Sunday, 3 November 2013

If I Were The Devil (Music Video)

A Twitter follower of mine tweeted this country music video clip to me by a musician named Ken Rivers, and I thought I would post it for my readers. It's a very nice song, with a very nice sound. The points covered in this video offer a nicely compressed compendium and summary of what the (Jewish) elitist controllers have managed to do to American society, and how they now run the American government and the world at large for their own gain. 

While I have always been an urban rat, and while I did not grow up on country music, I did gain some exposure to it while serving in the US Military. Many of the guys that I served with were from states like West Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, etc. And, so that was my exposure to country music. The few that came out of cities like NYC or LA were more into punk rock or heavy metal (like myself)!

Enjoy this video and its message!

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