Monday, 8 October 2012

The "Israel of God"

For those who have read my previous blog entries about the fraud of Zionism and its assumptions, I will present some information that should raise the optimism level of the readers! However, if you happen to be an arrogant Zionist Jew that loves to bath in the elitist exclusivity that Jews are God's "chosen people" , then you may indeed be disappointed with the information I am about to present. 

What I am saying is very simple. Jesus the Christ, as fully depicted in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, came here to earth to die for those human beings who would accept His sacrifice on the cross. The common belief is that Jesus came to earth to die for ALL OF US! This commonly perceived teaching (in SDA/Adventist) churches, etc, is a misunderstanding of Scripture. He died only for those who accept His sacrifice. Nor did Jesus only come to save the Jews, He came to save the world...i.e. ALL of those who accept His sacrifice - Jews and Gentiles! 

Yes, Israel will be restored as Scripturally promised. However, here is the critical point. The NEW Israel has little to do with the Israel of today and yesterday! The earthly Israel of today (and yesterday) was/is one that is apostate. Her people rejected and crucified Jesus Christ and have done little (if anything) to change their ways (and repent) and to live in accordance to the true nature of God! It should be no wonder why Jews and the nation of Israel have experienced nothing but problems since it's inception in 1948. 

Today, Israel, thanks to American taxpayer backing, is one of the most powerful military nations in the Middle East. Yet, she has not even been able to exercise enough military or political force to rebuild her temple in the present-day Old City of Jerusalem! Why? Could it be that God must be a big part of this reason in that He destroyed it in 70 AD (via of the Romans) and has chosen to leave it desolate ever since?

Yet, Hal Lindsey (and other dispensationalists) would argue and say the Abrahamic prophecy was fulfilled in 1948 when Israel became a nation. It is correct that Israel is now a nation, but is this a nation that has been fully redeemed and saved? Very obviously not. Her people continue to live as sinfully today as they did prior to Jesus' 1st Coming 2000 years ago! Further to that, today's Israel has been under constant bombardment of attacks from the neighboring Palestinians since 1948, and particularly during the 1st Intifada (circa 1987 - 1993) and the 2nd Intifada (circa 2000). If the Jews view this as "redemption" or "salvation" of her people, then I say it is NOT a geniune redemption of any kind whatsoever. Rather, it is a "self-fulfilling prophecy," not "Biblical prophecy" that the world is witnessing.

So, if the current nation of Israel is not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, then just what is this new "Israel of God?" Space and time prevent me from being able to do a full explanation, and so I will refer you to a very good book that will fully explain what I am referring to. The book is "The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" by Palmer Robertson.

Those reading this book will understand the fraud of the dispensationalist perspective, and will understand what the new "Israel of God" really is that is to come! The essence of what Robertson says is that the new "nation" (the "Israel of God" in Galations 6) predicted by Jesus in Matthew 21 will replace the Israel of old (i.e. today's Israel). The new Israel will not be of this world. And further to all of this (according to 1Peter 1:9,10), the new Israel will be restored and consist of those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as the savior. Jews who accept Jesus as the Christ will also be included in the newly restored Israel (not of this world)! 

There you have it! You have more homework to do. Toss out your Hal Lindsey and "Left Behind" books, and all of the false promises and silly assertions made in these books, and begin your new process in obtaining a less sensational, but far more REALISTIC perspective of the things to come, so that you may be saved!

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