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The Holy Bible - God's Word or just Jewish propaganda?

I ran across this essay called "The Enemy Amongst Us" by Yukon Jack published in VT (Veterans Today) and have decided to provide an open response to it. I must admit that VT is a publication that I highly respect. Further, I must state that Yukon Jack makes some critical points of "truth" in his essay. However, there are some critical statements that he makes which deserve a response.

Below, I will post quoted portions of what Jack wrote in "bold" print, and then I will provide my response in "standard" ink print. 

"Jews and Christians, live amongst us and have corrupted society with their fictional god and authority. The Jews have convinced most gentiles the authenticity of their book and have enslaved almost the entire planet. Because of the dominance of Christianity, humanity is doomed to total enslavement. It is no longer just a Jew problem, the entire population is infected with authoritarian memes because of Bible indoctrination. Welcome to Judeo-Christian hell."

There are some definite truths to what Jack is saying. "Welcome to Judeo-Christian hell" is a statement of absolute truth! I agree! One can read "Why Muslims are persecuting Christians in the Middle East" to confirm that we are indeed living in a "Judeo-Christian hell" where MANY (self-proclaiming) Judaizing Christians behave as Jews and thereby reap the same curses that Jews have had over thousands of years. And yes, those curses are either hellish, or will eventually lead to or the other or both!

And as Jack states, this "Judeo-Christian hell" is dooming humanity to total enslavement! Absolute truth! 70+ Million Americans (alone) or 1/4 of the ENTIRE American population claims to be a Judeo-Christian. That is a staggering figure indeed, and the reason why America is in the state it is in today. I contend that if even 1/4 of the American population were "true Christians," America would be a far better place to live. The number of Christians is not the problem. 1/4 of an entire population is well more than enough for a "truly Christian" population to make huge "positive" differences. However, when Christians behave in the manner of a Jew, then we can expect a very different that is NOT good!

The error in Jack's statement, is that he implies that the Bible is merely a Jewish publication, rather than the inerrant Word of God. More on that point below.

Deranged Christians think the path to freedom is through submission to the Jew Bible. At least the Jews openly admit that gentiles are their goyim slaves. The purpose of the Bible is to enslave, that is the clear intent of the authors. How is it that you will find freedom when you indoctrinate slavery? All Christians are reading an evil book that corrupts the mind, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ Christian unless you think being an obedient slave is good.

Yes, religions (of nearly all varieties) are largely corrupted. I agree. Yet, in order to understand God, we must be cognizant of the differences between God's Word and "religion." There is a huge difference. To use a metaphor, God's Word is like the Roman pillars which remain standing at various historic sites in Rome, Greece, Jordan, and throughout the ancient Roman Empire. These pillars have stood the test of time, and have prevailed. And, "religions" (in general) are like the urban buildings that we see in the modern cities of today. These buildings stand for 20 to 100 years, but then erode away due to their inability to stand the test of time and of nature's forces. Of course, some of the older religions have been around for much longer than that, but of those (like Catholicism), most have grown sour (and lukewarm) due to perverted doctrine.And, as God indicates in Revelation, He will vomit the lukewarm Christians out of His Kingdom:

16 So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. (Revelation 3:16 NASB)

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. It is only through God's gift of grace that any of us have the faith to believe this fact. Such is Godly "truth," but not the "truth" of the world. 

16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; (2 Timothy 3:16 NASB)
The above verse is out of the "Greek" (not Jewish) New Testament. The New Testament and the (Jewish) Old Testament combine to form the "Holy Bible." All of the Bible is God's Word.

Yet, given Jack's statements in his essay, it is evident; however, that the Bible is "foolishness" to him. Further, he believes that those who believe in it, are "suckers" and "fools." What does the Bible tell us about that phenomenon?
14 But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. 15 But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one. (1 Corinthians 2:14-15 NASB)
Further, Jack contends that the Jews wrote the Bible to enslave the goyim. In truth, the Bible was written to enslave ALL of us! But, enslave to whom? Jesus. That's who! And, being a slave to Jesus is what frees us from the wicked world. Click on this hyperlink to learn what it means to "live free in Christ." Much of what you need to know is toward the end of this essay. Go read it! Those who do not bother to read that essay will remain confused by my statement, that being Jesus' slave is what, in reality, frees us from the world! Libertarians are even more perplexed by such a seemingly irrational statement! Yet, those who think they are closer to "the truth" are invariably, farther from it! (Yet another paradox!)

22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, (Romans 1:22 NASB)
Libertarians do appear (by worldly standard) to be wiser than the average Zombie (neocon/neolib). Yet, most "wise" people are not aware of what Romans 1:22 says. The point of Romans 1:22 is that those who are extraordinary intelligent are often extraordinarily ignorant in the eyes of God? Why? Because God HATES intellectual arrogance! The implication is, "intellectual arrogance is ignorance!" Again, many Libertarians (and "free thinkers") will be perplexed by such a statement! 

Christians demand you submit to their god but their god is a fiction, a meme, and idea the brain invented. No man has authority over another, never did, never will because humans are free beings and always have been.

This statement is Jack's blatant denial of the God in Heaven, as well as His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In my assessment, Jack is a non-believing Libertarian. A good essay for him (and those who believe as he does) to read is: "Why Libertarian philosophy & psychology cannot save you!" Read it. I've written many blog entries so there is no need to repeat what I've said previously. 

What Jack needs to realize is that Jews (who worship the "god" of *this* world - Satan) control Christian "religions." It is they who have hijacked the Christian doctrine in the churches, and it is the Jewish controllers who have pushed "Judeo-Christianity" on Americans and the world at large. And because of that, this is the reason we are all living in a "Judeo-Christian hell" as Jack refers to in his essay. 

There is a huge difference between the Judeo-Christian interpretation of the Bible, and what the Bible actually means by God's true intent. 

So Christian why aren’t you signing on to Obamacare? Why are you not submitting to Obama’s authority over you? According to your book God put the authorities in charge. You seem to be lacking faith in the authorities these days. Looks to me like your lie has caught up to you and is now biting you in your ass. 

No, I don't want Obamacare, nor will I submit to anything his administration does that is not of God's Word. I agree with Jack's point there. And to his credit, too many Christians submit to wickedness and corruption, and that is why America is where she is today...a crack whore dying of AIDS. I get it! 

However, the Bible does state that we are to submit to authority, when and only when the authorities are doing work that is ordained by God. A God-ordained government has a relatively narrow scope of responsibilities, and today, it is evident that the government is far over-reaching, and doing well more than that which God ordains in His Word. 

Here again, I have already written about Romans 13, and what a God-ordained government should look like. The essay to read is: "Romans 13 – The Appropriate Role of Government." 

In short, a God-ordained government has the right to take life (as a punishment), to enforce justice, to maintain law and order, and to levy taxes (i.e., to take a "reasonable" amount of money to fund the former functions and to pay their own "reasonable" wages in order to carry out these God-ordained functions). And, that is it. That is the true model for a "smaller government." The only people who should "fear" government are "evil doers." Why? Because, the government (who behaves in a "God-ordained" manner) punishes the wicked, NOT the righteous people, which is exactly what the American government has been doing for a long time. Jack cites this phenomenon in his essay, and for that, I agree with his points.

For those who think like Jack, you may think "faith" is not rational, and that it is the way of the fool. If you believe this way, then I invite you to read "Who is a real Christian? " It is here, that I describe matters of "faith" in alignment to what Scripture says. By reading this, you just might see that there is far more to "faith" than foolishness or irrationality. "Might" is the operative word!

Understanding the "Jewish problem" can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the fact that this issue is the most critical for understanding, because there is no better tool of deception that I can think of! There is no more potent way for Jews to conduct their "evil" behind the cloak of righteousness than to push the idea that it is "of the Lord" to support the actions of "Jews" and to support the apostate nation of "Israel" (i.e., the one formed in 1948)! That allows conniving Jews at the top to co-opt a very large population (who are "well-meaning" people) to support their "evil" works. 

On the other hand, those who reject the lies of the Jews hijacking of Christianity, have the potential of falling into the other pit. Satan loves that too! People who are wise enough to see through the Jews' lies, then associate Jews with corrupt Christianity, and thereby reject the Bible (God's Word) as well! The fault here is NOT Jack's denunciation of "religion," it is his denunciation of God's Word, which is a severe and dangerous trap to fall into. This underlined statement serves as the primary value of this entire blog entry. This is the trap, that I fear is the one which will ensnare even the brightest (Libertarian-minded) people out there! Reread Romans 1:22 (as I posted above)! 

Be well aware that Satan is the central figure here. Today, the Jews are his Number 1 agents. They rejected Jesus, and so God is allowing them to have their hay have the world! The Jews chose "mammon" (money) & the world over Jesus. That's what they now have. Jews arrogantly behave as if they are still living in the Old Covenant. They continue to enslave the goyim, which God would have allowed in the Old Covenant. Yet, even with all of God's favoritism of the Jews at that time, He was very dissatisfied with the behavior of the Jews, who were NOT living according to the true nature of God. That was evident since the times of Moses and since God brought the Jews out of Egypt. The Jews grew very decadent and wicked! The Old Testament (& the New Testament) provides full evidence of that fact. That is why God saw the need to send His Son Jesus. He intended to show the Jews how to live in a Godly manner, so that the Jews could then serve as a "light" unto the goyim! However, that did NOT happen. The Jews rejected Christ and crucified His body. At that point, God destroyed the Old Covenant, and brought in a new one to the goyim. 70 AD marks the point where God would remove the Old Covenant from the Jews, and that is when He destroyed their place of worship! Amazingly, God has not allowed Jews to rebuild a temple in it's place! Most certainly, Jews have the military power and means to rebuild the temple, but for some mysterious reason, a rebuilt temple has not yet occurred. Jews can run the entire world, but they cannot even have a small little temple in the Old City of Jerusalem! Truly amazing! My only conclusion to such a phenomenon is that God is allowing Jews the right (in today's world) to run the world, but He is NOT allowing them the satisfaction of His endorsement of their Christ-hating religion which is Judaism!

In summary, I urge well-meaning "truthers" to re-examine their position that the Bible is merely Jewish propaganda. Even though there are many parallel concepts between the Old Testament and the New Testament, I suggest that unbelievers start off by reading the New Testament, because that is the one which speaks directly to the goyim of today. Also, I've written a book on Bible interpretation, which is Part 1 (or 30%) of this book. The other 70% of it covers survival topics, prepper topics, computer security, physical security, and a number of other topics. Those who read the Bible need to understand context. And sadly, the "religions" and "churches" out there do a poor job of it. The proof of this statement is in the pudding! Look at America today. Jack eloquently made that point reference the damage that Christian "religions" have inflicted in America! Remember, however, that the Bible (God's Word) is everlasting and will never die (ref: Matthew 24:35).

35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. (Matthew 24:35 NASB)
Yet, "religions" are now on their death bed! Don't allow your soul to go with them! 

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