Sunday, 14 April 2013

Yahoo CEO to set new corporate trend to end telecommuting!

The photo above is of the new CEO of Yahoo (Marissa Mayer), who is 37 years old. Indeed she looks older than her years, and she, like so many other 'highly conformed' female executives, wears the fake blond (straight hair) mop on her head! OBTW, the name "Mayer" is a Jewish name. Click here for confirmation of that fact! After all, the CEO's of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are Jewish, why would it be any different with Yahoo might I add? Tech has been controlled by the Jewish elitist technocrats for many years.

The article which prompted this blog entry is called "CEO Mayer calls in all Yahoo telecommuters."  And, here are some of Mayer's mandates from the above article and are quoted below:
"According to published memos, Mayer told telecommuting employees that starting in June, their days of working at home are over.... 'To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side,'... 'That is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices. Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings. Speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. We need to be one Yahoo, and that starts with physically being together.'"
What we are now seeing is a new socialized trend which Mayer is now spearheading. That trend is that of the future employee who is and will be increasingly enslaved! This progressive feminist authoritarian (neo-liberal as many would refer to her as) wants total control over her employees! She wants all bottoms firmly in their chairs at the office! So much for "work/life balance" and the other perks that high technology can provide. This feminist (likely Jewish) witch wants maximum control over her slaves! 

What angers me more is that Mayer's actions are now setting a new precedent for other employers that would otherwise be open to telecommuting. However, once other employers believe that there is a new trend in the works, it is most often the case that they too will seize upon the opportunity to follow the current trends. Any new norm that benefits those at the top is one that is likely to spread like a disease or like a wildfire. So to all the tech yuppies and other worker slaves out there, get ready for an increase of your loss of rights in the workplace!

So, is Mayer a Jew? Her name is indeed Jewish, and she is very likely to come from the Jewish bloodline. However, Jewish-run Wikipedia claims that she is actually a Lutheran! I have not been able to uncover enough personal information to support this claim, and she does proclaim faith in God, family, and Yahoo (in that order), but so too could any Jew proclaim the same! After all, Jews (under Judaism) proclaim faith in God (or G-d as they write it), but Jews cannot know Him without acceptance of Jesus (ref: John 14:6). So, if Mayer is in fact a God-fearing Christian who actually accepts Jesus, I have not been able to obtain any confirmed evidence of this on the internet.

Aside from the debate of whether Mayer is Jewish or not, we should also look at the fruit of her actions, which are indeed along the lines of the Jewish global domination model. Who in their right mind believes that a true God-fearing Christian (who actually follows God's Word) could ever participate in such a system? The truth is this: those who are even allowed to enter high level positions in Jewish-controlled tech companies must be blessed by the kings of the world (who btw are Jewish). It is that simple. If Mayer is deemed one who will act in the interest of elitist Jews, she indeed will be blessed, and allowed to enter such a position in the first place. Just how many true Bible-believing Christians can you name who are running Jewish-run (and blessed) companies like Google, Microsoft, Wikipedia and others like them? I can think of none off the top of my head! 

According to Christopher Chantrill, in his essay "Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Wants to Dominate," humanity has a choice to make:
"Perhaps it's time to think about a new way to deal with the dominating power of system.  Maybe what we need to do is empower people so that in their families and neighborhoods and associations, they can build not a system to fight the other systems, but an organism of cooperation and goodwill as a defense against all systems.  The idea is that people can decide to join Marissa Mayer's high-powered Yahoo, if they want, or Joanna Weiss's feminist sisterhood.  Or they can decide that children and family are more important than the next big thing in social media or political activism and choose a low-powered life instead."
Sadly, my prediction is that the yuppie slaves will just passively accept Mayer's Jewish style model of corporate dictatorship. Even if she proclaims herself to be a Lutheran, she behaves as a Jewish feminist elitist who desires to take over your life and your soul!

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