Sunday, 21 October 2012

How You Can Donate to This Mission

This blog entry is a call for the reader's support. Those of you who are "self-published" authors and bloggers, you know how much work and discipline is required to do the written work that you do! And for many of you, the amount of work that you do equates to an equivalent low hourly wage when considering the amount of work you do for the monetary benefit that you reap (book writing and blogging combined)! For many, this type of work is the labor of love! For without your passion to do what you do, you would not last very long as a writer/blogger. 

In my case, in addition to the passion or labor of love of writing and blogging, my biggest reason for doing what I do is to witness for Jesus Christ, and to do all that I can to reach as many people as possible so that they (their souls) may be saved! What mission could be more important than this one? 

So, what can you the reader do to help in this mission? There are just a few things you can do.

(1) Bookmark my blog weblink and monitor it from time to time if you care about the work I am doing. . Email this link to those you care about, and get the word out about this mission to help people spiritually and physically prepare for the days, months, and years ahead.

(2) Follow me on Twitter. If you follow me, I will generally follow back, unless you are a spammer. My twitter weblink is: 
Retweets are appreciated if you are not afraid to be associated with my brave and bold position! That is correct. Telling the TRUTH takes guts and courage. And, many people do not possess such qualities unfortunately!

(3) Buy my book and read it! If inclined buy a some additional copies to give to those you care most about! You can buy it here.

Note: Book sales are my only source of income for the writing/blogging that I do. I do not have any ad banners nor do I have a "donate" button linked to my blogger webpage.

In my view, most people do not like to donate money indiscriminately to someone who is not providing an immediate concrete product or service in return. In my own "libertarian-minded" perspective, I can sympathize with this thinking. I'll explain more below.

There are some Christians who would accuse me of being "money-oriented" for daring to NOT put my book online for FREE! This is because there are some Christian writers who have written books and then put them online for free. Many of them are of the liberal variety. In my case, I spent 5 intensive months, and long hours writing my book. Not only have I written on the topics of reformed Biblical Eschatology and guidance (about 30% of the book's content), I have also written heavily (about 70%) in the area of security and survival preparation topics, as well as in the area of "personal privacy" (both technical & nontechnical aspects). Many of the notable "privacy" books on the market are priced between $25 & $35+ each. My book is less than $20, and contains information from a 1st hand perspective (i.e. personal experience). Therefore, I feel that it is morally proper for me to charge a reasonable price for my book in order to be appropriately compensated.

I know of one Christian writer (in the liberal camp) who writes books and puts them out for free, but then has a "donate" button on his blog page! He then wonders why very few people ever "donate!" In my view, this is because the average person does NOT want to give $25 +/- and have nothing materially concrete to show for it! Call this a sinful human trait if you wish. It may be justifiably so, but that is the way it is! All people are sinful. That includes myself and my entire audience! Money is a medium for trade of material objects or services, nothing more or nothing less than that!

As for the ad banners, I cannot fathom the idea of advertising anything that I do not personally endorse myself. 

Writing/blogging is just one of my side projects. As one can imagine, most people cannot live off this type of work alone. However, I do believe that this work is the MOST important work that I have ever done in my life! Why? Because, this job is designed to light minds and hearts on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save souls eternally! My other (worldly) jobs over the years have paid me nicely (monetarily), but have done little more than to keep the current societal system functioning. Such a system is temporary (in this world) and will pass away! However, those human souls that choose Jesus will not!

For those who have taken the time to read this blog entry, I extend a 'thank you' to you and for your attention!



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