Monday, 1 October 2012

An Open Message to Premillennialist Zionist Christians

The purpose of this open message is to reach those of you who are already believers in Jesus Christ, and who hold to the premillennialist dispensationalist (Zionist) perspective. Some of you believers reading this do hold to the premise that Jews are the "chosen people" and that God continues to favor this group of people. For more elaboration, see my previous blog entry here. There are some believers out there that hold my reformist views, and yet, are very liberal and accepting of those believers who hold to the Zionist perspective. I am not one of those types. I have no tolerance for lies, and I do all in my power to expose them!

Some might think the topic of Zionism and dispensationalism are trivial issues that should NOT create any argument whatsoever. After all, we are all believers and we should all just get along and agree to disagree, right? Such an attitude is a weak and passive one, and needs to be reexamined whether you are a Christian Zionist or if you are a reformist like myself. 

To all of you Christian Zionists, let us get this first point crystal clear: 

The Jews (i.e., the ones holding to the Talmud and to the Torah) HATE Lord Jesus Christ both then and TODAY!!!

Let this single point sink into your consciousness. It is a critical point. If you are a believer in Christ, the Jews are in TOTAL opposition to your love of Christ. Further to that, they hate you for loving Jesus Christ, and see you as a dumb "goy" (gentile). 

Nathanael Kapner provides this insight regarding the Jews attitude toward Jesus in his blog entry - "Why The Jews Hate Jesus Christ."

""The Jews hate Jesus Christ because they do not like being in a position of “weakness.” For one to come to Jesus Christ he has to admit that he has sinned and in need of a Saviour and therefore must repent and correct his conduct. "

The Jews find this absolutely abhorrent. The Jews do not want a Saviour. They do not believe they have ever sinned. They do not see any need to repent of anything. The Jews simply abhor the idea of getting down on their knees. 

Those amongst them, that is, the rabbis & their admirers, who are looking for a “messiah,” want him to be the conqueror of the nations and put them in charge of the world.""
Now that I have established the fact that you Zionist Christians are NOT in the same boat as the Jews (Thank God!), my best hope is that you will begin to see the folly of "seeing yourself" as such. I will often see essays online (such as World Net Daily), or I will hear Alex Jones make statements that "Jews *and* Christians" are being persecuted here, or they are being persecuted there. For certain, both groups have indeed been persecuted throughout this entire dispensation to one degree or another, but each have been persecuted for reasons that are entirely different! Christians have been persecuted for their faith in Jesus, while Jews have been persecuted for reasons that have no relation to Jesus Christ!

I contend that Jews have been persecuted (since Christ's death on the cross) because of God's curse upon this group of people, who only live for the "kingdom of this world" as Kapner refers to it. Who in their right mind believes that Jews are to be rewarded for such a wicked attitude (and behavior) that is detestable in the eyes of Jesus and of God?

Kapner beautifully articulates the Jew's orientation to all the things of this world in his blog entry - "Why Jews Don’t Move To Zion."

""Yes, the Jews are a paranoid bunch. All of their hopes for the future are not centered on the Kingdom To Come for which Christians pray. No, the Jews have their hearts set on a “kingdom of this world.” ""

And their perpetuity is centered around their little “Jewish princesses” and their “darling little Jewish boys” whom they hope to become doctors, lawyers, and in these modern Jewish times, political advisors.

“If a persecution should break out against us in the future,” the Jew broods over, “where will my children go? Aha! To Zion they shall go! But for now, I like my country clubs, my Chinese Restaurants, and the opportunity to impose my will on all the dumb Goys around me.”"

I urge you the reader to read the rest of Kapner's blog entry at the link above. To those of you who are Zionist Christians, you have your heart set upon the "Kingdom of God" and you are "in this world, not of this world!" HOWEVER, the Jews that you hold as God's "holy cow" have their hearts set upon the "cares of this world!" That is what ENTIRELY separates you from the Jews! Your heart is set in the right place, theirs is set upon the world (the kingdom of Satan). Satan uses Jewry as one of his most powerful vehicles to rob you of your soul, your mind, and your body! Let that point sink in! Now, why would you want to hold such a people in high regard? 

To the Zionist Christians, once you clear your consciousness and association with Jews, you will have a massive weight off of your chest! Once you reform your views, and your eschatology, your focus will be corrected. Indeed, there is sanity beneath the weight of insanity in this world. My book helps, as do a few others out there. 

By the grace of God, may the truth set you FREE!

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