Monday, 24 December 2012

Satanic Thrash Metal Band - Slayer & Satanic Judaism

Today, one of my new twitter followers () followed me, and just one glance at his profile picture (above) sent a myriad of images through my mind. When I do blog entries, not only do I seek to express my message via the use of words, I also seek to do so through photo images, video clips, music, etc. The old cliche is that pictures can speak a thousand words. The above picture of a Hasidic Jew with a demonic look on his face displaying the "Hail Satan" hand signal indeed depicts well more than a thousand words! The average person looking at a Hasidic Jew (or any Jew for that matter) will merely perceive them as "religious" people that are following a complex set of "righteous" protocols from Mosaic law...nothing more or less than that! 

The irony, however, is that Jews (under Judaism) are the premier haters of Lord Jesus the Christ! And for that very reason, they are the premier antichrists which populate every corner of the earth. Thus, the picture above is indeed an honest visual image of a Jew that subscribes to Judaism. Satan is indeed the "god" of this world that they are serving, while hypocritically proclaiming love for God! See my previous blog entries on Judaism for a more detailed explanation.

As soon as I saw the image above, a song by a band called "Slayer" came to my mind! It was a song that I remember from 1986 called "Altar of Sacrifice." For the record, I am no longer a Slayer fan, nor do I listen to any of their music any more. There is no band that I know that has been able to ever capture the essence of satanism in musical form. Slayer indeed tops all of the bands that have ever been able to do this in an effective manner. And so I will post their video clip and lyrics below.

From Slayer's third album, Reign in Blood - 1986:

Waiting the hour, destined to die
Here on the table of Hell
A figure in white unknown by man
Approaching the altar of death
High priest awaiting, dagger in hand
Spilling the pure virgin blood
Satan's slaughter, ceremonial death
Answer his every command

Death will come easy, just close your eyes
Dream of the friends you'll see
Heavenly failure losing again
Move on to a new form of life

Altar of sacrifice, curse of the damned
Confronting the evil you dread
Coalesce into one your shadow and soul
Soon you will meet the undead

Altar of sacrifice, curse of the damned
Confronting the evil you dread
Coalesce into one your shadow and soul
Soon you will meet the undead

Enter to the realm of Satan!

Blood turning black, the change has begun
Feeling the hatred of all damned in Hell
Flesh starts to burn, twist and deform
Eyes dripping blood realization of death
Transforming of five toes to two
Learn the sacred words of praise, hail Satan...

A gift of powers disposed upon you
Use them when you feel the need
Master the forces and powers of Satan
Controlling the creature's instinct
Drawn to the castles that float in the sky
Learn to resist the temptation
Watching the angels sift through the heavens
Endlessly searching for salvation!

My Comments:

While bands like Slayer openly depict their interest in satanic topics for discussion, and while they did formulate a sound that is very satanic sounding, I have a difficult time believing that the members of this band are (in actuality) as satanic as they sound! Has Lead Vocalist/Bassist Tom Araya committed even a fraction of the crimes to inflict the level of damage (to the global economy & moral fabric of society) that the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank (under Chairman - Ben Shalom Bernanke) has managed to inflict? Has Araya even pushed the same amount of decadence that the Jewish-run Hollywood movie and music industries have managed to inflict in this current era? Probably not! People like Madonna & Lady Gaga have done far more moral damage with their brand of decadence than Slayer would have ever dreamed of! Is Araya responsible for launching unbiblical and illegal wars in the Middle East which are killing numerous people (i.e., Iraq, Palestine, etc.)? The answer is "no" to all of the above rhetorical questions! Am I excusing Araya for his glamorization of satanism (in it's overt manner)? Not at all.

My overall point is that there are varying levels of sin and corruption, and for those who are Christians, we need to really wake up to the true nature of evil and its varying levels. Further, many Christians (as many as 100 million in the United States) need to stop lending moral and financial support to such evils as Zionism. Read more about that here.

Even wicked sounding bands like Slayer are no where near as wicked as the Jewish elite (running Wall Street) bankrupting the economy, controlling it, and ultimately seeking to destroy your life and your soul! Thought of from this level of understanding and perspective, can you too imagine a Slayer concert with a bunch of Jewish elite (with $5000 suits) in the front row banging their heads and waving their "Hail Satan" hand signals in praise of Satan? 

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