Friday, 16 August 2013

What is "racism" and what is not?

I thought I would finally do a blog entry on the topic of "racism." After all, a number of my readers who do not understand or agree with my points will likely dismiss me as a "Jew baiter", "Jew hater", "antisemite", or just a flat out "racist." These terms are easy to fling at anyone who says things which are not in alignment with "political correctness (PC)." And as we should all know by now, PC is defined by those at the very top of the Pyramid. In America, that means Jews! 

Anyone who has listened to Alex Jones will at least know that the (Jewish) elite use "race-baiting" as a tactic to "divide and conquer" the brainwashed masses so that they can control large populations. When he makes these statements, he is telling the truth. The problem with Jones; however, is that he withholds critical information and I've written about that in a previous blog entry. Go read it! 

Knowing what we know, I think it is high time for people to put the definition of "racism" into proper perspective. What is "racism" and what is not?

I would put it this way: All flat out blanket labels or statements made against a select type of people (i.e., Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc) would be "racism." For example, if I refer to all black people as "niggers" (a known derogatory term), I would consider that to be a racist statement. Why? Because not all black people have behaved in a manner that would be deserving of a derogatory label. There are many blacks who are true believers in Christ, and those blacks are my brothers in Christ! 

However, when blacks who behave as disrespectful punks (who even refer to their fellow black "brothers in crime" as "niggers"), also deserve to be labeled as "niggers" by other whites, Asians, Hispanics, or anyone else. The example I've used here applies to any person who behaves in a derogatory and disrespectful manner . Hispanics or Asians who behave as punks deserve their derogatory labels as well. 

Now that I have covered the "goyim" races above, now I will turn to the Jews who have made the topic of "racism" a big issue among the wider masses of society in the first place. There are fierce debates on both sides with one side claiming that Jews are a race, and the other claiming that such is not the case. It is not my intent to get deep into this debate regarding Jewish Genetic History. What I do know, is that "Jews" (as a whole who subscribe to satanic "Judaism") are indeed a distinct group of people who share common (in some cases) physical, mental, and spiritual traits no matter what part of the world they are residing in. And because of that fact, the distinction of the "Jew" transcends the standard genetic "race debate" that we would have with goyim whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc. That is the case, because some whites, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics have converted to Judaism, and thus they have become "Jews" (of the *worldly* type). 

My point then is that when we talk about "Jews" or if we even refer to such types of people with derogatory terms (like "Kike"), the term "racism" loses its true meaning, merely for the reason that we are now talking more about a "type" of people rather than the "racial" aspects of a people. And that "type" extends beyond the physical aspects, and delves into the mental and spiritual aspects of Jewry, which are easily identifiable and deserving of rebuke. And it is this very fact, which makes the average Jew very "insecure" no matter where they are in the world! 

When a Jew subscribes to Judaism, which is Christ-hating at the core, they need to be rebuked, and when their actions destroy the societies which they gain control of, they deserve full-fledged rebuke. I wrote a recent blog entry on the Jewish derogatory term - "Kike" which describes my reasoning as to why such a term is appropriate. In fact, the term "Kike" is way too soft for all the wicked misery that the goyim has had to suffer at the hands of these people! Jesus used harsher "derogatory" terms to describe the Jewish moneychangers! He referred to them using epithets such as fools, blind guides, hypocrites, snakes, murderers, etc.!

34 You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. (Matthew 12:34 NASB)
The terms Jesus used to describe Jews were a bit harsher than the term "Kike!" This term merely throws into the face of the Jew that the blood of Christ is still on their hands! As offensive as that might be, such a fact remains as the truth, and nothing can reverse such a fact!

Overall, I encourage people to seek out truth and to speak truth in love. When people behave in a manner that violates God's Word, tell them what you think! If you need to use a few "derogatory" terms to express your anger, do so with liberty! But, do so only with those who deserve it! Rebuke is necessary and needed against those who violate the Word of God.

All those people who live in accordance to God's Word are your brothers no matter what genetic bloodline they come from! 

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