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80's Thrash Metal Band - Dr. Know - Mastermind

Dr. Know - Mastermind (1988 Album - Wreckage in Flesh) - Lyrics:

Disastrous & delicate
Cadaverous syndicate
It slips behind & masterminds

Ashes... all fall down

Masses... sight unsound
Master speaks
All bow down

Master's got a master plan

All are touched by master's hand
Master's systems interface
While war theatre entertains
Master's got his sights on you
From black & white to 3F2
You will walk the straightest line
For the good of the mastermind

Master mastermind

Speak its truth
But don't speak your mind
Master mastermind
Days are numbered
Until we collide

Master drops the master plan

Tons of shit now hit the fan
System in stress becomes unglued
Def-Con status drops to two
Master used to see through walls
Now with every step he falls
You will live the greatest lie
For the good of the mastermind 

"Dr. Know TV" (i.e., their Youtube Channel) describes this video here. This statement pretty much sums it up:

"Dr. Know roars back to life with an updated version of MASTERMIND, illustrating the deadly false flag coup de tat orchestrated against the United States by the rogue Military Industrial Complex and their Al Qeada patsies...."
My Comments:

Back in November 1988, I bought Dr. Know's - Wreckage in Flesh album on the day of its release, as I was a big fan of their music at that time. What I liked about them is that they were a thrash metal band (like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, etc), but they were far less "pretentious" in their orientation, and without the arrogant attitudes seen from bands like Megadeth and others of their stature. 

Dr. Know split apart back in 1991 when frontman (guitarist/vocalist) - Kyle Toucher decided to pursue other projects, only to decide that (by 2011) he would put the band back together 20 years later (November 2011) with their original lineup. 

Those who consider themselves to be liberty-minded "truthers" should love this band and their music. Back in 1988, Kyle was writing lyrics which are applicable to many of the geopolitical events that are occuring today.

What drew my attention to Kyle (and Dr. Know) back in 1988 was his unrelenting and unscensored political perspectives. That was then. Today, he has put out a video exposing aspects of the New World Order, which the so-called "Main Stream Media" (MSM) has often covered up! 

To those inclined, enjoy this 4 minute explicit video clip! Warning: This video is graphic! 

Here is the clean-cut 1988 studio recording of "Mastermind":


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