Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Why the US Constitution cannot save you!

I am aiming this blog post at the patriotic libertarian-minded Americans that love personal liberty and freedom. I too am a US military veteran, and over the last decade, I have considered myself to be a libertarian. America is the country that I have spent nearly most of my life in. Subtract the several years that I have spent living and working in overseas locations. Certainly, America still has more freedoms than many other countries in the world. And of course, it is undeniable that America’s freedoms are steadily and rapidly decreasing at a rate faster than I have ever witnessed in my own lifetime. All of this is a fact!

There is a growing contingent of “freedom lovers” that really believe strongly in the US Constitution and the founding fathers. Further, they believe that the inspirers and writers of the US Constitution were truly God-fearing men carrying out the Will of God, and that America truly is a Christian nation! However, the truth about the US Constitution is that it was not inspired or written by God-fearing Christians. Consider that the key founders and signers of the US Constitution (i.e., George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, etc) were freemasons actually engaged in occult practices. While some of these freemasons made references to “God” in their slogans and in some of their writings, such references to God in no way provided evidence of their intent to carry out God’s will. In fact, there is evidence to expose antichristian sentiment from some of the writings of our “founding fathers.” Christian J. Pinto (a historic premillennialist) provides some very critical information in an article called: “AMERICA’S “NOT SO CHRISTIAN” FOUNDING FATHERS."

While I do not endorse all of Mr. Pinto’s biblical assertions, I do agree with his points about the writers and signers of the US Constitution given the undeniable evidence he has cited. Given this evidence, it is not hard to match some of the statements made by our founding fathers versus God’s word, and to notice the blatant discrepancies between each. To make a long story short and simple, we should not even be surprised by such discrepancies! Those who are engaged in freemasonry or in other occult practices cannot possibly do anything perfect or even marginally proper for that matter. Without the Spirit of God, by nature, it is impossible to act perfectly and in alignment with God’s nature. Most unbelievers will not fully understand this statement, but one thing humanistic (pagans) do understand is that “nobody is perfect!” And, I assert that there is a reason WHY we are not perfect! And that reason is due to “original sin” (reference Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden). [I could do a lengthy dissertation just on that statement alone!]

Therefore, the founding fathers were imperfect; therefore, the US Constitution, by default, is also going to be imperfect. Certainly, there are “good” things contained within it that might be considered “Godly” such as the “freedoms” it contained. Certainly, the found fathers needed “freedom” to express their antichristian sentiments, and would not be able to do so in any place where there would be no “freedom” to do so! Further to that point, God Himself would want all of us to have the “freedom” to either choose His ways or the ways of Satan. Therein lays my point that “freedom” is indeed a “Godly” principle.

Also, the US Constitution provided various “instructions” which were to somehow preserve its existence throughout later time periods. However, evidence is currently showing just how poorly any such measures have worked! If people are too fearful of rising up against a tyrannical government, just how then will a people be able to preserve their liberty? Certainly, that is not to say that there are not people willing to take up arms. There are certainly people willing to do that. There are also information warriors who are doing what they can to preserve the US Constitution and what it stands for. However, even with all of the current efforts, the elite are continuing the dismantling of the US Constitution, and they are doing a very successful job of it. Therein lays my point which is to say that this US Constitution has not been capable of delivering upon its promise to preserve the liberty and freedom for future generations.

Aside from the failures of the US Constitution, let me also praise its “good” aspects. Certainly, while I do not believe the hype that the US Constitution was “divinely inspired” by God Himself, I do believe that the US Constitution did a reasonably successful job in promoting liberty and freedom! And to its credit, America, for many years, has been a freer (and better) country to live in than most other countries in the world…at least in terms of materialistic wealth. And, I will also assert that the materialistic wealth has been both a blessing and a curse! Speaking in negative terms, many materialistic and wealthy Americans have become lazy, slavish, and decadent due to this type of “prosperity.” Currently, it is this decadence that is now eating out the substance of America!

Certainly, I would love to see our Governments (at all levels) follow the US Constitution. I would love to see true freedom return to this country! The problem; however, is that the US Constitution was built by an elite class of freemasons (and other elites), and it is they (the current elites) who have the power to destroy it, or any part of it they do not like or want! This is a bitter pill for diehard US Constitutionalists to swallow. In fact, it is a bitter pill for me to swallow, even though I do not look exclusively for the US Constitution to save me! I love freedom, and I want to see it return in this life on earth! All the above said, however, I am not realistically optimistic.

Given the historic and current failures and abilities of the US Constitution to save us, I am not too optimistic of its ability to save me in the future. I strongly contend that we all should be looking beyond the US Constitution alone. Instead of focusing exclusively upon the “higher power” (i.e., governments and corporate or banking elites), we should be focusing upon the “highest power” (i.e., the God of the Heavens and the earth). This requires reading God’s word – The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible, unlike the US Constitution, was “God-breathed” and “divinely inspired.” Therefore, it is the Holy Bible that can indeed save us. I know unbelievers (even the libertarian-minded types) are probably confused with this statement. You might think it is the ramblings of just another evangelical “Bible thumper.” However, anyone who has thoroughly studied the Bible can also connect the dots and clearly see that many of the problems we are seeing today are really just a manifestation of our disobedience to God! Even many liberty-minded people are simply not doing what God would really want us to be doing. That is why we are losing our liberty. It is time to reevaluate our priorities.

If we live according to the nature of God, we then are able to “live free” in Christ! For some reason, many unbelieving libertarians believe that living in accordance to God’s will is somehow a restriction upon their personal freedom. The opposite is true. When we do not live in accordance to God’s word, we then become slaves to the world! Likewise, if we live in accordance to God’s will, we then become slaves to Jesus Christ! Either way, we are a “slave.” I know the libertarians will ardently denounce that idea of being anyone’s slave! However, we either choose to be a slave of the world (run by Satan), or we choose to be a slave to Jesus Christ. We are one or we are the other.

Here is the kicker! Those who choose to be a slave to Jesus Christ are essentially choosing FREEDOM! How could this be? Even if we are not always doing what we want to necessarily do, we are doing God’s work, and as God only does “good” we can trust that He will carry out His promise to save and redeem us! Satan, on the other hand, does a masterful job of promising us the world; however, we can never trust him to carry out his promises. Evil beings never keep promises! Satan’s ways lead to death. God does keep His promises! So, exercise your Godly “freedom” to choose which way you will go!

As I say in my book, survive in this world, and in the one beyond!



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