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Why Muslims are persecuting Christians in the Middle East

Lately, we have hearing a fair amount of news reports about Christians being persecuted in the Middle East and in other predominantly Muslim regions of the world. Because of this fact, I feel compelled to do a blog entry on the topic of Christian persecution. Those who lived righteous lives during the Old Testament time period suffered persecution, and the New Testament predicted the same lot for the future of those believers in Jesus Christ.

The issue; however, that I am finding is the term "persecution" is being widely used, but the reasons behind it are not being addressed at all. Both Jews and Christians have a long history of persecution, and such persecution occurs today in some form or another, whether deserved or not. The line between persecution that is deserved and that which is not has been all but blurred and obliterated. More about this point will be explained further into this entry. 

Let's start with a news report, which is representative of the reports we have been seeing in more recent times. Read this article out of the New York Post called "Middle East genocide" by Ralph Peters. In this op ed, Peters makes reference to the fact that Jews *and* Christians are being persecuted. He makes a special reference to "Judeo Christians." 
"We are witnesses to murder, and our governments are accomplices. The relentless destruction of the last remnants of the Middle East’s Judeo-Christian civilization is well under way. And we are silent." (Source: Ralph Peters; "Middle East Genocide.")
What Peters discusses in his op ed is very popular "news" among Christians in America. So many Christians believe that the persecution that Christians are facing is that which the Bible predicted in the New Testament. But, is that really the case? 

There is a huge difference between "good" persecution which is that which the Bible predicts against those who are righteous in God's Word, and "bad" persecution which occurs to those who are living under God's curse! 

Jews are the perfect living example of a people who are living under God's curse. Even the Old Testament made reference to the Jews' curse in Malachi. Dr. Jay Adams said it best, and he even parlays it to today's America, which is Jew-run and owned. America (as a nation) is also under God's curse.
"But notice what Malachi had to say earlier on
I will curse your blessings (2:2; HCSB)
What an amazing statement! Think about it—all the wonderful things that God had done for His people would be cursed. That is to say, in the end, they would turn out to be a curse upon the sinning, unrepentant people, rather than the blessing they were intended to be.
Think about this statement—how much God has blessed America—but how those blessings have become a curse upon us since we misused them (focusing on the blessings rather than the One who gave them to us). Think about how the statement could be true of some of the blessings you personally have that, if misused, will also become a curse to you and your family rather than a blessing." (Source: Dr. Jay Adams; "Cursing the good!," May 13, 2013.)
By now, Christians need to discern between "good" persecution and "bad" persecution. No one knows more about "bad" persecution than the Jews themselves. Since 1948, Jews have been attacked by Arab Muslims in many places other than just the areas around Israel. Jews have also been persecuted for many other reasons unrelated to Muslims alone. But, I can assure you that in just about all cases, Jews have faced the "bad" type of persecution...the type one can expect to receive when they disobey God and His Word!

Now, I will shift this conversation back to the Christians of today, who are also facing the very same type of persecution in the Middle East and Muslim countries that Jews have faced for a long time. Peters, as referenced above, even makes a very specific statement about the type of Christians who have recently been persecuted...that is, "Judeo Christians." These type of Christians are essentially Judaizers who behave and act as Jews either knowingly or unknowingly. Read the "Judaizer" hyperlink (above) to better understand the definition of this term. Rev Jerry Falwell brags about just how many Judaizers there are in America:
"There are 70 million of us," he says. "And if there's one thing that brings us together quickly it's whenever we begin to detect our government becoming a little anti-Israel." (Source: Mary-Jayne McKay; "Zion's Christian Soldiers," February 11, 2009.)
Try to wrap your mind around this figure, that 1 in 4 Americans is a Zionist Judeo Christian! 70Million+!!! For every 4 human beings that you see walking on an American street, 1 of them is a Zionist Judeo Christian! My mind remains boggled by Falwell's statement! Now, I know just how much spiritual power the Jews have over the minds of Americans and over the minds of people around the world! And, I will assure you that the spiritual power that they have is not of God...the One who is Lord of the Heavens and the Earth!

With this many Christians acting as Jews, it is no wonder why Muslims hate Jews **&** Christians, not just Jews alone! When a Christian behaves like a Jew, that Christian essentially loses their identity as a "Christian" and is viewed as a "Jew" in the eyes of other people in the world. The number one claim that Muslims make when they conduct their terror attacks is that the Jews attacked them first. And, when they hit American targets or people, they claim Americans are in cahoots with Israel. Who can deny the truth of such a statement? Jews stormed into Palestine in 1948 and forced Muslims (and Christians) out. A good film to watch is "The Zionist Story - An Independent Documentary Film."  Yet, today, it is a well-known fact that Zionist Judeo Christians serve as a huge base for funding and moral support for the nation of Israel, and so many Muslims see the Judeo Christians as a threat to them as well. Such a view is a rational one. 

Thus, when Judeo Zionist Christians become married to the ways of the Jew, they then can expect to share the curse that has been upon Jews for a long time! I wrote a blog entry about this phenomenon called "Why Zionist Christians should not be 'spiritually-bound' with Jews." Read it! I should add that those who are "spiritually-bound" with the Jews, are subject to receive the "bad" type of persecution which I discussed above. God allows people who engage in sinful behavior to suffer the consequences both in this life as well as at final judgment. 

As Christians, shouldn't we prefer to suffer from "good" persecution...i.e., the type that we suffer from when "the world" hates the "truth" that we speak, or when we live in accordance to God's Word? 


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