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80s Metal Band - W.A.S.P. - Blackie Lawless & Premillennialism

Babylon's Burning lyrics

Listen close to hooves you hear
Are thunders coming dread
John the Revelator's dream
Had seen a terror vision
Of the spirit led
With wrath to reign
And with slaves to flame
They kneeled and sealed a kiss
Plagues and pain and fiery rain
And blaspheme on his lips

Babylon's a-burning, Babylon's a-burning
Six hundred 6, 6 and 7 seals
A pale rider and his horses sing
Babylon's a-burning, Babylon's a-burning
Six hundred 6, 6 the rising beast
Bears the mark of Babylon to be

Arising with the beast a sea of men
A bloody moon of red
A whore of Babylon to bleed the seed
And make 'em take the mark upon their heads

They bowed and kneeled a mark to seal
Their souls unto a kiss
With fire and flames and with
Souls to claim
And rise from the abyss

[Revelation 13]
And I stood upon the sand of the sea
And saw a beast rise out of the sea
Having ten horns and seven heads
Ten crowns upon his head
Who is like unto the beast?
Given his mouth great things to speak
If any man has an ear
Let him hear, let him hear

My Comments:

For those who remember the shock rock antics of the 80s Heavy Metal Band - W.A.S.P., you will likely remember the satanic stage rituals of the lead vocalist/ then bassist (now rhythm guitarist) - Blackie Lawless. The sadomasochistic displays of sexual torture and the like were legendary at the time, and indeed this drew plenty of attention from the P.M.R.C. headed by Tipper Gore (wife of fmr. VP Al Gore). During this time period, the works of W.A.S.P. were indeed decadent

More recently; however, Blackie Lawless has declared himself as a "born-again" Christian and believer in Christ, who left the faith for many years before returning to his faith in more recent times. Read more about it in a September 2010 interview. He is also well versed on geopolitics, global economics, and the issues surrounding the "New World Order (NWO)." For more about his conservative (libertarian-minded) political views, check out his November 2009 interview. I always find it refreshing to watch heavy metal musicians that I enjoyed listening to earlier years doing productive things in modern times. It is also refreshing to see people that would have been demonized by Tipper Gore in the 1980s, are in fact the very people today who are accepting of Christ! The irony is that the current economic (and moral) decay of the USA (and the world) is a direct result of people like Tipper and her husband Al Gore. People like Blackie Lawless are not bankrupting the economy with global carbon tax scams. It is the Gores (and their NWO minions) that are doing this. Let that point never be forgotten.

The 2009 album that W.A.S.P. recorded - "Babylon" is indeed a nice piece of work. The guitars have a nice crunch to them and the lead guitar work blends in quite nicely. What I like most is the maturity of the sound, and the messages of faith which permeate the theme of this album. Only a few metal or rock bands have ever been able to pull this off. 

My only criticism of W.A.S.P. is in the details of their biblical eschatology. The album "Babylon" promotes premillennialism in it's most obvious form. For those who have followed my blog or my twitter, know that I am trying to wake Christians up to the fallacies of premillennialism. Too many well-meaning Christians take the symbolism of Daniel and Revelation and interpret it in a literalist form, in an effort to tie every "symbol" or "prophecy" to a specific current event in today's world. In reality, this is not possible to do. I explain why in my own book. 

The other falsehoods that premillennialists often fall for are the following:

1. Pretribulation Rapture - i.e. an "anytime" rapture. Only a portion of premillennarians subscribe to the pretrib view, but a fair number of others subscribe to mid-trib or pre-wrath views which are also not biblically supported.

How to innoculate yourself: 

Read my book. 

2. Zionism - I.e., that bloodline Jews are God's Chosen People, and that Christians face God's wrath if they do NOT support the nation of Israel...i.e., the one formed by international Jewry in 1948. 

How to innoculate yourself: 

Read my book.

Also read:

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3. Dispensationalism - i.e., the belief that there will be a 7 year period of "Great Tribulation" prior to a future "semi-golden age" 1000 year millennium.

How to innoculate yourself:

Read my book.

4. Date-setting of Christ's 2nd Coming - i.e. common among some premillennialists, not all. 

How to innoculate yourself:

Read my book.

Also read:

Have Premillennialist Dispensationalists ever been accurate?  

Overall, many premillennialists mean well and want to serve God, and want to do His will. The purpose of my blog (and my book) is to ensure that believers receive the most accurate information possible, so that they can see through the common hype that so often manifests itself in popular biblical interpretation. My warning to all Christians is this: Beware of any biblical teachings that are popular and highly endorsed by the establishment! Premillennialism is the MOST popular Christian interpretation of the Bible. The Jewish-run establishment endorses this perspective above all others. Why? Because, Zionist Christians are ardent supporters of the nation of Israel! That is why! 

Blackie Lawless is well aware of the NWO and how it runs the world! Wait until he learns that it is international Jewry that runs the NWO who then runs the world! To those running the world, watch out for Blackie Lawless' chain saw or axe! 

Update - August 20, 2013:

I did a search to see if Blackie Lawless is of the Jewish bloodline or not, and found his own admission that he is in fact from this bloodline. This information is out of Wikiquote, so it is not a quote from any specific publication, but it appears to be a genuine quote. Also, his surname - Duren, albeit uncommon, is no doubt a Jewish name, although I was not able to locate it on any list via a cursory internet search.

Here is his apparent admission that he is of the Jewish bloodline:
"I was raised very religious. I always went to church. I am Jewish bloodline but I am Christian faith. I was brought up christian faith rather. I still have very deep beliefs in God and things like that but I don't subscribe to the organized religion that I grew up with." (Source link:
There you have it. Those even of the Jewish bloodline who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior loose their identity is *worldly Jews* and become REAL JEWS (or "Christians"). The terms "REAL JEW" and "Christian" are one and the same. Read my previous blog entry entitled "Just who are the REAL Jews? YOU might be one and not know it!" This blog entry sums up the essence of what a real Jew is, which is a brother or sister in Christ!

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