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What on earth does it mean to be a "conservative?"

Finally, I decided to do a blog entry on what it means to be a "conservative." While I rarely use this term, it is what I most definitely consider myself to be. Some, if not many, aspects of what I believe fall within the lines of what a "libertarian" would believe, and when it comes to theology, my beliefs most definitely fall into the category of what some might define as being very orthodox or "conservative." 

However, my brand of "conservatism" differs rather greatly from the "All American" style of "neo-conservatism" that I have witnessed out on the internet and on Twitter. Being a city slicker myself, it is no wonder why my thinking differs from the "All American" view of what "conservatism" should be! The funny pic (above) depicts the cynical view of the average "All American conservative" often held by urbanites! The image of overweight, tough redneck types who cling to their Bibles & guns are legendary not only for American urbanites, but also for urban Europeans and others from around the world. And to be fair, rednecks are indeed some of the best riflemen in the world! I know this because of my previous military experience serving in an elite unit. Most of the guys that could shoot really well, were from the rural areas of like West Virginia, Arkansas, or Texas. The guys from the inner cities of NYC, LA, or DC were typically less skilled in the art of marksmanship. That was just my personal observation, not necessarily a fact!

Back to my point. So what is "conservative" and what is not? Let's start with the more commonly held public views or premises that are often tacitly pushed via Jewish-run mainstream media (MSM). 

The common view of the American Conservative:

1. Hates "big government" and claims to want smaller government. 
2. Is in favor of private gun ownership and the right to personal self-defense. 
3. Loves prosperity and favors private ownership rights (large house, car, etc).
4. Hates Birckenstocks and views them as the type of shoes that only neo-Liberals and hippies should be wearing. 
5. Some claim to be Christians, and of those who do, are typically Judeo Zionist Christians. Other conservatives are atheists or agnostics, and essentially believe that what they have was through their own work and efforts.
6. Are into hunting (both for food and for sport), and love to eat steak or potatoes. Those who are vegetarians or who are into "juicing" are looked upon as possibly being a "homosexual."
7. Claim to be against homosexual lifestyle, abortion, pornography, and illicit drugs.

While plenty more points could be added to the list above, I believe that many "All American" conservatives will likely agree with the list I compiled above. Yet, as a "conservative" myself, I can agree marginally with some of the points above. I will address each of the numbered points above with what I believe to be the pros/cons of each. 

Point #1: Hates "big government" and claims to want smaller government. 

Those of the libertarian mindset say they want smaller government, and that is exactly what they want... significantly smaller government. Yet, a very large contingent of neo-conservatives are in love with the Big Jewish-run and owned wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. They have bought into the lie that if we defeat "Christian-hating" Muslims "over there," we will not have to "fight them on our own soil!" The alleged "threat" of Muslims taking over America has been pushed hard in the media, and has also seen increased coverage in many mainline "alternative truther" news outlets. 

For certain, I do not want to see Muslims taking over America, nor do I want to ever see laws that would mandate that we all must worship Allah! Yet, with such a large contingent of "Judeo Christians" (70 Million+) in America, I could easily imagine the Jewish elites manipulating and staging a situation where Muslims do gain significant political power in America. After all, it is in the interest of the Jews running America to significantly destroy the "identity" of a "white Christian" America. Further, elitist Jews see that it is necessary to maintain a firm grip among Judeo Christians, and to accomplish such a feat, it is necessary to have the average Judeo Christian living in a constant state of "fear"...i.e., the fear of "boogeymen" such as the "evil" Muslims who are supposedly aiming to take over America! What better than for Jews to engage their Christian supporters in taking active participation in their Jewish-run crimes against humanity (i.e. the "big wars" in Iraq, etc), doing the "dirty work" so that Jews can claim plausible deniability for any blood that is shed?

Therefore, so many neo-con Judeo Christians are going to claim they are "conservative," but they are the very ones who have cried out to "big government" (run by their Jewish masters) to "save them" from those "evil" Muslims and it is these people who have NOT been conservative at all with my tax dollars (or yours)! Can anyone detect hypocrisy?

Point #2: Is in favor of private gun ownership and the right to personal self-defense. 

On this point, I can agree with many of the chief tenants about private gun ownership, and right to self defense. 

Yet, many neo-con conservatives who claim to be "pro-Corporation" fail to realize that it is the big corporations who are in full cahoots with the Jewish-run system to disarm the American public. That point is made in my previous blog entry called "Gun buyback in Van Nuys Masonic Temple." Many "conservatives" and "libertarians" would accuse me of being "liberal" because I speak negatively about large Corporations. Many of them believe that large corporations are merely a spinoff of the so-called "free market." Argue what you may, but I will note that most of today's corporations are Jewish-run, owned, or at the very least -- manipulated! And as Mussolini indicated, the merger of corporations and government yield fascism. 

Point #3: Loves prosperity and favors private ownership rights (large house, car, etc).

Many, but not all, conservatives seem to favor the so-called "American Dream" which is to get married, to have kids (two or three is common), to buy that nice large 4 bedroom house, and to have two or three sedans or SUV's parked out front. Those who live in large urban areas are going to need a large income to support this level or standard of living, and in 2013, there are fewer people/families that can afford this type of living accommodation than just a few years earlier. Yet, many conservatives, even today, pride themselves on still maintaining the above arbitrary standard of the "American Dream." 

In my view, even if one can afford the above, why not consider breaking the "American Dream" standard arbitrarily pushed by Jewish elites and keep more of the money that you have earned over the years where it your pocket! While many conservatives believe that obtaining the "American Dream" is the ultimate "conservative goal," I argue just how conservative such a goal really is! 

What is "conservative" about obtaining a leveraged 30 year mortgage on a $1 Million to $2 Million dollar house, which is common for many nicer homes in larger urban areas? What is conservative about paying property taxes which amount to that which would be approximately the same as the monthly rent of any apartment in the same general location? The point I am making is that many so-called "conservatives" spend way more money than they need to! 

In my view, a true conservative lives beneath the level of comfort mandated by that which the Jewish elite have defined as the "American Dream." It is they who have told us lemmings what we should want, and what we should not want! So many conservatives are drinking their Koolaid, and if the Jewish banksters ever decide to pull the carpet out from beneath our feet, indeed there will be many very poor conservatives living in nice homes and nice cars in their parking lot, but with no money to fuel them, and no money or means to even feed themselves or their families! 

Point #4: Hates Birckenstocks and views them as the type of shoes that only neo-Liberals and hippies should be wearing. 

There are Jewish run companies often in trendy parts of town that allow their employees to dress casually, but who are opposed to them wearing Birckenstock sandals. A friend of mine worked for a medium-sized Jewish-owned company, and she told me that "Birckenstocks" were explicitly banned in the employee handbook. Yet, the employees there would wear nearly any other type of sandals or flip flops, and those were permitted. 

By the way, the CFO was a Jew, and he was the one who was responsible for this policy. Jews who are "mammon" or "money" oriented have done what they can to make "Birkenstocks" (or "Jesus sandals") uncool or not trendy! The common perception is that only liberal hippies wear them. Even Alex Jones (aka Alex Jonestein) makes fun of them on his popular radio show!

It is my contention that Jews have a natural hatred of nearly anything that even remotely reminds them of Jesus! Thus, if you live an area with a high Jewish population, and you want to irritate them, wear Birkenstocks! It will remind them of who they crucified 2000 years ago! 

While I do not wear Birkenstocks myself, I'm thinking that it might be a good time to start doing so! From all that I am told, they are extremely comfortable sandals, which are great for long distance urban walking. OBTW, most rich Jews don't like to walk too far...that is for the poor goyim! They would rather race around in their BMW's, Mercedes, or Rolls Royces!

Point #5: Some claim to be Christians, and of those who do, are typically Judeo Zionist Christians. Other conservatives are atheists or agnostics, and essentially believe that what they have was through their own work and efforts. 

As Rev. Jerry Falwell stated, there are over 70 Million+ Zionist Judeo Christians living in America. And, I would say a mass majority of them consider themselves to be "conservatives." However, as I will contend, their brand of Christianity is anything but "conservative." Their Biblical interpretation is often "legalistic" which falls into the liberal category of theology, and their desire for "big government" support of big Jewish wars (like the Iraq war) are anything but conservative. Judeo Christians, by and large, are huge supporters of big government, even though they hypocritically proclaim a desire for "small government!" See the funny pic (above)!

For those wanting more information on the liberal aspects of Judeo Christianity, you need to read "Why Muslims are persecuting Christians in the Middle East." You also should read some of my other previous blog entries which are tagged under the term "Zionism" or "Eschatology." 

As for those of you in the more "rational" conservative camp -- i.e., those of you who are "libertarians," I can agree a good bit more of what you believe, but there are things that you folks are also neglecting. Please read this entry entitled "Why Libertarian philosophy & psychology cannot save you!" This one is a critical read with a number of complex points which differentiate between libertarian truth and Biblical truth. While the intended audience is atheist libertarians, I am actually targeting atheists or agnostics of all varieties.

Point #6: Are into hunting (both for food and for sport), and love to eat steak or potatoes. Those who are vegetarians or who are into "juicing" are looked upon as possibly being a "homosexual." 

I suppose we can all thank people like the legendary Rocker Ted Nugent for this one! The concept that hunting and "meat eating" are the only pathway to becoming a true conservative. In my book, I point out that hunting is in accordance to Scripture; however, I make the point that the Bible only condones hunting for food, not for sport! Yet, Ted Nugent (and many others like him) believe that hunting for sport is also a "good thing." In my book, I differentiate between the being in accordance to Scripture while the other is not. I also express my appreciation of animals as a part of God's creation which we are to love and respect when are not looking for meat to eat. That blog entry is called "What squirrels can teach the rest of us about life and about survival."

Also, if one views the funny pic (above), notice just how fat that lady is! Correct me if I am wrong, but my perception is that there are a lot of rural folk who have the same or similar body type. I should mention that there are a lot of her body type in the urban Jewish communities as well! For those that do not know, eating meat is very common among Jewish communities. They eat tons of it, and their obese body types are the evidence to prove that fact! 

Eating meat is fine as long as it is done in very "conservative" amounts! Notice the word "conservative" is often totally ignored by a high percentage of so-called "conservative" Americans! Some people eat meat nearly every day or every night for dinner! Those who do that, can and will eventually become obese. 

Once again, American conservatives who pride themselves on their hunting prowess, are not very "conservative" when it comes to the number of animals that they eat in a year! It is this very point that I make to depict just how "out of balance" many Americans are in their consumption of food. Is there anything conservative Americans can ever do that is in balance? 

How about eating meat once per week and then juicing on another day, and then eating some vegetables on yet another? Now that would actually be conservative! You would be using resources in balance, and I promise you that you would NOT look like the fat lady in the funny pic (above)! That is my promise to anyone who engages in genuine "conservative" dietary habits. 

Please note, that I am not judging you on what you eat. I am simply suggesting a more "conservative" dietary plan that is more balanced and more conservative! Those who eat less are more conservative than those who engage in gluttony! And for that, the Bible has a few harsh words to say on that topic.
19 whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things. (Philippians 3:19; NASB)
20 Do not be with heavy drinkers of wine,
Or with gluttonous eaters of meat; (Proverbs 23:20; NASB)
31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31; NASB)
Therefore, my admonition is to become a true conservative and eat less, and to eat in a more balanced manner. You will be glad you ever did!

Point #7: Claim to be against homosexual lifestyle, abortion, pornography, and illicit drugs. 

I agree with the tenants of point #7, as many Christians do. However, there are some Christians who claim that homosexuality can be combined with living in accordance to God's Word. So-called "homosexual Christians" are one type who proclaim this, and I refuted their claim in a previous blog entry called ""One can be "gay" & Jewish, but not "gay" & Christian"" In this entry, I provide evidence right out of the Bible which depicts why the homosexual lifestyle and Biblical living cannot go together. 

It appears that many Zionist Judeo Christians and reformist ones (like myself) can agree on many of the tenants of point #7. Therefore, I will not go to exhaustive length regarding this one. However, that said, we should also note the hypocrisy of (some) neocons at the higher levels who participated in homosexual orgies at Bohemian Grove (watch the Alex Jones film). Here again, there are SOME so-called "conservatives" who claim to be against homosexuality, but then engage in it themselves. 


Hopefully, this blog entries adds some clarity to the term -- "Conservative." In my view, a conservative is one who truly does conserve. He/she lives beneath the comfort level of that which the Jewish elites have set as "the standard" of what the "American Dream" should be. Remember, the Jewish elites want you to be poor. They want the average American to make and save less money, but to spend MORE of their hard-earned money. They have brainwashed Americans to want the big house, or expensive car, which is the very reason why so many Americans are NOT free! 

You only become a conservative when you "break the chains" of Jewish mind-control! Those who would like to learn how to become a true conservative (that actually does conserve), read my ENTIRE blog, and buy and read my book on survival preparation.

It is there that you will learn to get more out of life with less!

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