Thursday, 25 October 2012

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ leads to suicide so says the Federal Reserve study!

I was sifting through Yahoo News articles, when I came across one which was originally posted in U.S News & World Report called “Do Rich NeighborsCause Suicide?”  After reading this article, I could not help but think just how arrogant it is when a large private-owned elitist Jewish-owned central bank (The FED) writes a piece like this and puts it out into the mainstream media for all the dumbed-down readers who are very easily programmable.

Thanks to the FED, the number of “decent-paying” jobs have been squeezed out of the US corporate market place, leaving little more than ‘low-paying’ service jobs. Those who are without the good-paying professional job that you once had know this better than anyone else!

And now, the San Francisco branch of the FED has now put out what they are dubbing as their “research findings” which are as follows:

(1)   Those who are moderate to lower income earners moving into Beverly Hills (or the proverbial “Beverly Hills” wherever you may live) where the income disparity is higher are more likely to commit suicide.
(2)   Those who are out of work (i.e. unemployed) are 72% more likely to commit suicide.
(3)   Suicide rates increase 43% to 50% for those making $34,000 per year or less.

This article then summarizes the point that ignoring the Joneses next door and being content with what you have is the secret to happiness. Certainly there is truth in this point that all people could benefit from greatly; however, such an admonition put out by an arrogant Jewish elite who created this economic fiasco in the first place is about as condescending as one can ever imagine!

The darker and more sinister aspects of this article is even more subtle and are outlined in the three numbered points above. A large number of people are unemployed, and a large number that are employed make less than $34K per year. And, the FED states that people in this category are MORE likely to commit suicide at a percentage rate ranging from 43% to an astounding 72%! Think about it. It is as if they are offering this statistic to brainwash the average koolaid-drinking sheep-minded individual who will read this, accept it as “fact,” and then make this statistic a self-fulfilling prophecy! Elites have done this for many years! They control the large establishment publications and mold the sheeple’s EXPECTATIONS! In this case, that expectation is that if you make under $34K, you might consider suicide as a viable option. After all, a high percentage of people are more likely to go this route, why don’t you?

For those of you who consider yourselves to be “truthers” and are well informed with how the FED operates on an operational level, I say that is a good thing. Read G. Edward Griffins’ book – The Creature from Jekyl Island. However, many atheist Libertarians fail to understand the other critical aspects behind the powers that be.

Nathanael Kapner has recently put out this two minute video clip, which adds a few points on top of what G. Edward Griffin would write in his book here:

Should it be any surprise that FED Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke and fmr FED Chairman Alan Greenspun are both Jews as are a fair number of others in this most powerful and influential organization. These greedy and wicked people are at the top of every American institution that matters. While I would like to explain the “why” behind this phenomenon, doing so would require a full exposition that would have to dig through biblical text! It is no accident that Jews have been running the world particularly over the last century. And believe it or not, God has allowed this to be the case! And, I assure you it is NOT because God is “blessing” the Jews with all of this wealth and power! Actually, the reverse is true. The Jew's successful acquisition of wealth, power, and international influence is indeed a “curse!” Why? Because, wealth and power lead all people towards sin and corruption! And, when that happens, it becomes impossible for those souls to ever be saved! Most, if not all, will spend an eternity in hell! Looked at from this perspective, what rational Jew (or anyone for that matter) would view wealth and power as God’s blessing?

In conclusion, we should all do the best that we can in an economy that has been purposefully imploded by wealthy and powerful Jewish interests. Live beneath your comfort level so that you can stay out of debt to these Jewish banksters! Further to that, read their mainstream articles with a mental and spiritual firewall on set to the max. By the way, those who read and study the Scriptures have the most powerful mental firewall that one can ever have! Why? Because, you have been exposed to God’s truth, and not only the truth of the world! 

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