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80s Speed Metal Band - D.R.I. on "Manifest Destiny" --> Link to Zionism?

D.R.I.  -- "Manifest Destiny" (1988) - from the "Four of a Kind" LP -- Lyrics:

Manifest Destiny
More blood on the hands of Christ
They called themselves Christians
And gave themselves the rights
Disguised as missionaries
They were really after gold
Many Indians died for that
How many's never told

Manifest destiny [x2]

Forever moving onward
Said they were guided from above
Actually driven by hate
Disguised as love
But all their false love
Can't disguise true hate
And the racist diplomacy
Of the church and the State

Manifest destiny [x2]

The church must be rich
With all that gold
But they'll never return
All that they stold
It sits in a vault
Built just for gold
And there it will sit forever
Because it never gets old

Manifest destiny [x2] 

My Comments:

I remember very well the day when the D.R.I. "Four of a Kind" album was released. I must have purchased it nearly on the day of its release in mid-1988. I also saw them live, and what a great show that was! I liked all the members of this band, but I have to admit that the legendary speed metal drummer (Felix Griffin) was the prime reason for seeing D.R.I. live! Even the drummer of Slayer (Dave Lombardo) held Griffin in high regard tipping his hat and bending a knee his way. 

Recently, I pulled out this D.R.I. album which I have not listened to in years, and decided to read the lyrics. 25 years ago, such lyrics did not have the same meaning as they do today. As I was reading the lyrics to "Manifest Destiny," it suddenly occurred to me, that the "Manifest Destiny" of the Protestant Christians in America (beginning in the 1830s) was indeed similar (if not parallel) to the Zionist movement of Jews to establish a nation state in Palestine in 1948. This idea that it was "of God's will" for Protestant Christians to expand across America (and to own it), is strikingly similar to the (supposed) concept "of God's will" for Jews to return to their historic habitat in Palestine. Those who understand the true concept of the "Israel of God" know that the 1948 nation of Israel is a total farce!

So, I did some online research, and found a fascinating essay called "Christian Zionism as a Representation of American Manifest Destiny," which was written by Lawrence Davidson (a Professor at West Chester University) in Pennsylvania (USA). This essay is an interesting read, because he shows the complex relationship between Judeo Christianity and the Zionist movement, as well as the comparison between the "Manifest Destiny" movement of the 19th Century in America to the more recent movement of Jews and their political aims which fueled their efforts to form the Israel of 1948. 

I will in no way attempt to rewrite what Professor Davidson wrote, so for those who are interested, please read his essay linked above. 

To summarize, here is a quote from Prof. Davidson's essay which sums up the critical points in his essay:

"Manifest destiny has always been a bloody and disastrous notion. In its American manifestation it has led to the killing of millions of native Americans, Mexicans, and Filipinos. Now, American political leaders resort to this ideology once more. Now, as in the past, they invoke God and religion to justify policies they proclaim as good but which in practice bring death and destruction to millions who remain invisible victims to those who are convinced of the righteousness of their cause. In effect, Bush along with his neo-conservative allies and Christian Zionist boosters have resurrected imperialism and colonialism as legitimate pursuits in the name of religion and security. In this new international order the United States and Israel go forward hand in hand, each actualizing these at once very old and newly devastating policies: Israel in the territories of occupied Palestine, and the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both try to hide the horror that results—the deaths of tens of thousands and the destruction of whole cultures—through the propaganda and ‘spin’ of a mutual admiration society that touts the notions of progress, democracy, and God’s will. Such is the allied legacy of manifest destiny: American, Zionist, and Christian Zionist." (Source: Davidson, Lawrence; "Christian Zionism as a Representation of American Manifest Destiny")
Those reading Prof. Davidson's essay should be able to notice the connection (and similarities) that have long existed between Jews and Judaizing (Judeo) Christians. The behavior patterns between each are nearly identical. I recently addressed this phenomenon in a previous blog entry called "Why Muslims are persecuting Christians in the Middle East." I also provided a link to the term - "Judaizer" which some Christians are familiar with, and probably many more who are not. 

The D.R.I. Manifest Destiny lyrics depict (Judeo) Christians behaving exactly the way Jews have been behaving for the last several thousand years! I bet D.R.I. did not know that when they wrote this song. It is for this reason why bands (like D.R.I. and others like them) take a dim view of Christianity! Could it also be that America's Judeo Christian past (and present) and her embracing of "Manifest Destiny" principles are the very reason why America is now going the same way that Jerusalem did in 70 A.D., and the way that Rome did in the 5th Century A.D.?

My job is to restore sanity to Christianity! Step 1 in that process is to abide by that which is written in the New Testament, which is to shed our Judaizing ways, and (for once) start living in accordance to Scripture. If that were to actually happen, then the hypocrisy and greed that D.R.I. wrote about would be a non-issue today.

A nice little extra --> A current video clip of (former) D.R.I. Drummer -- He has NOT lost his touch!!

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