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DynCorp Contractors in Oct 2003 Motorcade Attack in Gaza

Nearly a decade ago on October 15, 2003, a small team of "Security Contractors" were running a motorcade from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Gaza, and were ferrying an unnamed U.S. Diplomat into this area no doubt for a meeting of some sorts. After obtaining clearance to proceed through the Gaza checkpoint (on the north end - the Erez crossing), an armored vehicle with three (3) DynCorp private contractors and one (1) American diplomat were suddenly hit by a powerful roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device) apparently triggered by a cellphone. The three contractors were killed instantly and the one American diplomat was critically wounded. 

To access a news clipping of this incident, check out the New York Times posting - "3 Americans Slain in Blast In Gaza Strip." 

Historically, Security Contractors were used by the U.S. State Department in the 1990s in Bosnia, and then again in Israel in the early part of the 2000s. However, Security Contractors did not gain their public notoriety until March 2004 when Blackwater Security Contractors were slain in Fallujah, Iraq. It was from that point forward when the controversy over there use became front page news and a talking point for mainstream media (MSM).

Most people probably do not even recall the incident where 3 contractors were killed near the Gaza Checkpoint as this 2003 incident occurred prior to the Blackwater Fallujah 2004 incident. This incident occurred at a time when I was involved in security in Middle East region, and given my personal experiences in Israel, Gaza, as well as in Iraq, I can say that this PARTICULAR incident in Gaza seems to have all the hallmarks of what many in the "truth movement" refer to as a "false flag" attack. Further to that, it appears that the nation of Israel could have been behind it. Now do I have 100% concrete evidence of this statement of possibility. No! But, are there existing sign posts that point in the direction that this could have been a Israeli-run "false flag" attack. I would say that this possibility should not be ruled out any more than if 9/11 was an "inside job" staged by the Jewish global elites. 

What are some of the indicators that this attack on the DynCorp motorcade might have been an "inside job" arranged by high level Israeli operatives? Here are some points to consider.

1. The nature of this particular attack cannot be ignored. Take a close look at the photo of the Chevrolet Suburban SUV above. The roadside bomb or IED that hit this vehicle was enormous! This vehicle was a heavily armored vehicle which no doubt met the U.S. State Department standard of what would have been rated as a "Level 6" armored vehicle, and the IED literally ripped this vehicle in half! Most IEDs that detonate under or near a vehicle of this level of heavy armor do NOT look like the one you are now seeing in the photo above. Further, in all the time that I spent in Iraq (and Middle East), I never saw a Level 6 armored vehicle that was hit by an IED looking like the one in the photo (above). And, I should stipulate that the quantity of bombed out vehicles in Iraq have been numerous particularly in the years ranging from 2003 to 2007, and somewhat beyond that time period as well. My point simply is this: I have seen many armored vehicles hit by IEDs and have seen the level of damage that each can inflict. But, the one in Gaza is indeed special. It left a crater 15 feet wide and 5 feet deep! Even the New York Times article (above) admitted the level of planning and sophistication required to carry out such an attack.

2.  As usual, the initial blame for the attack was aimed at the Palestinian "extremist" groups in Gaza, as well as at Palestinian security forces who were said to "turn a blind eye" to the act of laying the roadside IED. In fact, a lawsuit was filed by a family of one of the slain contractors in 2007, and the case was approved in August 2011. Check out this press release here. However, I question the capabilities of the Gaza-based "militant extremist" groups to carry out such a sophisticated attack of this nature. Gaza is such a heavily locked-down territory that I have a hard time believing that they would have had either the "know-how" or the materials to build and develop such a highly technical device. Further, I have my doubts that they would have been able to plant it only within a short distance of the Gaza checkpoint, which has a very high level of security around it. Likewise, I can say the Israelis would likely have the capability of building such a complex device. Israelis often brag about their tech savvy capabilities. Certainly the Mossad would be capable of building such a device. 

3. This incident made world news, but then was quickly pushed under the carpet and rarely ever talked about again! 

4. The Gaza bombing incident occurred at a time (2003) when the "Road map to Peace" was being pushed by U.S. Diplomats, the UN and others, and while Israel publicly made a commitment to this "road map," they found it to be cumbersome, as their actions against Gaza would be highly scrutinized and limited. While "peace" was the stated goal, the reality is that Israel wanted to take direct actions against Palestinian militants, as they believed the Palestinian Authority was falling short of their stated promises to "crack down" on their own militant groups. 
"One Palestinian official said Israel should have allowed the Palestinian Authority to follow through on its plans to crack down on the groups before launching the missile strike against the Hamas leader.
But Israel says Tuesday's bombing shows that the Palestinians are not cracking down on militant groups." (Source: CNN, Israeli attack kills four Hamas members, August 24, 2003.)
The essence of this time period can be characterized by the fact that Israel was growing desperate to use it's military force against Gaza and to do so with the support and backing of the world (i.e., the United States, the United Nations, etc.). What Israel wanted and needed was a high profile attack that would allow them to gain additional acceptance from the United States. An attack (perhaps a "staged" one) against American private contractors in support of U.S. diplomacy in Gaza could not be a better target and means to gain the acceptance of U.S. and Western politicians of Israel's use of military force against Gaza!  No doubt about it, the Israelis gained (politically) from the Gaza motorcade bombing, whether they perpetrated it or not! Let that point not be forgotten!

5. It should be duly noted that there have not been any such highly coordinated attacks of this nature in Gaza prior to October 15, 2003, and there have not been any like it since! This one indeed was very special. I liken this attack to a small version of 9/11, wherein it was a "one-off" type of event. 

Given my experience in the Middle East, and given my knowledge of the nature in which IED attacks are carried out, this one stands out like a sore thumb! The militants in Gaza have no where near the means or the resources to carry out these type of attacks as did the ones in Iraq (circa 2004 to 2007)! In Iraq, militants had a myriad of ways to get in and launch well planned attacks, and they had enormous space in which to do so. In Gaza, those people are so crammed into a very small space of land highly regulated and monitored by the Israelis. Gaza militants would only dream of the freedom and resources that militants in Iraq would have had access to. Most American Soldiers that have served in Iraq would probably say something similar to what I am saying. 

After this Gaza bombing incident, the Israeli Army did in fact carry out a series of incursions into Gaza and they did so without much if any American or UN dissent. Could this incident have been a "false flag" staged by the nation of Israel? There are indeed indicators that it could have been. After all, the concept of "the end justifies the means" does not violate any Talmudic principles that I am aware of!

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