Saturday, 3 November 2012

An Open Message to the Satanists and Unbelievers

For some time, I have been wanting to do a blog entry of this nature, as I so often encounter people who are either against or indifferent to biblical teachings or anything of a Christian nature. Many people that are antichristian will also say things like this: "I love truth, but I hate religion!" 

On one level, I can empathize with the feelings of nonbelievers, in that there are a fair number of believers out there presenting a wide range of interpretations of the Bible, and determining which ones are real and which ones are not is a daunting task for many. The unbeliever will typically resort to the only defense mechanism that they believe they have, which is to completely shut out all biblical messages. A defense mechanism of this sort is similar to a situation where people (in general) put up proverbial "no salesman allowed" signs, in an effort to block out all telemarketers or salespersons. Thus, when a telemarketer calls, the answer is "no" even before the salesperson delivers the sales pitch.

As one can see, spreading the Gospel is indeed a difficult task in a world so diametrically opposed to anything that reaks of truth...God's truth in particular! Most people, it seems, would rather believe (as real) everything they see and hear on CNN, MSNBC, and BBC. There are too many who would rather "suspend disbelief" in a movie theatre while viewing the latest Hollywood toxic trash films on the market. The opportunities for mindless "soul crushing" are numerous and plentiful. Pick your poison! 

When I look at the current times, as well as the people of these times, I often wonder what anyone finds attractive in this world! The only thing I see is decadence at all levels of society. In my own case, I associate or have associated with people of all levels from poor to middle class to multi-millionnaire class! This is due to both my work experience and life experience. The people at the top flaunt their wealth (in many cases) and live extremely "self-oriented" lives while the poor engage in their form of decadence often seeking ways to extract public resources (using socialistic means) and otherwise drinking the "koolaid" the establishment provides for them to feed off of.

By this point, you can probably see that I am a good bit weary of this world and of the cultures (sub-cultures) within. I so much want to see sanity return to this world, and yet, I know the reality is that sanity (on a broad scale) will never become the reality of this world. Bible prophecy (eschatology) indicates the fact that sin (insanity) will remain (and further escalate) as the way of the world until the end of time! The Bible indicates that this is the case, and the evidence that I am seeing points congruently in that direction...i.e. a continual downward spiral. 

To those who are satanists (or unbelievers), we are living in your heyday. Followers of Satan have rewards (in this world) that many believers do not. BTW, how do I define a "satanist?" To me, a satanist is anyone who does not believe that Jesus was (and is) God come in the flesh. We are either for Jesus or we are for Satan. Very simple. This verse says it all:
""He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters." (Matthew 12:30 NASB)
Many nonbelievers that read this verse are turned off by it. No one likes being told "either you are with me or you are against me!" Yet, when Jesus made such a statement, you had better believe that He meant every word that he spoke. God has proven through His Word that what he says he will do, he does in fact do! Notice the congruency. On the other hand, Satanists (for some reason) have more fear of Satan, as they view him to be the more powerful one. That is why so many people choose to follow Satan. Most people want to be on the winning team, and will choose sides dependent upon who they perceive the winner to be.

Satan's illusion of superior power over God is just illusion. This verse pretty much sums up the current and future status of Satan and his followers:
Jesus overcame the world when he bore the weight of the world's sins at his crucification and arose three days later to sit at the right-hand of His Father in Heaven. He is clearly the winner over death, evil, and sin! Figuratively speaking, Satan (and his followers) are a footstool to Jesus through the dominion of His Father - God. 

Why then do people remain unbelieving satanists? I believe it is simply for the reason that they have no concept of the consequences of not following God's Word or His ways. People think that remaining indifferent to His Word or being adamently against His Word will offer no consequences whatsoever! In other words, these people have no fear of God! Rather, they have a greater fear of the things of the world such as fear of not being socially accepted, or fear of government, or fear of just about anything of less significance than God.

When people do not fear God, they choose not to follow His Word or His ways. And, when we have a society full of these people, we can expect nothing but sin, insanity, and decadence. I say to the Satanists, fear God more than you fear Satan. You may soon understand why I am saying this! 


  1. People have lived and still do live, in peaceful societies that are free from your supernatural beliefs. That's a fact. You make outlandish assertions that have no factual support. It's becoming clear that you're trying to build a career using religion and outrageous statements. Get a real job.

  2. Siobhan:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. While I do moderate and screen all comments, I allow opposing views to be public. The factual support that I cite comes from the Bible, and from my own life experience in this world.

    I can see that the Bible to you is merely a piece of literature, not the word of God. As you say, there are people who have "lived free" of my "supernatural" beliefs...However, I will offer this to you: These people "live apart" from Biblical Truth, but I assure you they are NOT "free from" it. Ignorance is not bliss.

    To be frank, I am NOT a member of any Christian denomination and I do not attend church. My study of the Bible is spiritual. The Bible is God's word, and Jesus is God in the flesh. If you do not believe that, then nothing else I say will be acceptable to you as an unbeliever.

    Believe me, I make very little money at all doing what I do. If I want to be rich, this blog is NOT the way to serve mammon. What I say is NOT popular, and no, it's not favored by you we can see!

    The choice is this: Choose God's Truth or choose the world's (I.e. Satan's) truth! That is your choice. Your choice seems to be made.



  3. No, that is not the choice at all. Your delusions are not the burden of others in spite of your wishing they were. You're simply another person. Your beliefs do not give you the authority to make those declarations. Say what you wish, but that's where it ends. Reality is something else altogether.

  4. Notice how you accuse ME of imposing MY beliefs on you and others! That is NOT the case. What I have stated in my blog is what the Bible says...that is, what God says are the two choices mentioned above. The Bible = God's Word. The declarations you say are MINE, are actually God's declarations, and are in His Word if you will just read it.

    1. Your claim that unbelievers are automatically Satanists has no merit. A Satanist is someone who believes in and worships Satan or Lucifer. It can also be someone who reads the Satanic Bible and believes in its ideology. One who regards the supernatural as non-existant does not fit the definition. Your claim is false. In effect, you are lying when you make that claim. You are bearing false witness, which is contrary to the writings in the scriptures.

  5. To your point that Satanists OVERTLY worship Satan (Lucifer) and read a Satanic Bible has some merit. It is true that SOME satanists do this. But, the is certainly NOT a requirement.

    Those who follow the ways of the World follow Satan. Plain and simple.

    Read John 14:6 (NASB)

    "Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

    That sums it up. You either follow Jesus or you follow the world (of which Satan has been given dominion...for now... by God).

    May God open your eyes, brother!

    1. My eyes are open and functioning quite well. They have allowed me to separate truth from nonsense for 6 decades and have served me very well. You have abandoned your common sense for the writings of bronze age people who didn't even use floss and usually died in their early 30's. You obviously reject their thinking on the shape of the world, why milk goes sour (we know it wasn't demons to blame)and what those lights in the sky at night are. Why you cling to their superstitious ideas about the supernatural remains a mystery.

    2. In a nutshell, you are saying the Bible is not the Word of God and is an otherwise useless piece of literature. That is your position and your choice.

      You certainly have no fear of God. I fear God not only because He can kill our bodies, I fear Him most because He can kill our souls!

      Ponder that statement.