Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Female Jewish executive makes $91Mil+ but will NOT pay her interns 1 red cent!

Sheryl Sandberg: Not one red cent for my slaves!

To be quite frank, I'm tired of having to expose some of the deeds of these greedy kikes, but I must continue my mission. Those who remember my blog post about the dictatorial Yahoo female (Jewish) CEO will find this one to be somewhat similar in nature. This time, we are dealing with a slightly older (43 year old) Jewish Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Facebook named Sheryl Sandberg. This time, there is no beating around the bush about whether she is Jewish or not. She is a Democrat (i.e. a fake Liberal), an observer of satanic Judaism, and a Harvard graduate as well, which should not be any surprise to anyone. The number of Jews that populate that campus is enormous. The Admissions Board at Harvard have always sought after Jews, because they know they will actually have the money to pay tuition and are of lower risk to default on college loans. Indeed "equal opportunity" in "higher education" is nothing but lip service to the goyim.

What is my beef about this Jewish hag? Well indeed she has been raking in the dough!
"Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg had approximately 91 million reasons to say, “Thank God it’s Friday,” last week, as her filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission last Friday showed that she netted some $91 million from selling off some of her shares in the social network." (Source link: "Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Sells More Than 2.36M Shares, Nets About $91M")
And as a COO, she certainly knows how to manage money. Or shall I say more blatantly, she knows how to hoard money in true Jew-like fashion. Many people have heard that Jews are "cheap" and hyper-frugal with their money, but it goes deeper than that. Check out "The Eternal Jew" film to truly understand what I mean. Their hyper frugality combined with their general disdain of goyim is the very reason why ALL of the money stays at the higher economic levels of the pyramid, while the labor and sweat of the goyim goes uncompensated!

Check out this tweet:
And check out this Facebook posting of Sandberg's Unpaid Intern Slave (Job) Posting here: 

Jessica Bennett · 175,924 followers
Yesterday at 1:20pm ·
Wanted: Lean In editorial intern, to work with our editor (me) in New York. Part-time, unpaid, must be HIGHLY organized with editorial and social chops and able to commit to a regular schedule through end of year. Design and web skills a plus! HIT ME UP. Start date ASAP. (Source link: )
I am making light of Sandberg's $91 Million+ flowing in and her decision to hire "free" slave labor to boost every cent of "profit," because I have noticed these type of job postings (in much greater number) over the last several years! The Jewish money gods are indeed taking advantage of a very bad situation which they invariably created. The Jewish model is to first bankrupt and destroy the economy and then to hire goyim who will work for them for free! Frankly, I am sick and tired of witnessing this, and I want to see an end to it. 

People need to wake up to the information that I put out, and learn to say "no" and mean it! Jews are the masters of getting cheap labor, and are now even better at getting "free" slave labor! Alex Jones would have us believe that we will all be working in FEMA camps doing slave labor with armed prison guards around us! However, the Jews who control America have essentially already built an invisible prison labor camp where people work for "free" or for much lower wages without the presence of armed guards!

The idea is this: most of you will have to work for a Jew at some point in your life (directly or indirectly). At least make them empty more of their pockets in YOUR favor in return for your blood, sweat, and tears!

Update - August 21, 2013:

I was doing some online research today regarding the assets of high profile people, and came across a website with information on the net-worth of certain wealthy individuals. It turns out that Sandberg is worth $1.6 Billion. That is more than I even expected, and it is more than 5 times the net-worth of the Yahoo CEO which is $300 Million! With all this money that she has, she puts out "unpaid" internship ads in true Jewish-style fashion! No wonder these people keep getting richer and richer!

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