Thursday, 6 December 2012

Heavy Metal Band - Dr. Know depicting why Christianity has a bad name

Dr. Know - "Plug In Jesus" 
(from the 1986 album - "This Island Earth")

Lyrics (by Kyle Toucher)

A satellite dish shields my eyes
Reaching the heaven through a hole in the sky
Striking like iron at a thunderhead's heart
Burning its signal two worlds apart
False prophet's lies on my T.V. set
Taking advantage of the ignorant
Jesus needs money, Jesus needs cash
Preacher needs a paint job on his Cadillac
Fool the weak with promises
Cause their lives are a mess
Turn on Plug-in Jesus once again

A lame fat fuck with thick Christian hair
His spineless wife sitting near
God talks to him, so that's okay
For a hundred bucks you could join the crusade
Dodger Stadium filled with the blind
T.V. preachers -- a step below slime
The word is danger to describe his kind
Things get worse when he believes his own lies

Slick talking scumbag, vanish from sight
T.V. preachers are just obstructing the light
Monsters like them are more vulgar than sin
Turn on Plug-in Jesus once again

My Comments:

Here is yet another blog entry on the 80's metal band - Dr. Know. For those who have not seen the previous Dr. Know blog entry, you can check it out here.  This band never made it to the level of fame that other bands like Metallica, Megadeth, or Testament did, but it is one that I always enjoyed listening to given their clever lyrics and guitar riffing. This song - "Plug In Jesus" is reminiscent of the early Black Sabbath guitar rhythms, and the guitar solo makes clever use of the "Wah-wah pedal" (at 2:54 in the youtube clip above) used in the '70s (and early 80's) by some of the heavy metal bands of that time. 

If you read the lyrics to "Plug In Jesus" (above), you will see one of the many reasons why Christianity has such a stale flavor in the mouths of so many. I don't know if Toucher (the author of this song) is a believer in Christ or not. But, this song indeed reflects the attitudes that many people have towards Christian frauds or even all "religion" (across the entire board). 

For those who have not read my previous blog entry - "Why Libertarian philosophy & psychology cannot save you!," I suggest you do so. This blog entry is targeted at Libertarians, because in my experience, they have proven to be some of the most vocal and articulate naysayers against Christianity or against all "religions" in general. In the above blog entry, I provide Biblical evidence that the Scriptures are "God-inspired," that we are not saved by "good works," and that we are saved by God's grace. I further stress the importance of the "fear" of God, as He does have the power to take both our life & our soul. Read this blog entry in order to understand the spiritual aspects of following God's Word. Once you have read the blog entry above, you will see that reading the Scriptures is far more than just a "religion" or giving money to some sinful, greedy T.V. preacher! 

It is this very stigma that I am seeking to shatter! I'm so tired of it when a highly intelligent, liberty-loving ("Libertarian-minded") atheist or agnostic tells me that he/she is sick and tired of "hearing about my religion!" And, every time I hear such a comment, I only wish I could just open the top of my skull, and generously pull out the wisdom, knowledge, and EXPERIENCE that I have had studying God's Word, and hand it to the naysayer(s) on a silver platter that they would willfully accept! Sadly, however, it is not possible for me to do such a thing! My point is simply this: Studying God's Word (the "Holy Bible") does NOT equate to any "religion" whatsoever. One can read and study God's Word, and never step foot into a church! A relationship with God is a spiritual one, not one where there is an intermediary (such as a "preacher" or "priest") that must serve as your facilitator to God. 

That is not to say that you will read only the Holy Bible and no other books. You will need to read commentaries and books written by trustworthy conservative Biblical scholars. For direction in that area, my own book can point you in the right direction. And, there are no T.V. preachers that you must pay for overpriced sermons! Your monetary investment is several versions of the Bible and a number of commentaries, books, & etc so that you can have help understanding historical context and Scriptural content. After all, the Bible was written for the prevailing language of the day, and for that time period. As we all know, language changes over time. Thus, we need to have newer translations to keep up with the times. 

As I tell nonbelievers, those who accept Jesus as the Christ are in fact "living free" in Christ! Many liberty-minded people (and "Libertarians") contend that those who live according to God's Word are in fact "slaves" to a "religion." My counter to that point is that they are correct. We believers are "slaves." We are "slaves to Jesus Christ" who has set us "free" from the sinful world! I then tell the average nonbelieving atheist or agnostic that while they are "free" to "live apart" from God's Word (and Biblical "truth") they are not "free from" it. Why? Because God will judge all people for what they do and for what they do not do. Ignorance is not bliss. Therefore, there are severe consequences for not living in accordance to God's natural law. Given this fact, who are the real "slaves?" Is it those who are slaves to Jesus and are set "free" of the world, or is it those (nonbelievers) who have chosen the ways of the world facing God's judgment? 

Ponder the above question seriously! God's Word is very real. Everything that He has said He would do, He has done. And for those who study "eschatology" (i.e. the things to come), there is a final judgment to come and no souls are exempt! To the naysayers, Libertarian atheists, agnostics, etc, you may trash "religion" with impunity, but I strongly suggest that you never trash God's Word! Rather, study His Word, accept that Jesus is God come in the flesh, now sitting at the righthand of His Father in Heaven! Further, have faith that God will give you the gift of His grace, so that you may be capable of doing works pleasing to Him!

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