Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Why "personal privacy" is an important aspect of your security

"Personal privacy" is probably this most important aspect of "personal security" in today's modern technocratic world. The reasons for this are numerous and vary from individual to individual. 

As the saying goes, “it is better to have privacy and not need it, than to need privacy and not have it!” Obtaining privacy is something you do when everything is going just fine and dandy, and when you believe that your life is running smoothly and problem-free. Personal privacy requires these two elements – technical and non-technical. BOTH are required to at least an appropriate level. One without the other is most often insufficient. 
Technical aspects require knowledge of IT, computer systems, security, cryptography, etc to a satisfactory level.

Non-technical aspects require STREET-SMARTS….i.e., the ability to use “untruths” (not lies per say), and there are times when you will need to mislead other people/organizations in order to obtain a HIGHER level of personal privacy. I have written at length in my own book on just “how to” do this. I have also discussed the issue of “ethics” behind it, for those of you who are believers in Christ.

A few notable authors that have written (albeit) good books on “personal privacy” do not actually have backgrounds actually performing investigative/surveillance functions in government. I do have that experience, and I can distinguish which “privacy tactics” are useful and which ones are “overkill.”

Authors that advocate “overkill” (i.e. EXPENSIVE) privacy tactics will cause you to go broke no doubt. My experience has taught me that the government/private sector is NOT as “all seeing” as you might necessarily think. Sure technology is growing exponentially, but the reality is that people still have to operate the technologies and learn how to use them, and that part of it is behind the power curve from all that I have seen and experienced. Further to that, there are numerous loopholes that remain open, and it is your job to exploit those loopholes to "take back" your privacy.

If you listen to Alex Jones and believe EVERYTHING he says, you might indeed become broke trying to protect yourself from every boogy man that might possibly pop up! The reality is, you do need to be able to protect yourself from the more important threats that do exist, and so your job is to focus on those first and foremost.

Begin today to take steps to take back your privacy. My book helps as do a few others on the market. However, be well aware that most of the notable "privacy books" that I have seen are written by people with no government surveillance background. I am not saying that such books are not good ones with useful information, but I am mentioning this as a caveat.

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