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What is "TRUTH" and WHO has it?

The so-called "Truth Movement" is and has been in full bloom for the last several years, and has been so to a degree never before witnessed! The political and economic corruption, on a national and global level, has been the primary motivation for this phenomenon no doubt.

Figures like Congressman Ron Paul, Matt Drudge, and Alex Jones are on the forefront, and have been looked upon as primary leaders of this movement. And, to add to that, there are a fair number of other influential figures as well, who have gained a fair level of respect among liberty and freedom-minded individuals.

Certainly, I think some of Alex Jones' films have been very useful, and helpful tools in waking people up. "Endgame" and the "Obama Deception" were no doubt his two crowning achievements. Even to this day, there are people who deny much of the information in these films, and do so, more or less at their own peril.

From all that I know about Alex Jones, I can say that I agree with about 90% of the information that he has put out over the years. Some of his talking points have come true over time, and others have not. The thing that I've noticed about Jones; however, is his proclamation of being a "Christian." On one side of his mouth, he speaks some truths about the fact that we have become a decadent society, and we all need to repent to God! To that point, this is a truthful point that can be biblically supported.

However, he then makes absurd statements (out of the other side of his mouth), which depict a very humanistic (and pagan) perspective, where he sort of assumes that the evolutionary scientific model properly describe's man's proper place in this universe. Jones will make silly statements like man and our progeny were destined to "go to the stars" and to explore the universe and to perhaps conquer other worlds! When I hear such silliness, I cannot help but question his understanding of humanity or anything of a biblical nature. Human beings have no business on other planets. First of all, our bodies are not even made to live on other planets. Even if we human beings are intelligent enough to develop bodily enhancements to survive in such environments, it would undoubtedly be a very unnatural (hence UnGodly) existence. Further to this point, there are plenty of other statements that Jones has made which are also totally out of sinc with what Scripture states.

In reference to Jones, I would say about 90% of what he says has some truth, and is useful information to keep in mind. However, the other 10% of what he says can be dangerous to your your spirit, your mind and your health. To this segue, I now will turn to another well-known "truther" called Mark Dice.

Dice offers somewhat a breath of fresh air, in that he injects humor into his presentations. The stunt that drew my attention a few years back, was when he went out in the San Diego area beaches and attempted to sell a one-ounce gold coin for $50 cash. At that time, gold was about $1100 or $1200, and there were no takers. At least that was the video samples that he presented in his youtube clips, whether totally truthful or not. If nothing else, the concept was a good one, and designed to wake up the sheeple, and doing so using humor!

Recently, Dice has been exposing Jones' aggressive support of the "Tangy Tangerine" weight loss product containing arsenic and other known dangerous chemicals. One of his Twitter followers made this point clear to him, and Dice has since built the issue to the point that Jones cannot now ignore. I say that is a good thing! All fraud should be exposed.

My assessment is that Dice adds an additional 5% to the 10% that Jones has been lacking in his presentation over the last several years. Having read the "Big Brother" book, I will say that this book certainly served its purpose of helping non-tech-minded people raise their level of awareness of the big brother system. That in itself, is a what makes it a useful book. However, the book does not give tactics and techniques on HOW TO fly below this growing big brother system! That is where my book comes into play! Just how can people protect themselves? What are the solutions? That is what people should be looking for!

Now, there is still at least a CRITICAL 5% of "truth" that is still missing and is still ignored among the prominant figures now in control of the "Truther Movement" in its current form! Well, this 5% of ignored "truth" is FAR MORE critically important than the other 95%!!! That is a bold statement for me to make! 

I will put it this way: What good are your retreats, your precious metals, your stored food/water, your weapons, etc if you are NOT spiritually prepared for the days ahead? What good are these things if you are not right with God?

Those who are only focused upon the other 95% (of "truth") are only living for this world! That could very well mean that you have nothing beyond this life! You may even be destined to a life of eternal misery and pain! God is real! He is the final judge and arbiter.

On a slightly different tangent, humanists like Tony Robbins ain't gonna save ya either! This guy pushes his manipulative techniques of NLP (which he took from Bandler and Grinder). I am not denying that NLP techniques cannot be used to get others to do what YOU want them to do! Most sheeple are easy to lead even without formal use of such a system. Either way, the use of words and language to persuade people is fundamentally manipulative, and not the manner that a true man should ever behave. In the case of Robbins, he no doubt uses his NLP to benefit himself, far more so than he benefits those whom he proclaims to help. Just look at how much of your money he has taken, and what you have gained in return! I would love to here some sincere testimonies both in his favor or likewise!

Anyone who has managed to reach the financial level status of Robbin's is totally suspect in my view. To make that much money, he must be serving "mammon" (money). Money is the god to serve to make rediculous amounts of money! Mammon or God? One cannot serve both as is stated in God's Word!

No matter how powerful one believes NLP to be, there is a way to gain power in your life that far outweighs anything that NLP techniques can do in one's life. But, to appreciate the application of God's Word and His (superior to NLP) guidance, this will require a change of heart from the very core. One must give up the desire to control others and to engage in manipulative behavior. One must give up the desire to make rediculous amounts of money. Certainly we want good clean food to eat, and a decent home (shelter) to live in. Those are basic needs. However, those who want to live as they do in the proverbial "Beverly Hills", then that is serving mammon under many circumstances.

For those who are followers of Robbins (or Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, etc etc), I pray that you seek something with more substance than what you will get from these rich gurus! There is more to life than becoming "successful" using so-called "self hypnosis" techniques and engaging in "firewalks" or other idolotrous activities.

For those who are contemplating the dumping of their "gods" (i.e., Robbins, Tolle, Oprah, Alex Jones, etc), why not simplify your life once and for all? Fire all of them!!!!!

Return to the Holy Bible - God's Word! If you need help and guidance on HOW TO do this, my book can help. My book is nothing more than a crutch that you will use in the beginning to get you on the right path! That path is not one of worldly riches, but one that goes far deeper (and better) than that!

Certainly seek "truth" from those who present 90% to 95% "truth" as previously mentioned! I myself cannot present everything covered in that category. However, all of you MUST now begin looking at the 5-10% of "truth" that you have been neglecting or risk losing far more than anything you now have in this world!

God bless!

Update - September 17, 2013 (One year later!):

Much has happened in just one year's time. Read Timothy Fitzpatrick's April 21, 2013 blog post regarding Mark Dice if you have not already done so. Click on the bold title (or hyperlink) below:

False opposition Mark Dice returns to the InfoWhores fold

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