Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What is the significance of the Jewish Temple remains?

What is the significance of the Jewish Temple remains?

There is only an old stone wall with numerous prayer leaflets stuffed between the cracks of it. Does God hear these prayers? I'm sure He does, and how He receives them remains a mystery. Where is the roof? Where are the sacrifices? Such a state creates a serious dilemma that present-day Judaism fails to address!

As of 2013, its been 1,943 years since Rome sacked this Temple in 70 AD, thereby leaving it in its current condition. Forty years after Christ's death on the cross, this Jewish Temple was little more than a symbol of "abominations" piled high into the heavens! So much so, that God carried out Jesus' prophetic statement in Matthew 24:1-2 to make "all these things" (pointing to the Temple buildings) desolate - i.e., the "Abomination of Desolation!" 

No Temple, no sacrifices, and no means for Jews to atone for nearly 2,000 years worth of sins! Judaism has some serious issues to confront from this point forward! 

The good news is this: acceptance of Jesus the Christ and repentance of your sins through His blood sacrifice are the only way out! 

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