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Is Rock 'n Roll really the Music of the Devil?

Led Zeppelin — Straight From Hell?
One of my thoughtful Twitter followers tweeted me when I posted an analysis of Alex Jones which I thought had some good points for sure, yet was written by an ardent evangelical pretribulationist by the name of David J. Stewart. He further pointed out the fact that Stewart is an ardent premillennialist who makes sweeping and broad generalizations which are not fully substantiated. At first, I thought I could easily forgive this fact, but after digging into his websites, I decided to look deeper, and what I have learned is that I do not want Stewart's name too closely affiliated with mine, lest his pharisitical (judgmental) ways rub off and become mine as well! 

The details of just how rediculous the pretribulation rapture is are detailed in my published book. This eschatology is as fake as a $3 bill. I'm most sure he holds Jews as a Holy Cow, and believes all the hype about a 7 year tribulation, a rebuilt temple, and the myriad of other fallacies that pretribulationist (dispensationalists - sensationalists) hold. As he has swallowed the pre-trib hype as if it were candy, it also follows that his judgment toward other topics is also going to be flawed in some regard or another. Such is the case with those who misinterpret Scripture, and worse, impose their extrabiblical interpretations upon others. 

For some reason, many who are in the pretribulation, premillennialist, or dispensationalist crowd often have a hatred for Rock 'n Roll or Heavy Metal Music. Just an observation over many years. And within that camp, is what I (and other reformists) refer to as "liberal legalism." I.e., "do this, don't do that." I wrote about this attitude in my book. These type of people are primarily concerned with outward displays such as symbolism or other overt and pretentious acts. And within this framework, is the concept that all things are either black or they are white, good or bad. The world is just not simple enough to draw such distinctions. From all that Stewart has indicated, ALL rock, pop, and heavy metal bands are satanic! And, when I say "all," I mean just that! His clearing house of what he dubs as "The Devil's Music" (click on the hyperlink) can be found at this central location. And make no joke about it, Stewart's list encompasses nearly every single popular (and even some underground) rock, pop, and heavy metal bands! In his view, every last one of them is "satanic!"

To Stewart's credit, he has done a good job of compiling photos of the satanic theatrics displayed by some of the bands, and so the outward satanic display of some of the bands/performers is undeniable. While I would never excuse the individual performers of their actions, one thing is also for certain. The Jewish-run entertainment industry controls and manipulates these rock 'n roll performers. That is, if the Jews running them want to push "satanism" on the wider masses of people, then that is exactly what the performers must do in order to "be successful" or to "make it big." Madonna and Lady Gaga are perfect examples who perform Illuminati symbolism and rituals on stage. So yes, there is plenty of corruption in music and entertainment to be sure.

As much good information as is contained in the "Devil's Music" hyperlink (above), I should now also point out some of the questionable points which Stewart makes about people like Dave Mustaine or even those mega-millionnaire performers like the late Michael Jackson (love him or hate him). 

Stewart strongly condemns Dave Mustaine as being a wicked hell-bound hypocrite. Sure there may be some things that he does that Stewart believes are self-damning, such as still (as of more recently) deciding to do tours with other bands like Slayer or Anthrax, both of whom are known to be satanic. And yes, people at Megadeth concerts continue to flash the El Diablo (or "Hail Satan") sign. From my understanding, there are multiple meanings for such a sign (none of them Christian). Yet, does Mustaine have the ability to control who goes to attends his shows? I think not. I will speak more about Mustaine later in this entry.

Now let us consider Michael Jackson. Whether you love him or hate him, I believe he was a very talented musician, no doubt about it. Stewart bashes him also as being hell-bound.
Here is Stewart's quote:
"Again, I am saddened by the death of arguably the world's greatest entertainer. My purpose of writing this article isn't to condemn Michael. God's Law condemns all of us as hell-deserving sinners. My simple desire is that you don't end up in Hell with Michael. We all need to be born-again to get to Heaven as Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:1-7." (Source link: David J. Stewart;
Stewart first says that his purpose is not to condemn Michael, but then that is exactly what he does a sentence later when he says his desire is that you don't end up on Hell with Michael. He implies that he "knows" where Michael is headed and that place is hell! How can Stewart possibly make such a judgment? Is he God? I think not! I should also add that God's Word states that we are all deserving of hell, not that God's Law (in and of itself) condemns us! It is God Himself who does the condemning and it He who will handle the final judgment as stipulated in Revelation 20:11-15. 

If I must mention some of the "good" things Jackson did, well he spoke out bravely against his Jewish controllers and those who were manipulating him. How many other musicians of his stature have had the courage to do this? God only knows how much pain he suffered at the hands of these wicked elites. 

In the cases of Dave Mustaine and Michael Jackson, I believe then that it is not the job of ANY human being (Stewart included) to pass final judgment on them! No one but God knows if Mustaine or Jackson will be saved. He is the only one who can judge the hearts and minds of people. Judgment is His and His alone!

What about Led Zeppelin? Stewart condemns them too. Click on this link to read more from Stewart's perspective. For all we know, some of what Stewart says about Zeppelin was no doubt true. But, I found this interesting information about the former Bass guitar player of Zeppelin (John Paul Jones), and here is the quote:
"I spent most of my life as Pre-millennial" stated Jones at his home on Friday, "But a few years ago I was given a book by Anthony Hoekema ("The Bible and the Future") which explained the Amillennial position quite strongly. After much soul-searching and studying the scriptures, I am now Amillennial in my eschatology". (Source link: )
I almost fell over in disbelief! I cannot get so many Christians on Twitter to see what I am saying, but it turns out that the Bass player of the so-called satanic Led Zeppelin sees my points very clearly! If only Stewart (and many others like him) could see as clearly as John Paul Jones, it is my contention that more people might just see the light that God truly wants us to see!

Unfortunately, however, liberal legalism has crept into the majority of Christian doctrine and thus many would-be Christians may never make it to the other side. Rather, they will view Christianity as a stringent (insane) philosophy, and remain lost souls.

Lastly, I equate "music" to any other object like a firearm, a knife, or any other inanimate object, tool, or device. Music is a tool that can be used for both good and for bad. The very same can be equated to a firearm which can also be used for good or bad purposes. It is true that the satanic Jewish-run world controls nearly every facet of our lives and Stewart is correct on some of his points regarding the damage done by the music industry. Yet, to condemn all musicians (or those who listen to them) as automatically damned to hell is a decision only God can make.

UPDATE - August 4, 2013:

After writing the above blog entry on August 2nd, I realized that I missed one other critical point that would be helpful for all of my readers to remember and to understand. That concept is called "radical amputation." This concept can be applied to the choice of music one chooses to listen to, as well as to nearly any other decision you must make in life. 

God expects all of us to think for ourselves! The "liberal legalists" love to have an easy system in which to make distinctions. E.g., heavy metal music bad!, Gospel music good!, R rated movies bad!, G Rated Bible movies good!, Catholics bad! Seventh Day Adventists good! ... Do you see where I am going with this? Liberal legalists love to make broad and sweeping distinctions which remove their need to "think."

Yet, God does not allow life to be so cut and dry! Therefore, Jesus gave us a concept which some refer to as "radical amputation." Matthew 5 describes it here:
"29 If your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30 If your right hand makes you stumble, cut it off and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to go into hell." (Matthew 5:29-30)
From all that I have learned in my Bible study, my understanding is that Jesus did not intend for us to "literally" cut off our limbs or to gouge out our eyes. Rather, he intended that we think critically about the things that make us commit sin and violate His Commandments. 

For example, if Rock or Heavy Metal music makes you actually desire to murder people, or if it makes you want to commit fornication, adultery, rape, homosexuality, or any act that would violate God's Word and His Commandments, then you should eliminate from your life, the devices which you find to be the culprit. If the devices which cause you to sin happens to be Rock or Heavy Metal music (or specific forms of it), then eliminate the form of it which causes you to sin! 

When considering the concept of "radical amputation", consider ALL of the things in your life which cause you to do things which violate God's Word. Is it the excessive amount of money that you make? Is it the trips that you take to Las Vegas or to Atlantic City? THINK long and hard in a meditative manner about what I have said. It is through this process that the answer might just come to your mind! 

Lastly, no liberal legalist Christian can tell you what is right or not right for you! You must do your own thinking! That is what God expects of each individual human being. 

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