Monday, 5 August 2013

What are your gods?

After writing my previous blog entry - "Is Rock 'n Roll really the Music of the Devil?" , I can see a further need to address an additional issue, which has to do with the "gods" of this world. In my previous blog entry, I discussed how music is essentially an "inanimate" entity and that it can potentially serve as a force for either good or evil. What I did not get into is the fact that music can also be a "god" in the lives of many people. A number of musicians (across many genres) have even made statements to this effect. The internet is full of information on this fact.

The reality is this: anything can become a "god" (notice the small "g"), and such a "god" can either be animate or inanimate. Rock 'n Roll music can become your god, just as your occupation can become a god. Worship of "mammon" is essentially the worship of "money" which has become a god to so many in this world. The Bible is clear about this one. Less well known is the fact that your "family" can become your god. Jewish mothers and fathers are best known for their worship of their darling Jewish princes and princesses. A few years back, an orthodox Jew once told me (directly) that his family is all that he has in this world, and so it is only those people whom he cares about. "Sports" can become a god to those who glue themselves to their television sets. The number of "gods" out there extend well beyond only the Egyptian gods depicted in the above picture! And of course, let us not forget the most powerful "gods" of this world -- those of the Talmud! The number of gods out there are absolutely numerous. 

The only way that I know to bring things into proper focus and perspective is to stick closely to the Word of the God (notice the big "G") of the Heavens and the Earth. By doing just that alone, one can put things in proper order. Indeed the God of the Heavens and the Earth is a jealous God.

14 —for you shall not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God— (Exodus 34:14 NASB)
And yet, that is exactly what so many people do. They allow Rock 'n Roll to be their god, they allow money to be their god, they allow their "things" to be their god, Jewish mothers/fathers allow their children, family, and ancestors to be their god, and the list goes on and on and on!

Can your favorite rock music groups make the sun shine or make the rain fall allowing your crops to grow? Can money make the sun shine and bring life to your mind, body, and soul? Can your Jewish children offer you eternal salvation of your soul? Again, these are just arbitrary rhetorical questions to get you thinking about what the priorities really are. 

There is nothing wrong with listening to your favorite rock music, making money (honestly and within reason) to live and to survive, and caring for your children and your family. God expects us to do those things. However, when people put these things above God and His Word, that is when things go very wrong in your life and that is when the prospects of survival for your very soul become threatened! 

For those seeking a solution to resolve the problem of having other "gods," my book and blog are a good starting point. And it is these resources which lead you to God's Word - The Holy Bible, which will prove to be so much more than just a bland book that you have no desire to read! I assure you that as a heavy metal fan, and as a former military veteran, I was not raised as a goody tushu! If someone of my stature can be FASCINATED by the Holy Bible, so can you also be!

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