Monday, 24 September 2012

Jews Are NOT The “Chosen People” of God

The issue of Christian Zionism is such a critical issue, so much so, that I have decided to do yet another blog entry on it! This issue effects not only those who belong to the geniune "Church of Jesus Christ" (those who are "believers"), it also effects the wider world of gentiles (non-believers), as well as those of the Jewish bloodline. Everyone is effected in some way or another.

Just look at the mess the world is currently in! The assumptions of Zionism do play a critical part, whether you will believe it or not. 

First, I will post a Youtube clip of the late Derek Prince's sermon regarding the "breaking of generational curses." For those that know Prince, will know that he was an ardent Christian Zionist. In this video clip, he states that those who are "Anti-Semetic" will be under God's curse. He cites Genesis 12:3 and Genesis 27:29 to support his position. In fact, if anyone even "speaks against" those of the Jewish bloodline are cursed (both individuals and nations)! 

Here is Prince's sermon:

In order to fast forward to Prince's statements about "being cursed" if daring to speak against the Jews, go to: 25min and 15 sec. Not only does Prince make rediculous statements regarding the issue of Zionism, he also makes a fair amount of other unbiblically supported statements. One such statement is this: 'Those who fall on hard economic times, are likely under God's curse, while those who are PROSPEROUS are not!' There is NOT one verse in the Bible that I can find to substantiate Prince's claim. In fact, the opposite may be true. God allows some people to suffer tribulations so that they will turn to Him! Further to that point, those who experience "prosperity" can in fact be under one of the MOST powerful curses...i.e., the "curse of prosperity!" Did Jesus not say that it is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter God's Kingdom?

There are a fair amount of other statements that he makes that are also insane. If you can stand to listen to this entire one-hour presentation, do so. But do so with your "mental firewall" on!

Now that you have experienced some Zionist-based insanity, I will now subject you to some sanity and a breath of fresh air!

Nathanael Kapner is a former Jew (by birth), and is now a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ. He now devotes his time and efforts to debunking lies that support Zionism. 

Here is Kapner's video clip entitled - "Are Jews The Chosen People?"
I find it interesting that Youtube allows me to embed Prince's youtube clips, but not Kapner's. Just an interesting observation! This video is a 4 minute presentation which summarizes the fact that Jews are not the chosen people, and why such an argument to the contrary is not Biblical.

Now that you have seen Kapner's video clip, you will also want to read ""Jews are NOT The "Chosen People"". After reading this short essay, you will see that it is the believers in Christ that are God's chosen people, not bloodline Jews or current inhabitants of the 'Nation of Israel.' 

Indeed, it is hard to believe (for many evangelical Christians) that the teachings (and preachings) of Derek Prince do in fact lay very subtle support for much of the current (and historic) destruction in this world! Prince is a premillennialist dispensationalist. He has no concept of the fact that Jews lost their status when they crucified Jesus the Christ! There has not been any repentance of this dispicable act ever since! How then can Jews have ever maintained the "chosen people" status that so many Christians continue to believe today? I am calling this insanity out! 

Eschatological beliefs play a much larger role than the average believer and non-believer will never imagine or understand. Every war that Israel fights, and every war that the U.S. (and other nations) have fought (particularly) in the Middle East stems from a hidden and underlying eschatological belief system. There are some who will deny this fact, and claim that it is only "rational interests" that dictate the desires to wage wars. Such a view is also flawed. And because Zionism has the most influence, such premises dictate which wars will be fought and with whom. 

Until Christians wake up, and realize that Zionism is flawed at every level and is unbiblical and against God's Word, the bloody Middle East wars will continue. The Zionists love to point the finger at those who say the U.S. should remove itself from Israel's affairs declaring them as Biblical apostates, and further stating that America will be under God's curse for doing so. No, America is NOT under curse for staying out of Israel's military affairs, she is under curse for her involvement in Israel's affairs and for a slew of other sins (within her own borders) that are piling up to the heavens! Not the least of which is our involvement in Middle East wars where attrocities have been, and are currently being committed. That is just fact and truth. 

Lastly, do understand that the truth that I speak should in no way be interpreted as "hatred" of Jews. While I do hate the lies that support the concepts of Zionism, I have only love for all people. The truth that I write is done in love, so that I may open the eyes of Zionist Christians, Gentiles, and Zionist Jews. You people do need to WAKE UP! I hope this post has done just that! 

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