point in this blog entry. 

I will pose my point in the form of a rhetorical question that goes like this: Could the "Man of Sin" (prior to Christ's 2nd Coming) be a Jew? 

I pose the question this way, because there have been numerous antichrists throughout this entire dispensation (i.e., from 70 AD to present). However, the "Man of Sin" is special as he is described both in II Thessalonians 2 and in Revelation 20 in a parallel fashion. And Jews, throughout history, have been the group of people that have been most ardently against anything that proclaims Jesus to be the Christ and the Messiah.

Brother Nathanael Kapner offers his basic reasoning why he thinks the "Man of Sin" will be a Jew here:

THE “JEWISH” SPIRIT OF THE ANTI CHRIST is already at work. St John the apostle tells us what this Jewish spirit of the Anti Christ is:
— “Every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is the spirit of Antichrist. He is the spirit of Antichrist who denies that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah.” — (I John 2:22; 4:3)
Thus the essence of the Jewish spirit of Antichrist is:
1. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Eternal Son of God Who became incarnate.
2. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah.
3. Denial of the Holy Trinity of which Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of the Father.

Thus, the points that Kapner makes are parallel to the one I have mentioned in my previous blog entries or tweets. Those who deny Jesus as "God come in the flesh" are in the spirit of antichrist. This is a critical point to understand, and I should mention that this very point could help so many people understand which "teachers/preachers/gurus" are in alignment with God's truth and which ones are not. 

The fact that Jews crucified Jesus, and the fact that God has allowed Jews to have control of the world (BTW this is a curse, not a blessing), should it be any surprise if one antichrist (blessed by Satan) among a large pool of Jewish power brokers rises to the position of "Man of Sin?" 

If one is to believe the "Left Behind" series, the fictional Romanian President (Nicolae Carpathia) was the final "Man of Sin" of the endtimes. In that case, he was depicted as arising from eastern Europe. I find it interesting that he is assasinated by an Israeli statesman, thereby making Israel look as though they are the "good guys!" After that (per dispensational eschatology) Nicolae rises from the dead to complete the final 3 1/2 years of his antichrist rule until he is defeated and destroyed by Jesus Christ at His 2nd Coming.

Right away, we should be very suspicious with this depiction, and even more suspicious, because Israel (the most antichrist nation of any on earth) is depicted as the "good guys" fighting the forces of antichrist rather than the ones leading those antichrist forces.

One thing is for certain. I look around and I can see that nearly every major institution (government or corporate) in the United States and Europe (and other places) are run and owned by Jews. Just the fact that they run the US and European central banking systems from within, and run the most sought-after governments (namely the United States Government in particular), should be testament to the points I am making. Control of these institutions pretty much allow for control of the world! Let us all be honest with ourselves. Jews run the world. Period! 

So, why would God allow Jews to run the world? A short, quick, and down 'n dirty answer might be this: Jews crucified Jesus thereby not allowing Jews to enter God's Kingdom. Remember this...His Kingdom is NOT of this world! But, the Jews wanted a kingdom that Jesus would NOT provide for them...i.e., a kingdom of THIS world! And what does a Jewish kingdom of this world look like? It is one that gives the Jews dominion of THIS that gives them the material riches of this, power, influence! Thus, Jesus gave the Jews EXACTLY what they wanted -- He gave them THIS world! 

As a final hint, when Jesus' 2nd Coming occurs (i.e. His Parousia), the Jews running the kingdom of THIS world are going to HATE what they see! They will try to run and flee and hide, but by that point, it will be too late! Those souls will be punished eternally!

Therefore, back to my point. Even though I can never be 100% sure that Kapner's assertion that the "Man of Sin" will in fact be a Jew, I do believe that because Jews run the kingdom of THIS world, it is possible that the "Man of Sin" might also be an antichrist Jew.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ leads to suicide so says the Federal Reserve study!

I was sifting through Yahoo News articles, when I came across one which was originally posted in U.S News & World Report called “Do Rich NeighborsCause Suicide?”  After reading this article, I could not help but think just how arrogant it is when a large private-owned elitist Jewish-owned central bank (The FED) writes a piece like this and puts it out into the mainstream media for all the dumbed-down readers who are very easily programmable.

Thanks to the FED, the number of “decent-paying” jobs have been squeezed out of the US corporate market place, leaving little more than ‘low-paying’ service jobs. Those who are without the good-paying professional job that you once had know this better than anyone else!

And now, the San Francisco branch of the FED has now put out what they are dubbing as their “research findings” which are as follows:

(1)   Those who are moderate to lower income earners moving into Beverly Hills (or the proverbial “Beverly Hills” wherever you may live) where the income disparity is higher are more likely to commit suicide.
(2)   Those who are out of work (i.e. unemployed) are 72% more likely to commit suicide.
(3)   Suicide rates increase 43% to 50% for those making $34,000 per year or less.

This article then summarizes the point that ignoring the Joneses next door and being content with what you have is the secret to happiness. Certainly there is truth in this point that all people could benefit from greatly; however, such an admonition put out by an arrogant Jewish elite who created this economic fiasco in the first place is about as condescending as one can ever imagine!

The darker and more sinister aspects of this article is even more subtle and are outlined in the three numbered points above. A large number of people are unemployed, and a large number that are employed make less than $34K per year. And, the FED states that people in this category are MORE likely to commit suicide at a percentage rate ranging from 43% to an astounding 72%! Think about it. It is as if they are offering this statistic to brainwash the average koolaid-drinking sheep-minded individual who will read this, accept it as “fact,” and then make this statistic a self-fulfilling prophecy! Elites have done this for many years! They control the large establishment publications and mold the sheeple’s EXPECTATIONS! In this case, that expectation is that if you make under $34K, you might consider suicide as a viable option. After all, a high percentage of people are more likely to go this route, why don’t you?

For those of you who consider yourselves to be “truthers” and are well informed with how the FED operates on an operational level, I say that is a good thing. Read G. Edward Griffins’ book – The Creature from Jekyl Island. However, many atheist Libertarians fail to understand the other critical aspects behind the powers that be.

Nathanael Kapner has recently put out this two minute video clip, which adds a few points on top of what G. Edward Griffin would write in his book here:

Should it be any surprise that FED Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke and fmr FED Chairman Alan Greenspun are both Jews as are a fair number of others in this most powerful and influential organization. These greedy and wicked people are at the top of every American institution that matters. While I would like to explain the “why” behind this phenomenon, doing so would require a full exposition that would have to dig through biblical text! It is no accident that Jews have been running the world particularly over the last century. And believe it or not, God has allowed this to be the case! And, I assure you it is NOT because God is “blessing” the Jews with all of this wealth and power! Actually, the reverse is true. The Jew's successful acquisition of wealth, power, and international influence is indeed a “curse!” Why? Because, wealth and power lead all people towards sin and corruption! And, when that happens, it becomes impossible for those souls to ever be saved! Most, if not all, will spend an eternity in hell! Looked at from this perspective, what rational Jew (or anyone for that matter) would view wealth and power as God’s blessing?

In conclusion, we should all do the best that we can in an economy that has been purposefully imploded by wealthy and powerful Jewish interests. Live beneath your comfort level so that you can stay out of debt to these Jewish banksters! Further to that, read their mainstream articles with a mental and spiritual firewall on set to the max. By the way, those who read and study the Scriptures have the most powerful mental firewall that one can ever have! Why? Because, you have been exposed to God’s truth, and not only the truth of the world! 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

How You Can Donate to This Mission

This blog entry is a call for the reader's support. Those of you who are "self-published" authors and bloggers, you know how much work and discipline is required to do the written work that you do! And for many of you, the amount of work that you do equates to an equivalent low hourly wage when considering the amount of work you do for the monetary benefit that you reap (book writing and blogging combined)! For many, this type of work is the labor of love! For without your passion to do what you do, you would not last very long as a writer/blogger. 

In my case, in addition to the passion or labor of love of writing and blogging, my biggest reason for doing what I do is to witness for Jesus Christ, and to do all that I can to reach as many people as possible so that they (their souls) may be saved! What mission could be more important than this one? 

So, what can you the reader do to help in this mission? There are just a few things you can do.

(1) Bookmark my blog weblink and monitor it from time to time if you care about the work I am doing. . Email this link to those you care about, and get the word out about this mission to help people spiritually and physically prepare for the days, months, and years ahead.

(2) Follow me on Twitter. If you follow me, I will generally follow back, unless you are a spammer. My twitter weblink is: 
Retweets are appreciated if you are not afraid to be associated with my brave and bold position! That is correct. Telling the TRUTH takes guts and courage. And, many people do not possess such qualities unfortunately!

(3) Buy my book and read it! If inclined buy a some additional copies to give to those you care most about! You can buy it here.

Note: Book sales are my only source of income for the writing/blogging that I do. I do not have any ad banners nor do I have a "donate" button linked to my blogger webpage.

In my view, most people do not like to donate money indiscriminately to someone who is not providing an immediate concrete product or service in return. In my own "libertarian-minded" perspective, I can sympathize with this thinking. I'll explain more below.

There are some Christians who would accuse me of being "money-oriented" for daring to NOT put my book online for FREE! This is because there are some Christian writers who have written books and then put them online for free. Many of them are of the liberal variety. In my case, I spent 5 intensive months, and long hours writing my book. Not only have I written on the topics of reformed Biblical Eschatology and guidance (about 30% of the book's content), I have also written heavily (about 70%) in the area of security and survival preparation topics, as well as in the area of "personal privacy" (both technical & nontechnical aspects). Many of the notable "privacy" books on the market are priced between $25 & $35+ each. My book is less than $20, and contains information from a 1st hand perspective (i.e. personal experience). Therefore, I feel that it is morally proper for me to charge a reasonable price for my book in order to be appropriately compensated.

I know of one Christian writer (in the liberal camp) who writes books and puts them out for free, but then has a "donate" button on his blog page! He then wonders why very few people ever "donate!" In my view, this is because the average person does NOT want to give $25 +/- and have nothing materially concrete to show for it! Call this a sinful human trait if you wish. It may be justifiably so, but that is the way it is! All people are sinful. That includes myself and my entire audience! Money is a medium for trade of material objects or services, nothing more or nothing less than that!

As for the ad banners, I cannot fathom the idea of advertising anything that I do not personally endorse myself. 

Writing/blogging is just one of my side projects. As one can imagine, most people cannot live off this type of work alone. However, I do believe that this work is the MOST important work that I have ever done in my life! Why? Because, this job is designed to light minds and hearts on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save souls eternally! My other (worldly) jobs over the years have paid me nicely (monetarily), but have done little more than to keep the current societal system functioning. Such a system is temporary (in this world) and will pass away! However, those human souls that choose Jesus will not!

For those who have taken the time to read this blog entry, I extend a 'thank you' to you and for your attention!



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The "Health Ranger" prep versus REALITY prep

My Initial Comments: For a number of years, I have read a fair number of Mike Adams' (aka "The Health Ranger") posts on his website, and have enjoyed some of them. In fact, some of his posts do in fact contain some useful information that all of us can use or follow. However, I just sometimes wonder just who these people are, and just how they have risen to the level of popularity and respect among a wide mass of readers. While I don't know Adams personally, I really am not sure what qualifies him to be so well-respected among the Infowarrior and truther communities. Further, he writes very authoritatively about health issues, political issues, economic issues, social issues, and etc. And to be fair, some of what he says is truth. I also know that some of what he says is outside of his realm of knowledge and experience, and within the realm of my own experience. Under those circumstances, it is easy for me to discern what is truth and what is poop! In some cases, he will exagerate the truth, thereby blowing the truth out of proportion. 

Considering the wide range of topics that he covers, and the level of media support that this guy gets, I am truly in awe of him. Infowars posts nearly every one of his blog entries regardless of what topic he chooses to cover. Many other notable websites do just the same. This guy only follows twenty-some people on Twitter, while he currently has nearly 44,000 followers (me included) at the time of this writing. To me, it is a real mystery as to how the Health Ranger has gained the level of respect that he has, while putting out information, that in my view, is truthful in some areas, and misleading in many other areas.

In my humble opinion, I feel the best and most qualified persons to cover the topics that he covers should at least have a track record in some of the following professions: medicine, emergency medical services, Masters or Ph.D in economics/politics, herbal medicine (high level training...maybe he has this), former military (Special Operations Forces - in particular), former law enforcement, former intelligence services, experience living in post-collapse societies, etc. 

Other notable people like Paul Craig Roberts or Wayne Madsen, whether you agree with them or not, do have a professional track record of accomplishment. Roberts served in Pres. Reagan's cabinet, and Madsen held high level positions in US Navy Intel as well as in other organizations like EPIC and (ISC)2. It's hard not to have at least some respect for them one way or the other. 

Enough of this rant, I will just do a short evaluation of some of the Health Ranger's points that pertain to survivalism given the current times that we are living in. My comments are highlighted in blue ink below. 

26 things to get done before the global debt collapse

See a holistic dentist and get the mercury removed from your mouth.

Sounds like a good thing to do, but for those who have had previous dental work in this past, and are unable to pay what would likely be thousands and thousands of dollars for such type of treatment, this is probably not going to work for many ordinary people. Must be wealthy or must have an affordable dental insurance plan.

Buy some hardcopy books so you have something to read when the power grid fails.

A great idea. I agree.

Move your money out of the big globalist banks.
A good idea. I agree. Although, I should emphasize that the term - "globalist" is a bit too broad and does little to identify who really owns the big banks. Zionists Jews are the predominant owners. Adams will never mention that point. Those who know God's Word can better understand just WHY this is the case. Those who do not read God's Word cannot possibly understand just how powerful Zionism truly is in this world! Those who remain blind to Zionism effectively remain as spiritual slaves to the wicked one who is currently the "god" of this world - Satan!

Bury your gold and silver. Use an appropriate container to protect from moisture and don't forget to tell someone else where you've buried things, just in case you don't make it.
Useful idea, as long as this idea is combined with many other options.

Get the heck out of the city and learn some country living skills.
This is the one I love to pick at! So many well-meaning patriots and truthers have bought into the Rawlesian and Skousenian concept that one who is to be prepared MUST move to a rural retreat 250+ miles away from all large cities! Never mind the fact that 82%+ of the people in the United States live in urban areas, and have no rural skillsets! Never mind that most of these urbanites are just not fit for rural living. And yet, the Health Ranger, Alex Jones, and others are telling us that this is what we SHOULD do! Never mind that once you are in a rural area, personal privacy (and anonymity) become much harder to obtain. Never mind the fact that you may not even be able to make enough money to even pay your property taxes (in your rural retreat)! The list goes on and on. Certainly, there are pros to living in rural retreats as well. However, most people are just not fair game for that type of living. In my book, I debunk the rural retreat concept for those who are not a fit for that lifestyle and I provide real solutions that you can use in a large urban environment that you can use without having to leave your higher paying city job.

Pay off as many assets as you can so you have a clear title to anything you don't want the banks to seize.
Good advice!

Get right with God or whatever spiritual focal point you practice.
Ah ha!! This is a tricky one! The position of "spiritual tolerance" that the Health Ranger offers is what makes him so palatable to such a wide audience. This is truly the secret to making bigger money! The more people you can please, the greater audience you will have, and the more money you will make! Alex Jones uses this formula too! Why do you think he has so many listeners that will drop a half-million dollars in his bucket over a three-day "money bomb?" Getting "right with God" is not the half-ass measure that Adams suggests. It means seeing through the clouded vision of 'spiritual political correctness!" Buddhists, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are all false religions based upon prophets or key HUMAN figures. None of them can offer more than HUMAN wisdom. Sadly, most Christian religions have also fallen, and are driving people away from Jesus the Christ! However, the good news is that underneath all of the deceptions in the world, there is a "God in the flesh" and His name is Jesus. He is still alive and in Heaven. In today's world, He has left us with His Word - the Holy Bible. There is only one way to know God, and that is via Jesus Christ. The Jews deny this fact and have been cursed ever since. The Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims could care less, and the Health Ranger (a Buddhist himself no doubt) will certainly not move you any closer to Christ, because he will not tell you what I am telling you! This issue is SOOOO IMPORTANT, and so many survival writers gloss over it like it is nothing more than a trivial point.

Wrap up needed apologies or forgiveness. Don't allow regrets to burden you in a time of crisis.

Useless advice because the topic of apologizing and forgiving goes a bit deeper than that which most humanists and Buddhists understand. Apologizing has more to do with "confession" and admitting to the fact that you have wronged someone, not merely just saying "I'm sorry!" The only way I forgive someone that has wronged me is when they have confessed their wrong to me, not when they just say they're sorry. Certainly, I never hold emotional grudges against anyone regardless, but "forgiveness" (i.e. wiping the slate clean) comes only when there is a confession of sin, PLUS an an effort to make proper restitution. Many liberal Christians will disagree with what I have said. However, I am a conservative believer, and I believe that confession + restitution = an appropriate forgiveness.

Make color copies of all your important documents, then store them in a safe place. (BTW, a bank's safe deposit box is NOT a safe place. Those will all be looted.)
Useful point. I agree, but not all banks will necessarily be looted. That is a blanket assumption that should not be assumed across the board.

Get off prescription meds. Any dependence on prescription drugs is a death wish in a collapse scenario.
Useful perhaps in some circumstances! But, perhaps hazardous in many other cases. If you are already totally dependent upon prescription meds, than getting off of them now could possibly lead to a premature death. Be very careful with this Health Ranger advice. If you are currently not on any meds, then I say do all that you can to NEVER go on meds.

Stock up on diatomaceous earth (DE) to protect your garden vegetables. The stuff stores forever.
Nice if you live in a suburban or rural retreat, useless just about anywhere else!

Stock up on extra glasses or contact lenses if you might need them.

Useful suggestion.

Get fit, you'll need to be more fit if you hope to survive.
Common sense. I discuss this in my own book. And no, I do not advocate spending boring hours in the gym either!

Take out some cash and start saving nickels. Why? Because nickels are actually still worth a nickel in terms of what they're physically made of.
Sound silly. Sounds like a silly "nickel and dime" tactic! If you really have that many nickels saved up right NOW, why not go to a coin shop and buy some pre-1964 US dimes or quarters! Now, that is real money! Where in heck did this one come from?

Learn to use shortwave radio, or better yet get a radio operator's license.
This is a useful suggestion.

Learn and practice basic gardening skills.
Useful in a surburban or rural retreat, useless in most urban areas! I explain the solution to this issue in my book.

Learn how to raise chickens, goats or other small animals.
Useful in a rural retreat, useless everywhere else!

Buy a premium-quality set of basic gardening tools, even if you don't yet garden.
Useful everywhere except in urban areas.

Get training on how to use your firearms. When you really need them, there won't be time to practice. If you want to practice on your own, buy the new book by Joe Nobody, entitled, "The Home Schooled Shootist" and start using it.
Yea, get some firearms, but don't go overboard. I discuss this in my book. Can't speak to Joe Nobody, as I've not read his books.

If you own rifles, sight them all in and use threadlock on anything that might work itself loose in a firefight. You don't want your gear falling apart when you need it most.
Get training on your weapons and learn how to maintain them.

Plant some figs, aloe vera or other low-maintenance food-producing plants. Do it now to give these plants as much time as possible to start producing food.
Useful in rural retreats, useless everywhere else. Fig trees can take a good several years to fully grow and to be "fruitful" and you may NOT have that long to wait! In Tucson, AZ, fig trees grow nicely. In Boston, MA, you may not be so lucky.

Stock up on salt, colloidal silver and other hard-to-get items that you'll routinely need.
Useful perhaps, but seek doctor's advice if you have not ever used colloidal silver. 

Spend more time outdoors to get used to sunlight exposure.

Useful suggestion that should be common sense.

Store away an emergency seed kit.
Rural areas - yes. Urban areas - no. The exception is sprouting seeds. Other types of seeds in urban areas are about useless under many circumstances.

Get a reliable guard dog who can help provide protection for your family and property.
Useful, but dogs are not entirely dependable, and should not be your only security. Rather, dogs should be a portion of your security strategy.

Buy extra pairs of socks. You can never have too many pairs of quality socks. And you absolutely do not want to have to make them yourself later on.
Common sense that I learned in the Military!

My Final Comments: All people need to use discernment in all that they read... this blog post included. I should add; however, that every statement that I make is backed upon a premise that I have seen or read in the Bible (God's Word). Without God's Word, it is very hard to see through the BS that the world gives to us on a silver platter. Be particularly aware of all those common faces in the "truther movement" - Alex Jones, Mike Adams, and the list goes on. Those who are highly-endorsed with a high volume of readership/listenership should automatically raise a "red flag" among the readers/listeners! 



Monday, 15 October 2012

Political Correctness within the "Truth Movement"

My initial comments: Here is a post by Nathanael Kapner who has raised some critical points about those seeking "truth." Those who are ardent Alex Jones listeners are only subjecting themselves to SOME of the truth. There is more that needs to be understood. As it stands, too many "truthers" stop short of the oasis of "truth" and hence never get to drink the water that would otherwise provide sustenance for life!

The term - "Jew" needs to be understood for what it is. The Zionist elite have done a masterful job of keeping this hidden and for too long! For the "truthers" who think this issue is a trivial one, I beg to differ! It is now time to break through the cloak of "political correctness" and the spell that you are now under! Break through the "matrix!" Move BEYOND Alex Jones alone, and seek out other sources of information that remains hidden in plain view!

Dear Alice - 

Do Jews Use The ‘Jew Word’?

With 15 million Hits here on Real Jew News since September 2007 and 4 million Views on my YouTube Vids after only two years, I don’t think too many are being “turned off” by my using the “Jew” word.

And that nice, just “regular” Jewish person down the street you wish to vindicate, is activated by the tribal pulse in which flows Jewish blood that is thicker than truth, morality, and brotherhood. 

It’s what’s “GOOD FOR THE JEWS” regardless of right or wrong, good or evil, that really counts for them.
I grew up as a Jew and experienced this first-hand. I have the inside-track on how the Jews — even that nice, regular Jew down the street — think and act.

The “Jew word” MUST be used by those who truly stand for the Truth. 

And I DO INDEED expose the “real culprits” you mention: The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Congress, the Jewish lobbies. 

But when I do expose them I say, “The JEWISH-OWNED Federal Reserve; JEWISH Wall Street; JEWISH-BOUGHT Congress; Neocon JEWS.

And when I expose the Jewish Lobbies, I don’t call them “special interest groups” like Paul Craig Roberts, but I SPECIFICALLY NAME the HUNDREDS of JEW LOBBIES as space and bandwidth allows: 

AIPAC, ADL, WINEP (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy), The Foreign Policy Initiative (Formerly, Project for the New American Century (PNAC); The Jewish Council for Public Affairs; The Rabbinical Assembly; Republican Jewish Coalition; The National Jewish Democratic Council; etc/ etc/ etc/ ad infinitum.
So-called ‘truthers’ like Alex Jones who call the International Jewish Financiers and their Gentile shills, “Globalists;” and Gerald Celente who calls the Jew-owned MSM, “Presstitutes,” are certainly NOT helping pre-conditioned Gentile readers already on automatic pilot who dare not even think or silently say the word “Jew.”

Believe me dear Alice, if just saying: Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, Corporate-owned MSM, etc, the typical brainwashed “Goy” whom the Jews have socially engineered to avoid all things critical of “JEWS” will NEVER connect the dots.

But Jews Themselves Use The “Jew Word” All The Time:

“Jews Against The Bible In Public Schools;” “Jews For Stopping Iran;” “Jews Against Nativity Scenes In Public Places;” “Jews For The Hanukkah Menorah In Public Places;” “Jews For Homosexual, Lesbian, And Transgender Rights;” “Jews For Abortion;” etc, ad infinitum.

AND Jews who are against Zionism NEVER go all the way by opposing the entire Zionist-Jewish hydra with its tentacles in every sphere of Amerika’s and Europe’s infrastructure.

Thus, I will CONTINUE to use the “Jew word” to expose Jewry’s hypocrisy and evil and thus oppose the Jews at their own wicked game.

Simply put, I NAME THE JEW NAMES. 

And I’m the only one with the guts to do it. 

+Brother Nathanael Kapner
Former Jew, Now Orthodox Christian
Publisher, Real Jew News @
And @

Source link:
Do Jews Use The 'Jew Word'? @

Sunday, 14 October 2012

80's Thrash Metal Band - Dr. Know - Mastermind

Dr. Know - Mastermind (1988 Album - Wreckage in Flesh) - Lyrics:

Disastrous & delicate
Cadaverous syndicate
It slips behind & masterminds

Ashes... all fall down

Masses... sight unsound
Master speaks
All bow down

Master's got a master plan

All are touched by master's hand
Master's systems interface
While war theatre entertains
Master's got his sights on you
From black & white to 3F2
You will walk the straightest line
For the good of the mastermind

Master mastermind

Speak its truth
But don't speak your mind
Master mastermind
Days are numbered
Until we collide

Master drops the master plan

Tons of shit now hit the fan
System in stress becomes unglued
Def-Con status drops to two
Master used to see through walls
Now with every step he falls
You will live the greatest lie
For the good of the mastermind 

"Dr. Know TV" (i.e., their Youtube Channel) describes this video here. This statement pretty much sums it up:

"Dr. Know roars back to life with an updated version of MASTERMIND, illustrating the deadly false flag coup de tat orchestrated against the United States by the rogue Military Industrial Complex and their Al Qeada patsies...."
My Comments:

Back in November 1988, I bought Dr. Know's - Wreckage in Flesh album on the day of its release, as I was a big fan of their music at that time. What I liked about them is that they were a thrash metal band (like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, etc), but they were far less "pretentious" in their orientation, and without the arrogant attitudes seen from bands like Megadeth and others of their stature. 

Dr. Know split apart back in 1991 when frontman (guitarist/vocalist) - Kyle Toucher decided to pursue other projects, only to decide that (by 2011) he would put the band back together 20 years later (November 2011) with their original lineup. 

Those who consider themselves to be liberty-minded "truthers" should love this band and their music. Back in 1988, Kyle was writing lyrics which are applicable to many of the geopolitical events that are occuring today.

What drew my attention to Kyle (and Dr. Know) back in 1988 was his unrelenting and unscensored political perspectives. That was then. Today, he has put out a video exposing aspects of the New World Order, which the so-called "Main Stream Media" (MSM) has often covered up! 

To those inclined, enjoy this 4 minute explicit video clip! Warning: This video is graphic! 

Here is the clean-cut 1988 studio recording of "Mastermind":


Monday, 8 October 2012

The "Israel of God"

For those who have read my previous blog entries about the fraud of Zionism and its assumptions, I will present some information that should raise the optimism level of the readers! However, if you happen to be an arrogant Zionist Jew that loves to bath in the elitist exclusivity that Jews are God's "chosen people" , then you may indeed be disappointed with the information I am about to present. 

What I am saying is very simple. Jesus the Christ, as fully depicted in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, came here to earth to die for those human beings who would accept His sacrifice on the cross. The common belief is that Jesus came to earth to die for ALL OF US! This commonly perceived teaching (in SDA/Adventist) churches, etc, is a misunderstanding of Scripture. He died only for those who accept His sacrifice. Nor did Jesus only come to save the Jews, He came to save the world...i.e. ALL of those who accept His sacrifice - Jews and Gentiles! 

Yes, Israel will be restored as Scripturally promised. However, here is the critical point. The NEW Israel has little to do with the Israel of today and yesterday! The earthly Israel of today (and yesterday) was/is one that is apostate. Her people rejected and crucified Jesus Christ and have done little (if anything) to change their ways (and repent) and to live in accordance to the true nature of God! It should be no wonder why Jews and the nation of Israel have experienced nothing but problems since it's inception in 1948. 

Today, Israel, thanks to American taxpayer backing, is one of the most powerful military nations in the Middle East. Yet, she has not even been able to exercise enough military or political force to rebuild her temple in the present-day Old City of Jerusalem! Why? Could it be that God must be a big part of this reason in that He destroyed it in 70 AD (via of the Romans) and has chosen to leave it desolate ever since?

Yet, Hal Lindsey (and other dispensationalists) would argue and say the Abrahamic prophecy was fulfilled in 1948 when Israel became a nation. It is correct that Israel is now a nation, but is this a nation that has been fully redeemed and saved? Very obviously not. Her people continue to live as sinfully today as they did prior to Jesus' 1st Coming 2000 years ago! Further to that, today's Israel has been under constant bombardment of attacks from the neighboring Palestinians since 1948, and particularly during the 1st Intifada (circa 1987 - 1993) and the 2nd Intifada (circa 2000). If the Jews view this as "redemption" or "salvation" of her people, then I say it is NOT a geniune redemption of any kind whatsoever. Rather, it is a "self-fulfilling prophecy," not "Biblical prophecy" that the world is witnessing.

So, if the current nation of Israel is not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, then just what is this new "Israel of God?" Space and time prevent me from being able to do a full explanation, and so I will refer you to a very good book that will fully explain what I am referring to. The book is "The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" by Palmer Robertson.

Those reading this book will understand the fraud of the dispensationalist perspective, and will understand what the new "Israel of God" really is that is to come! The essence of what Robertson says is that the new "nation" (the "Israel of God" in Galations 6) predicted by Jesus in Matthew 21 will replace the Israel of old (i.e. today's Israel). The new Israel will not be of this world. And further to all of this (according to 1Peter 1:9,10), the new Israel will be restored and consist of those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as the savior. Jews who accept Jesus as the Christ will also be included in the newly restored Israel (not of this world)! 

There you have it! You have more homework to do. Toss out your Hal Lindsey and "Left Behind" books, and all of the false promises and silly assertions made in these books, and begin your new process in obtaining a less sensational, but far more REALISTIC perspective of the things to come, so that you may be saved!