Thursday, 26 July 2012

Two book reviews of two fine physical survival books

Here are two fine books that I recommend in my book among others within the specified area of physical survival preparation. Below is the text of the reviews that I wrote on Both were posted on July 20, 2012.

- Jason

The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre

This book by FerFAL is the most original urban survival manual ever written! The author that wrote this book has been there and done it.

In this book, he gives his experience of what he had to deal with when the economy collapsed in Argentina back in 2001.

As for the content that FerFAL chose to cover, I have really no criticisms to think of. Further, I agree with much of his survival philosophy, and his perception of the urban vs. rural retreat debate. He too debunks the common argument that the rural retreat is the only good option, and backs that up with his personal experience.

If I had to think of any criticisms, I would say that he may have been better served to use an editor at least for the spelling/grammer aspects of his manuscript. This is the case, because his 2nd language is English and Spanish is his first language. Otherwise, it is a book written directly from his heart!

I would also say that his book, and many other good survival books often leave out the critical topic of personal privacy, computer privacy, and other aspects that would contribute to increased urban survival given the dangerous times we are in. And most importantly, many good survival books leave out the "spiritual aspects" of survival, which is critical whether you are into urban or rural retreat survival. For that, my book covers those topics. See my Amazon profile as a shameless plug.

Lastly, I contend that if you are seeking the PERFECT SURVIVAL MANUAL, you are looking for a book that does NOT exist. FerFAL's book is critical to have, as are other ones that you will also need to have a full and complete survival library!

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How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times by James Wesley Rawles

This book is a must read for all survival minded readers wanting a nice goto guide on how to physically prepare for the tough times today and the days ahead. Considering the size of this book (307 pages), it covers a wide breadth of information. Alot of good information for a very generous price! Buy it.

One should know too, that because Rawles covers such a wide breadth of info, that there is no way for him to cover each topic in depth. However, he does make reference to places you can go to obtain such information.

One should also know that this book is intended for those seeking a "rural retreat" in the boondocks. However, he does include some general suggestions for "urban retreatists" as well. That increases the value of it to the other 82%+ urbanites living in the US and elsewhere.

While Rawles does not advocate the 11th hour "bug out" from the urban areas to a "rural retreat," he does offer information on "bug out" vehicles. I contend that anyone with the 11th hour bug out plan is deluded. You need to choose which way you will go...either a "rural retreat" living full time, or an "urban retreat."

Again, while Rawles writes a wonderful book on how to obtain and live in a "rural retreat," the reality is that MOST urbanites are just not ready for such a lifestyle change. Nor, are they capable of implementing such a change. Like it or not, most urbanites are tied to city living.

As a shameless plug, I am the author of an urban survival (and spiritual survival) book called "Survival Preparation: A Physical and Spiritual Guide to Meeting Life's Most Critical Security Objectives." This book is specifically targeting those urbanites (82%+ in US, and a high percentage everywhere else) who are just not able to make the transistion to a well-stocked and fortified "rural retreat." To learn more, check out my Amazon profile page.

Again, do buy Rawles' book, as that is what I recommend in my book. It is a wealth of information for a very generous price. However, I don't necessarily hold to his premise that if the SHTF, that all cities (or all parts thereof) will become total wastelands, and I provide further elaboration of that point in my book.

As I will say, there is no "one book" for the topic of survival. No one author can write "the survival manual" to meet all of life's needs. Each prepared individual needs a LIBRARY of reference books. That is the appropriate perspective.

Whatever you do, add Rawles' book to your collection!

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A comment about Christian Zionism

Many books written about endtime Bible prophecy tend to endorse the positions of Christian Zionism. And, there are some who are turned off by this view or perspective, and for good reason. My book absolutely does NOT support these type of premillennialists ideas or premises. For those seeking a book written in favor of Christian Zionism, you might want to seek out books by Hal Lindsey or Grant Jeffrey or anyone promoting the dispensationalist perspective.

Israel is a beautiful country. I have been there multiple times, and I can say it is rich in beauty and history. I can say, however, that Israel is an apostate nation, because of their lack of acceptance of Jesus as the Christ. In the old dispensation, the Jews were the chosen one, but this is no more given their lack of acceptance of Christ. And yet, there are those like Hal Lindsey holding the current nation of Israel and its people as a "holy cow." The people of Israel, during this current dispensation, are no more or less special than the people of Europe, America, Asia, or Africa!

It is has been nearly 2,000 years and the Jews in Israel still do not even have a temple to worship in. They have only a wall with no roof better known as the "wailing wall." This "temple" has been under a curse ever since its destruction around 70 AD. Is it any wonder why the Jews have never been able to build another one since then? Could it be that God is behind this incredible phenomenon?

God allowed Jersusalem to be destroyed in 70 AD due to the wickedness of the Jews at that time. He used Rome (The 2nd Babylon) of the time to carry out this task, until God then allowed Rome to be destroyed several hundred years later. All "Babylons" tend to fall after their tyrannical rule....just a natural law of God.

Today, many Jews still do not accept Jesus as the Christ. However, there are some who have. Consider the many tribulations that the Jewish race have suffered over the last 2000 years. I think the evidence is glaringly apparent. In my book, I discuss some of the ways and means in which God rewards those who follow His Commandments and how He punishes those who do not. By the way, this has nothing to do with "good works" or "Christian legalism", and everything to do with what is in the hearts of men (my book covers "biblical guidance" in depth).

While some Jews still observe mosaic law, and the teachings of the Torah (Old Testatment of the Bible), many do not observe even the basic Commandments. Many serve "mammon" (money) over God, and that has been evidenced repeatedly throughout this entire dispensation up until today.

The Jews of Israel as well as Jews that live in every other part of the world are no more or less decadent than gentiles from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc! As a human race, we are all slavishly decadent! We all need to repent and change our ways, and then and only then might we see God's blessings!

To the Jewish and Christian Zionists, there are no "holy cows!" Your temple will never be rebuilt. The "New Jerusalem" is something entirely different from the Jerusalem of today or yesterday. It is to be a place beyond anyone's imagination. By the way, the real "chosen people" are those who are believers in Jesus the Christ, not merely Citizens of the modern day nation of Israel or those within its bloodline.

Hopefully, this blog posts strikes the hearts of those reading it, and DEBUNKS the hazardous Zionist myths that so pervade the common perception of Christianity perpetrated by establishment-based TV programs like the History Channel or National Geographic! This blog post provides a segue to the information in my book, which will give more details on just what all this really means, and what we should expect in the days preceding the end of the age. If you watch the History Channel, the chances are that you are holding a view which is misleading and will lead many astray.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Some random points about this new book

Anytime, one is making a decision as to whether one should purchase a book or not, there is the rational question of whether this book will meet your needs and if it is worth the investment.

1. This book is self-published with no professional editing or censorship. 

2. This book is aimed at each individual human being, rather than at larger organizations. However, many organizations could learn much from some of the principles that I lay out. It is not intended to meet any industry standard of such organizations like (ISC)2 or ASIS International. What you will being reading is totally no-holds barred, unedited, and uncensored! That is what makes this book a REFRESHING read!

3. Some of what you will be learning is not taught or endorsed by traditional security organizations such as the ones mentioned above in point #2.

4. Everything taught in this book is based upon previous personal experience. I am referring to Part 2 (physical survival preparation) of this book. Part 1 (Spiritual survival) is a part written subjectively from my perspective through more than 20 years of study and general observation in my own life.Too many people have fallen for the charismatic figures like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins or others like them. There are better sources of guidance than from these iconic figures. Many other aspects of humanistic psychology are also downright dangerous. My book sets the record straight.

5. Part 1 of the book on "spiritual survival" is not based upon any "religion." It is based only upon sound orthodox biblical interpretation from what some will call a "reformed" view. The purpose has been to provide the most realistic and conservative understanding of what the Bible says is to come. What you read in this book is NOT the hype that you will often see on History Channel or PBS presentations.

6. I have worked in the U.S. Military as well as the U.S. government overseas.  I have also worked for large corporations and private consulting firms both domestically and internationally. I'll leave it at that. My real world work experience spans over a total period of more than 20 years combined.

7. The overarching message of this book is this - Those who "fear God" have nothing else to fear in this life! Those who embody this simple point can indeed become very courageous!!



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Introductory post

Hello readers and to all out there in cyberspace!

This is an introductory post to say hello, and to basically state that while I am not a novice in urban survival and spiritual preparation, I am indeed a novice blogger. Now that I have written a book, I now have a strong sense of purpose to reach out to others in order to make this book known and available to all that might want and need access to it.

The book is targeted to reach those particularly who are urbanites living in cities in the United States (as well as overseas). In the US, 82%+ of all people live in urban areas. Less than 18% live in rural areas. While the physical aspects of survival pertain to urban environments, some of what I write is also useful to those living in rural retreats. Also, Part 1 of my book covers the "spiritual" aspects of survival, which is an absolute must for all readers no matter what part of the world you are living in (urban or rural, US, or elsewhere). My perspective can be characterized as "conservative." I take a very rational approach to understanding the true nature of God, and I do not believe in a "pretribulation rapture."

As of today, the print version of the book is available directly from the publisher - CreateSpace, and it should be available on the Amazon stores both in the US, UK, Europe within about a week or so.

Presently, the Kindle Book is currently available for purchase.

I look forward to the connecting to others with an interest and desire to physically prepare for the difficult times ahead, as well as to most importantly, prepare to enter God's Kingdom!