Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jewish Private Property Owner wants your guns

The Jewish Landlord who is destroying your 2nd Amendment rights!, The Washington Times, and numerous other Jewish-run "news" outlets have already covered this story, so there is not too much that I need to elaborate on in terms of details. A 77 year old U.S. Marine Corp Veteran has spoken out against Ross Management Group's policy which now states that tenants living on their property must remove all of their firearms from the premises by October 1st! The 77 year old veteran is a hunter and holds a various firearms permits, but that means nothing to the Jewish hag - Debi Ross! BTW, "Ross" is a Jewish name, and I should also elaborate that I have never seen a property management company (at least in my time) that is not owned by Jews. However, there are a few rare exceptions.

This hag could care less about the fact that her tenants have Constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution to own and possess firearms! I guess we should not be surprised given this fact:

The company's owner, Debi Ross, and her husband have given $9,000, only to Democrats, since 2006. ("Castle Rock apartment's controversial policy banning firearms is thrown out")
We really are at a point now where the Federal Government is not even needed to go door to door to violate our 2nd Amendment rights and to confiscate guns. We have willing private (neo-liberal - authoritarian) Jewish landlords who believe they are "gods" and can do whatever they want! These landlords think so highly of themselves that they will even institute company policies which violate Federal Constitutional law! That my friends is the way of the subversive Jew. And these subversive ways are not necessarily conspiratorial in every case. Such acts are just the ways and means of the Jew who manages to gain control of his/her sector of society regardless of that societies' laws. Those who do not understand how this works should view my blog entry entitled "The Eternal Jew (A 1940 German Film) ."

And to the credit of the Jewish controllers at the top, they are using the most (seemingly) peaceful means of violating the American's 2nd Amendment rights. I believe the controllers want to avoid the use of violence as long as possible. Rather, the Jewish elite are accomplishing their ultimate goal of goyim disarmament through very quite and subtle and subversive means. 

Consider the blog entry I wrote in December 2012 called "Gun buyback in Van Nuys Masonic Temple." In this blog, I wrote about the cheesy means in which they would offer ignorant goyim the option of trading in their guns for "Ralphs" GMO food gift cards! Insane! And yet, that is just how the subversive Jew works! 

As Alex Jones likes to say, the "globalists" (Jewish) controllers have wrecked this economy so badly that they know at some point, that "we" (the goyim) will figure out what has happened. And it is at that point that the Jews (who profit from our misery) will want us all disarmed. 

Let me add one additional side note regarding Jewish landlords in general. These people have way too much power. I urge all of my readers to stop submitting to "credit checks" and paying silly $30+ fees for such an outrageous violation of your privacy! This madness must end at once. I speak in great details about this in my own published book, and how you can attempt to negotiate your way out of it. Those of you who rent apartments need to learn the value of saying "no" to their ludicrous demands. Only then will life get better for all the rest of us! 

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