Friday, 23 August 2013

Jewish style negotiating - How Jews stay on top!

I was reflecting over my own life, all the times I sat in job interviews or in situations where I had to negotiate for money (or other benefits), and it occurred to me that much of my negotiating took place with rich Jewish business owners or executives. On top of that, I have heard stories from those who are closest to me, who have had similar experiences to mine. And, there is a parallel pattern between their experiences and mine!

I will speak specifically from the point-of-view of a "job seeker" seeking to work for a (Jewish-run) business or from the perspective of a "Consultant" seeking to do contract work for a larger "(Jewish-run) business. I have done both, and I should also emphasize that if you live in a large city in the United States, a high percentage of successful businesses are run by Jews at the top. That's the environment we live in. 

In nearly all cases, when seeking fulltime work or contract work, I've noticed how so many of these (Jewish) owners negotiate. They are very quick to ask me how "cheap" I am. That is, they say, "So, what is your hourly rate or salary expectation?" Often, this question is dropped early on, and it is before they have even fully discussed what they are willing to offer and what they need done! 

In the few times I've been fortunate to deal with a goyim-run employer, the negotiation usually began with the employer offering me a "salary/benefit" package upfront! And then the negotiating went from that point forward. However, whenever I have dealt with Jewish-run businesses, their tactic (in order to maintain TOTAL CONTROL) was to mandate that I give them "a number" (i.e., an hourly rate or salary rate) even before knowing all that the job entails. So, the Jewish way is this: If I guess the "right number," I get the job. If I refuse to give a number, I am not even considered for the job. And, if I guess too high, I am refused in lieu of someone who will do their underpaid work for less!

Another example might even be prior to even meeting with a prospective employer, who places an ad stating that those who do not list a "salary expectation" will not even be considered. That is, the goyim is expected to state how "cheap" they are even before they have met and discussed what the job specifically entails. Why on earth would I want to agree to work for $70K per year, if the level and responsibility of work should offer $120K?

Welcome to the world of Jewish-style negotiating where they nearly always place the ball in your court to give them the "right number" of how "cheap" you are! And don't worry, the Jews who run the media have already turned their despicable practices into "common employer practice" via Yahoo News, and many others out there. "You" are "crazy" if you don't like these practices they are using!

How can you fight back? More goyim need to begin mandating that (Jewish) employers give a tight salary range of what they are offering for the job they are trying to fill. A sample range should look like this: $45K to $50K, or $75K to $80K, or $120K to $130K. Most goyim-run employers have done this for me, because I mandated it, but Jewish ones (using Talmudic-style control), rarely tell you what they are offering. They would rather sit on their fat ass and waste your precious time and still come out on top! Don't let them get away with this behavior!

That my friends, is how Jewish-style negotiating works. Should you ever encounter a negotiation like the ones described above, you can be sure that the people you are dealing with are Jews or they are those who think and behave like them. You are encountering a Jewish negotiating tactic, so recognize it for what it is...a way to screw you - the job applicant!

If you can avoid working for a Jewish-run business, do so at all costs. Certainly, this blog entry is written from a subjective point-of-view...that of mine as well as those closest to me. Certainly, there might be exceptions to some of the "rules" I've mentioned above. If you are lucky, you may deal with a Jew that does business in an honorable fashion, but don't count on it! Forewarned is forearmed! 

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