Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jewish rudeness

It is a well-known fact that Jews are among the rudest people in the world. The Jews I met and dealt with when I was over in Israel (as well as Jews right here in America) are proud of that fact. Many Americans (particularly those living in rural areas), may not fully understand what I am talking about. Yet, the truth is, so many Americans behave in a similar manner to Jews, because the Jews are the ones running (and brainwashing) the people of America! The rudeness that we have witnessed for a number of years among our young people has escalated, and that is due to the promotion of "rude" behavior in our Jewish-produced Hollywood films (movies & TV).

My point is this: Americans are by and large unaware of *why* they are behaving as they are! Hence the term - the "Ugly American." Read the hyperlink to this term. The behaviors which have molded the behaviors of the "Ugly American" are really "Jewish" in origin. Jewish style rudeness sits at the top of the pyramid and rolls down the hill just like a pile of dung! When I was in the military, the proverbial "Schumer" rolls *down* the hill was a common expression. Jews influencing the ignorant goyim is literal truth! 

If anyone reading this blog entry has ever lived in or been to an urban Jewish community, you will know that these people simply walk into you, they rarely if ever say "Excuse me" or "Pardon me." They just walk right through "you" as if they are entitled to all the space around them! I have also noticed that this occurs in many wealthy Jewish-American communities as well. Many Jews who are reading this entry will say that such behavior is "assertive" behavior. I will disagree and state that such behavior is absolute "rudeness" with a core premise of absolute "selfishness" ...i.e, "me, me, and me!" Any Jew who would enter into a so-called "tough" neighborhood (e.g., Southeast D.C., Bronx, N.Y., South-central L.A., etc.) would be in for a rude (pardon the pun) awakening! People who live in "tough" neighborhoods have learned politeness and respect for the most part. Hollywood movies love to depict people in these areas as "rude," but that is not the reality. People who live in the tough areas often behave with more respect towards others, and as such, polite behavior serves as a means of survival. Unfortunately, rude Jews in the wealthier parts of town rarely, if ever, have to pay the price for their rude behavior, and so their behavior proliferates. 

Consider the points by a Jewish mother who is embarrassed by her people's behavior. Her points are revealing. A link to her blog entry is sourced at the end of her quote:
"We spent our sabbatical year in Israel in 07-08. It was a fabulous experience. I agree with most of the observations/comments above. For me, the most striking thing was the bad behaviour of the children AND the adults who had obviously been parented in a similar manner. Don’t get me wrong. My children also misbehave, but the difference is that, when they do, I notice, I care and I act. Many Israeli parents do not notice, care or act. They are raising another generation of rude, spoiled children. I had visited Israel 3 times before our sabbatical year and, of course, I noticed and experienced the rude behaviour of both adults and children. However, over the course of the year, this aspect of Israeli culture REALLY began to wear on me. It was embarrassing, as a Jew, to imagine what non-Jewish tourists thought of “us” as Jews. They are not just seeing rude Israelis, they are seeing rude Jews. Many of the Israelis that I spent time with while in Israel were also embarrassed by the behaviour of their fellow Israelis and their children. The difference, in almost every case, was that the people I spent time with – family and friends – had themselves lived in Canada or the US.
I should state again, because this reads as very negative. We loved our time in Israel and look forward to future vacations there. And to be sure, there are things that Israeli parents probably do a better job of than North American parents." (Source: Hannah Katzman; "In Defense of Israeli Rudeness".)
"Trudy" (the person who left wrote the above comment) has every reason to be ashamed of the behavior demonstrated not only by "Israelis" but by "Jews" of all nationalities. The problem of Jewish rudeness is a much wider problem and at least she understands that point. What she may not understand is how Jewish rudeness is also afflicting (i.e., influencing) a HUGE population of goyim in American (and elsewhere)! 

A Jewish apologist by the name "Mimi" responds with her justification for the rude behavior of Jewish (and Israeli) people:
"Trudy’s comments about Israeli behavior are unfortunately accurate. By American/Canadian lights, there is no culture of politeness here – no customer service – lots of confrontation.
On the other hand, it’s necessary not to care what outsiders might think if Israel is to survive in an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel world....
My life experience is different. I’ve sat in buses wondering if I’ll make it to my destination, or if my destiny will be to get blown up by a suicide bomber in the next few minutes. My children have attended funerals of kids their own ages, victims of terror. I look at my precious little grandchildren and pray that peace will come before they reach army age.
If there’s one thing rude Israeli culture has taught me, it’s that it takes assertiveness to survive.
So yes, Israelis are missing an essential element in that which lubricates social relations. It hurts us here and abroad. I’m perfectly willing to own that many of us need to be educated in manners, consideration, trust and trustworthiness.
But that hard, assertive core keeps us alive. No apologies for that."
(Source: Hannah Katzman; "In Defense of Israeli Rudeness".)
"Mimi" justifies Jewish rudeness and refers to such behavior as "assertiveness!" To reiterate what I said above, "assertiveness" is not the rudeness we see among Jews. Jewish rudeness is better classified as "aggressiveness." The Jews who run the world, use aggression at the very top, and that is what they portray in mass media (via Jewish-run Hollywood) as "strength." 

"Assertiveness" on the other hand, is what most Jews lack. Assertive people are a minority in our culture. Assertive people say "pardon me" or "excuse me." Such types do NOT view "politeness" as "weakness." They are polite and they exude a sense of "inner strength" not commonly seen among rude Jews. They speak in a relaxed tone of voice, but their statements are direct, brief, and succinct. If a rude Jew walks abruptly into them at the market, they might be apt to make a direct statement such as "How about excusing yourself!" or a similar statement. In my experience, I have found that the rudest Jews are also most fearful of making direct statements of what they really want. In other words, these type of people are afraid to tell "you" what they really think! Is not that the true mark of cowardice?

Therefore, next time a "rude" Jew expresses their pride of how "rude" and "aggressive" they are, such a statement should be indicative of just how much of a coward they really are! 

Lastly, I should also mention another point Mimi made excusing Jewish rudeness. That is, Jews are rude by the mere necessity that the world hates them and are largely "antisemitic." Therefore, the thinking is this: If the world hates Jews, then the Jew must become that much ruder and more aggressive to preserve their position in the world. To that, I must state that if Jews would have accepted Jesus as their Christ and Messiah, they would be able to come to God (ref to John 14:6). Yet, because Jews rejected Christ, they cannot know God or even follow His Commandments. The Jews of today are the perfect example of this. Those who ignore God's Commandments go against the grain of His natural law, and therefore, the Jews who do so will naturally be hated by the people of the world. What comes around, goes around! 

The only way for Jews to reverse this trend, so that they will not feel the need to be "rude" and "aggressive" is to accept Jesus. If that ever happens, only then will Jews be able to come to and know God. Only then will they be able to follow His Commandments and natural law. If Jews were to do that, it would be metaphysically impossible for the people of the world to hate them! Now that, my friends, would be "true strength!" 

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