Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Truther's Lack of Understanding of Who Really Runs America

After reading Dr. Paul Craig Roberts essay - "The Special Interests Won Again" 
I could not help but make a few comments to clear up the misunderstandings that this essay will invoke. 

Some good points were made in Roberts essay, such as this point:

"Wars are profitable for the military/security complex. Israel rewards its servants and punishes its enemies. Staffing environmental regulatory agencies with energy, mining, and timber executives is regarded by those interests as very friendly behavior." (see fourth paragraph)
To those who are ardent Alex Jones listeners, and fans of Roberts, is this not a tacit admission of the fact that Israel (i.e. Jews) pretty much run the world? Could it be a fact that the term Roberts uses - "Special Interests" is a code word for "Jewish lobby?" 

Nathanael Kapner has this point to make regarding Roberts (and other popular "truthers"), which can be found here:

"There are some things in life that we just can’t do without: Water, fresh air, food, and TRUTH.
But “truth” must be the whole truth and not just a portion of it.
Those who “portion out” truth are people like Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, and even Paul Craig Roberts who happens to be one of the best in the Truth Movement.
But NONE OF THESE MEN ever say the “Jew” word. Never.
Paul Craig Roberts was recently interviewed and when asked to comment on the detrimental influence of the “Jewish Lobby” the man could not bring himself to repeat “Jewish Lobby” but instead answered his interviewer’s question by using the term, “Israel Lobby.”
Let’s talk about Wall Street. Celente, Jones, and Roberts, ALL talk about how evil “Wall Street” is."

Notice the politically correct mincing of words that Robert's uses. The average politically informed American will most often not even take notice of this fact! The longer we use inappropriate words like "Special Interests" or "Wall Street" or other very broad (and misleading) terms, the longer we will all remain under the weather and in the dark! 

In Kapner's June 2011 Open Letter To Paul Craig Roberts, he had this to say:

"Our jobs are gone by way of JEWISH FINANCE CAPITAL, insured by Zionist shills on Capitol Hill and the White House, and NOT coming back.
The shame of it all is that due to the Jewish-destruction of the White Middle Class vis a vis our White Collar jobs being outsourced to India at 1/5th of the wages paid them in America, money has been concentrated into the hands of a few - A tightly organized racial group known as World Wide Jewry.
This is scary and MUST be understood by all honest economists like you.
We MUST identify the culprits or we get nowhere in our fight to save America and its economy."

Thus, the only way to move closer to "truth" is to hack our way through all of politically correct muck that lies in our way! It is time to call a donkey a donkey, a horse a horse, and a dog a dog! 

The term "Special Interests" = "Jewish Lobby." Worldwide Jewry runs the world. God has allowed this status to the antichristian Jews that deny Jesus as the Messiah and the fact that He is alive TODAY and sitting at the Right Hand of God in Heaven! 

Though I cannot speak for God's intentions, I will suggest this point in the form of a rhetorical question: Could it be that God is allowing Jews (who rejected His Son - Jesus) to attain the world's foremost position and power, so that when Jesus does return (i.e. the Parousia) that those who hated Him the most will be the ones who receive His fiercest wrath and judgment? I pose this question to stimulate your thought and your interest in eschatology (i.e. the things to come)! 

Take off your blinders, seek God via of Jesus Christ, and you will notice that through your awakening to God's truth, you will already have your blessings starting here and now!

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