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Why the discussion of Zionism is so important?

With all my comments and commentary regarding the fraud of Zionism, how it came about, and how it effects the world today, I thought I would now issue a statement regarding its importance. There are some, if not many, Christians who read my blog entries or my tweets (on Twitter) and think something to the effect of -- why is this "Jason" always harping on the topic of "Zionism," Jews, Israel, International Jewry, etc.? No doubt, some of my Christian followers even believe that the discussion of Zionism & International Jewry is a "trivial" topic not even worth the time or energy to discuss. Still further, there are many who have succumbed to the (Jewish-run) "establishment" brainwashing and immediately label me as a "antisemite" for even daring to mention the "Z" word (for "Zionism") or the "J" word (for "Jew") and thereby ignore me entirely. The responses that I receive vary widely, but the fact remains is that I have received a fair amount of resistance to the statements that I make regarding the topic of Zionism.

What I write is unpopular and is in fact a strong indicator (perhaps even a testament) that what I am saying is indeed the "truth." And, not only do people hate my message, they also hate me (the messenger) for the message that I put forth. John 15:18-19 provides insight into this universal phenomenon here:
18 “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. (John 15:18-19 NASB)
Truth, and particularly God's truth, is hated as a natural phenomenon in a world heavily laden with sin. Thus, the first reason to pay strict attention to the topic of Zionism is the very fact this sin-laden world hates any real discussion or exposure of it! That is, "the world" hates any and all discussion of "truth" and that is the very reason for those (that love "truth") to discuss Zionism at length and to delve deeply into its widely held premises! As the Bible indicates, there are many who will label me as an "evil" "antisemite" for exposing Zionism, rather than recognizing the "good" of obtaining a proper understanding and perspective of Scripture and the world's relation to it. Isaiah 5:20 sheds light on this point.

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20 NASB)

The other point that many Christians hold to is that the topic of Zionism is "trivial" and not worth any focus or discussion at all. For a Zionist Christian, the discussion begins and ends with their statement that God's Chosen are "bloodline" Jews and that the strip of land in Palestine belongs to Jews period. End of discussion! In most cases, these Christians believe the Premillennialist Dispensationalist perspective and that it is "of God's will" for Jews to oppress "evil" gentile "Arabs" and to forcefully seize "the land" Jews lost in 70 AD! And the Jews did this in 1948 without any just compensation. Christians were also booted out of their homes and left in the outskirts of Nazareth. However, none of this seems to phase the ardent Zionist Christian in most cases. 25% of ALL Americans proclaim themselves to be a Zionist Christian, that is 70 Million+ Americans alone! I made this point in a previous blog entry here.

I even know one reformist Christian (who holds similar eschatological beliefs to mine) who believes that it makes no difference what a Christian believes regarding the Jews (and Israel) in prophecy. To him it is a trivial and insignificant issue for which he believes we "reformists" should not allow to divide us from other Christian believers who are Zionists. In other words, we should ignore what Jews do and continue to support all of their corruption from the very top of the pyramid on downward! I disagree with this thinking even among one who proclaims himself to be a Christian reformist. Those of you who are reading my blog for the first time will want to read and understand why it is that Christians should not support pro-Zionist policies. This blog entry explains the real nature of what "the land" really is and "who" it is that God has really chosen to occupy this "land" which by the way, is not of this world! The "land" is not what most Zionists think, and neither is the "chosen" to whom most Zionists would make reference to! 

At the very core, the topic of Zionism is of critical importance to better understanding the nature of "evil" in this current dispensation and covenant. To the Christians that do not know, we have been in a New Covenant since the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Out with the old, and in with the new! While God did give Jews a forty (40) year grace period after Christ's crucifixion to repent, they did not, and hence He put an end to their sacrificial system and destroyed their temple (via of the Romans). He further scattered Jews unto the ends of the earth, and today, that scattering is all but too evident. By the way, if Jews have no "sacrificial system" and if they do not accept the only appropriate sacrificial lamb (i.e., the blood of "Jesus Christ"), then by default, the Jews have no means of atoning for their sins! That is a critical point to ponder. No means to atone for sins, also means no way to obtain forgiveness for their sins from the God they proclaim to believe in! How then can a Jew be saved? The only thing I can see is a group of people scattered throughout the world that proclaim faith in God, but cannot know Him, because they rejected the very One who could have led them in the right direction (ref. John 14:6). Therefore, with no way to atone for sins and with no One to show them the way, the only way of the International Jew is one of "this" world, where their sins pile higher and higher into the heavens!

Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. (John 14:6 NASB)

The fact that Jews rejected Jesus as the Christ and the fact that they crucified Him already exposes them as the premier Christ-rejectors that they truly are. For those who do not believe that Jews are Christ-haters (and rejectors), you may want to check out my previous blog entry - Jewish Mockery of Jesus Christ - A tacit mechanism for societal control. Those who read the gospels will understand that Jesus essentially gave the Jews (i.e., the "chosen" bloodline of the Old Dispensation and Covenant) a choice between His Kingdom (not of this world) or "this" world! The Jews chose "this" world, and the evidence of that could not be more apparent in today's world! The Jews run everything from the very top of the pyramid downward! Also read what I stated in a previous blog entry here:

"So, why would God allow Jews to run the world? A short, quick, and down 'n dirty answer might be this: Jews crucified Jesus thereby not allowing Jews to enter God's Kingdom. Remember this...His Kingdom is NOT of this world! But, the Jews wanted a kingdom that Jesus would NOT provide for them...i.e., a kingdom of THIS world! And what does a Jewish kingdom of this world look like? It is one that gives the Jews dominion of THIS that gives them the material riches of this, power, influence! Thus, Jesus gave the Jews EXACTLY what they wanted -- He gave them THIS world!"
Jews were indeed on the world stage during the time of Jesus. It was either Jews accept Jesus and become one with Him & His Kingdom, or reject Jesus and be against Him. There would be no middle ground with Jesus and His Father! Jews rejected Jesus and thus were against Him. 
"He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters." (Luke 11:23 NASB)
As it appears in today's world, Jews who rejected Jesus' Kingdom (not of "this" world) were, by default, granted the one that they really wanted Jesus to give them - the Kingdom of this earthly world! And, prior to His 2nd Coming, I could just imagine Jesus allowing His most powerful worldly enemies (many of whom will be Jews) arising to the very top! It is at His final judgment when these most powerful (and arrogant) people will be brought very low! Who could imagine this process working any differently?

To the naysayers, I must ask what is "antisemitic" about understanding the significance of the Jews and how they gain(ed) control of this world? I can see no evidence of hatred unless I am expressing hatred of Jewish people in particular. After Jesus' resurrection and after the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the world changed dramatically like never before in history. No longer does God communicate with His people in the same manner that he did in the Old Covenant. He no longer speaks to us through "burning bushes," visions, signs & wonders, or other similar means. Today, God communicates to us through Scripture and through Jesus' example set in the gospels. That is the only reliable communication in contrast to some Christians who proclaim that they have "special access" to prophetic visions given to them via God! I'm suspicious of any and all who proclaim that God gives them any special treatment.

As a final point, some Premillennialist Dispensationalists have said to me in the past, Jews played a huge role during the "time of Jesus" and in the Old Testament, why then would Jews not play any role today? To their credit, they are actually correct! However, my understanding differs in that Jews are not the "light of the world" that God intended them to be in the Old Dispensation. Rather, "bloodline" Jews under Judaism (in today's world) are the opposite of what God originally intended. They are the shining example of sin, darkness, and "evil" in the world, which is now being fully demonstrated, and will be fully exposed once the "light" of the final judgment occurs. Only then, will many of the Zionists (and Zionist Christians) understand what I have been teaching and preaching all along! However, my best hope is that many of them will see the light prior to God's judgment or risk being wedded or 'spiritually bound' to the "evil" and "corrupt" ways of the Christ-hating Jews!

Hopefully, this blog entry has done its job to proclaim the importance of discussing Zionism and putting this critical topic at the top of the agenda for further examination among believers and nonbelievers alike!

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