Monday, 15 October 2012

Political Correctness within the "Truth Movement"

My initial comments: Here is a post by Nathanael Kapner who has raised some critical points about those seeking "truth." Those who are ardent Alex Jones listeners are only subjecting themselves to SOME of the truth. There is more that needs to be understood. As it stands, too many "truthers" stop short of the oasis of "truth" and hence never get to drink the water that would otherwise provide sustenance for life!

The term - "Jew" needs to be understood for what it is. The Zionist elite have done a masterful job of keeping this hidden and for too long! For the "truthers" who think this issue is a trivial one, I beg to differ! It is now time to break through the cloak of "political correctness" and the spell that you are now under! Break through the "matrix!" Move BEYOND Alex Jones alone, and seek out other sources of information that remains hidden in plain view!

Dear Alice - 

Do Jews Use The ‘Jew Word’?

With 15 million Hits here on Real Jew News since September 2007 and 4 million Views on my YouTube Vids after only two years, I don’t think too many are being “turned off” by my using the “Jew” word.

And that nice, just “regular” Jewish person down the street you wish to vindicate, is activated by the tribal pulse in which flows Jewish blood that is thicker than truth, morality, and brotherhood. 

It’s what’s “GOOD FOR THE JEWS” regardless of right or wrong, good or evil, that really counts for them.
I grew up as a Jew and experienced this first-hand. I have the inside-track on how the Jews — even that nice, regular Jew down the street — think and act.

The “Jew word” MUST be used by those who truly stand for the Truth. 

And I DO INDEED expose the “real culprits” you mention: The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Congress, the Jewish lobbies. 

But when I do expose them I say, “The JEWISH-OWNED Federal Reserve; JEWISH Wall Street; JEWISH-BOUGHT Congress; Neocon JEWS.

And when I expose the Jewish Lobbies, I don’t call them “special interest groups” like Paul Craig Roberts, but I SPECIFICALLY NAME the HUNDREDS of JEW LOBBIES as space and bandwidth allows: 

AIPAC, ADL, WINEP (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy), The Foreign Policy Initiative (Formerly, Project for the New American Century (PNAC); The Jewish Council for Public Affairs; The Rabbinical Assembly; Republican Jewish Coalition; The National Jewish Democratic Council; etc/ etc/ etc/ ad infinitum.
So-called ‘truthers’ like Alex Jones who call the International Jewish Financiers and their Gentile shills, “Globalists;” and Gerald Celente who calls the Jew-owned MSM, “Presstitutes,” are certainly NOT helping pre-conditioned Gentile readers already on automatic pilot who dare not even think or silently say the word “Jew.”

Believe me dear Alice, if just saying: Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, Corporate-owned MSM, etc, the typical brainwashed “Goy” whom the Jews have socially engineered to avoid all things critical of “JEWS” will NEVER connect the dots.

But Jews Themselves Use The “Jew Word” All The Time:

“Jews Against The Bible In Public Schools;” “Jews For Stopping Iran;” “Jews Against Nativity Scenes In Public Places;” “Jews For The Hanukkah Menorah In Public Places;” “Jews For Homosexual, Lesbian, And Transgender Rights;” “Jews For Abortion;” etc, ad infinitum.

AND Jews who are against Zionism NEVER go all the way by opposing the entire Zionist-Jewish hydra with its tentacles in every sphere of Amerika’s and Europe’s infrastructure.

Thus, I will CONTINUE to use the “Jew word” to expose Jewry’s hypocrisy and evil and thus oppose the Jews at their own wicked game.

Simply put, I NAME THE JEW NAMES. 

And I’m the only one with the guts to do it. 

+Brother Nathanael Kapner
Former Jew, Now Orthodox Christian
Publisher, Real Jew News @
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