Friday, 26 July 2013

What do Palestinian Muslims and (white) Americans share in common?

Those who are Zionist (Judeo) Christians or neocon Republicans in staunch support of the Nation of Israel often like to label those (like myself) who speak against Jews (and apostate Judaism) as lovers of Islam. Such a label might be true of some who speak against Israel (and/or Jews), but I can assure anyone that such a label would not be well fitting to someone like myself who is a reformed Christian. My perspective is quite different and unconventional. 

A simple concept is this: Muslims do not run the world. Many, if not most Muslims live in poor conditions, and that observation is one I am qualified to make as I have seen the poor Muslim nations as well as the more affluent ones. The wealthy Arabian Oil tycoons are the natural exception to my previous statement. These Arabs play along with the "mammon worshipers" of the world (i.e., the Jewish controllers), and they are rewarded for their participation in Satan's Jewish-run worldly kingdom. Muslims did not crucify Jesus, and so today, they do not share the same high status that Jews have acquired in the last 2000 years. 

So to my point, are the militant acts that Muslims commit against their oppressors justified? Perhaps, some of their acts are justified in the eyes of God, perhaps in other cases, such might not be the case. It is impossible for me to be the judge! Is every act of Muslim "resistance" an act of "terror" unjustified in the eyes of God? Pastor Chuck Baldwin (in his "Romans 13" book) would disagree. He contends that when governments treat citizens in an unjust manner, the citizens have a right to resist tyranny. Would those like-minded types (who agree with Baldwin) feel the same way towards Jewish-instigated oppression against Muslims in the Middle East or elsewhere? 

Many Judeo Christians in America are hypocritical on the above point. To them, it is "right" in the eyes of God for an "American Patriot" to resist his/her corrupt (Jewish-run) American government; however, it is "wrong" (in the eyes of God) for a Muslim in Palestine to resist his/her corrupt (Jewish-run) Israeli government which dictates most of what Palestinians can and will do on their own tiny slab of land. What confused thinking I might add!

Yet, as one can see, this issue is a very complex one with no easy "across-the-board" answers or solutions. From all that I can see, white patriotic Americans are in the same boat as poor Muslims are in Palestine. Both are oppressed by Jewish elites who run the world. Of course, the methods of oppression differ in flavor, yet the overarching result is the same - that is, white Americans are manipulated by Jewish elitist interests, just as the poor Muslims are in Palestine and the Middle East (and elsewhere)!

Also, please read this blog entry: "Are Jews the cause of global Islamic terrorism?" I wrote this entry a few months back depicting how Jewish control extends well beyond the reach of just Israel (and the Middle East). 

My hope is that white Americans (and all other Americans and goyim around the world) will understand the points expressed in this blog entry and begin to reexamine the brainwashing they have received from so many angles of Jewish-dominated culture. 


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