Thursday, 29 November 2012

80's Thrash Metal Band - Overkill - Fear His name

Overkill - Fear His Name 

From the album 'Taking Over' (1987)


On judgement day, the moon lights the way.
And those with open eyes will see...
Hail the avenger, midnight defender.
The end will never be.
You look to the light...
Dawn of a new day.
Hail the avenger...
He who lights the way.

Away with your fear, I've cried all my tears,
Delevered from the night...
Hail the avenger, laughing at danger.
Shed blood, bring life.
If you live by the sword...,
You die by the sword.
All hail! the avenger..,
Accept our new lord.

The defeated lay, lifeless in the pit.
His face reflects the horror of his victems in tenfold.
A death of deaths,
All evil fear his name!
Struck down, by a man!
His severed limbs ooze oceans of our blood. stands, oh knee deep, within..!
Paused to scream, this is not a sin,
I have done your will, I've delivered.
From this day forth, known as the avenger...

Guarding the weak, and those who seek,
Asylum from a world of wrong....!
Hail! the avenger, midnight defender.
Silent bold and strong.
You echo our cry, so ends war.
All hail! the avenger.
Victory hour
Ooo, Victory ours.

Our vengeance recall, those starting to fall.
Oh victory hour!!!

My Comments:

Back in 1987, it seems as if it was just yesterday when I ran out to the local record store to purchase the cassette version of Overkill's album - "Taking Over." I fell in love with the power and heaviness of the guitar riffs plus the speed and the power of the music itself. Nearly every song on this album rocked!

Back then, the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center), headed by none other than Tipper Gore (wife of fmr VP Al Gore), was targeting many of these bands and using their political power to force heavy metal bands to label their albums with such phrases as "Explicit Lyrics - Parental Advisory" or a similar phrase. 

Back in the 1980's, I find it very ironic that the very people who claimed to be protecting the "moral fabric" of America, were actually indeed the very people who were destroying it! One only needs to reference her husband's (Al Gore) "global warming" and "carbon tax" scams designed to bankrupt Americans and to destroy their standard of living while lining his own pocket! What hypocrisy if there ever was any!

On the other hand, consider that the former drummer of the band - Overkill (Rat Skates), who back then would have been depicted as an "evil" thrash metal, devil-worshipping musician, is doing his part to actually make America a better place! Check out his latest projects to help improve the moral fabric of Americans, and particularly the "young people" of America! His website is: ratskates dot com. 

How nice is it to see that the very music that I grew up on in my earlier years was produced by a number of people who actually do care about humanity, and are doing critically important work today! Are not these the real philanthropists? 


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