Friday, 28 September 2012

The other 10% of TRUTH that Alex Jones has been neglecting!

As many "truthers" know, cutting through "the matrix" is indeed tough! The establishment-backed brainwashing has indeed been extremely effective. The attempt to reverse people's programming is daunting task to say the very least.

I will further add that those who are "mainstream truthers" (e.g. diehard Alex Jones followers), are in some cases even harder to reach than those who are merely Zombies passively watching CNN or Fox TV! The reason (I believe) is because the Alex Jones fans tend to have very strong political opinions. The positive aspect of this fact, is that such a type is emotionally driven to take action to effect political change. However, on the negative, such types are often very "religious" about their position, and are very reluctant to consider any other information (even "truthful" information) that might ever be presented to otherwise set them on the right track.

Certainly, Jones has produced educational films like "Endgame" and the "Obama Deception" (refer to his website to obtain those films, or you can watch them on youtube for free). My admonition is that all people should watch these films...and then they should move on and seek additional information to broaden their horizons.

What Jones says about the Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateral Commission is true. These people do run the world, and the rathole goes even deeper than that. An obsessive focus only upon these institutions (alone) and perhaps some of the big names involved with them is a folly. The same can be said for those who focus too much upon their rituals (e.g. Bohemian Grove). Certainly, such activity exposes some of the Satan-worshipping activity and is good information to know. But, an obsessive focus only upon such rituals can distract the "truther" from even bigger and more important issues that are even more critical for understanding. 

Those who have a very strong understanding of what the Bible really says, will have a MUCH greater ability to discern what Jones (and other Zionists) says - that which is God's truth, and that which is not! The caveat, however, is that one must study the Bible not from a "religious" perspective, but from a sincere reformist perspective! That is, one must read the Bible without "religious" or "denominational" blinders! Christian Zionists have violated this principle repeatedly. Unfortunately, I won't go into further detail on this tangent as it is written about at length in my own book. Space prevents a full explanation of what this paragraph truly means, and what it requires. 

A portion of the "missing 10%" that Jones neglects is the issue of "Zionism." For some "truthers," the mere mention of this term raises politically correct red-flags causing many bright minds to automatically shut. All of this has been skillfully engineered into the "mind-control" that we are currently witnessing. The discussion of Zionism and its global effects transcends the common accusation of "religious intolerance" or "racial intolerance." Zionists do run the world, and Jones denies it behind the cloak of political correctness. He even goes so ridiculously far as to claim that "Hollywood is owned by Arabs and not Jews!" And that is just one of many pro-Zionist statements that he has made. See the video clip below to see some of his self-indicting statements:

And while you are at it, why not read Nathanael Kapner's blog entry called "Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?"

Kapner articulates the issues pretty nicely in his blog entry (above):

"When Jones keeps pounding home the theme about the ALL-powerful Global Elite - but not mentioning that Zionist Jews ARE the great majority of the elite - the message of who is really running the West and America is lost. Zionism would seem to have a truly great, loyal and steadfast friend in Mr. Jones....

Jones has a specific agenda that unquestionably covers for Zionism. Sure, he wears the cloak of the Patriot…he’s a master at it. Remember …the BEST disinformation is at least 90% truth. And Alex ‘Bullhorn’ Jones appears to be the best friend world Zionism has in the often murky milieu of ‘patriot’ radio and the alternative media. Remember…connect the dots…and the true picture eventually congeals in front of one’s eyes…truly a stark and painful image in this case."

The above statement segues to my next point. Listen to Jones and watch some of his films as I alluded to earlier, but do so with your "mental firewall" on a high setting! 

I will not claim that Jones is on the Mossad payroll, and I will not make any claims that I cannot substantiate. In my view, I am less concerned about any type of secret conspiracies that might exist, and more concerned about the statements that he makes which are in some cases blindly accepted by many who follow him. 

People really do need wake up to the issue of Zionism, and Jones' subtle (and in some cases - not so subtle) support of it. See my previous posts on this issue here and here. This is not just about "religion," it is about a hidden and underlying and widely held premises for a so-called "chosen people" (so the Jews believe) to control and dominate the rest of the world at all levels - spiritually, mentally, and physically! That is TOTAL control!

Become aware of the perils of Zionism, and how so many Christians (and others) have been duped into supporting it! And most importantly, place your focus upon Jesus the Christ and His Word! That is what will SAVE YOUR SOUL for ETERNITY!

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