Friday, 3 May 2013

Jewish Lawmaker insulted by Jesus' name -- Should we be surprised?

I saw this posting by WorldNetDaily entitled Jewish lawmakers insulted by 'Jesus prayers' and wanted to add a few of my own comments. I read WorldNetDaily (WND) from time to time, as it is an alternative "truth" and Christian-based online publication. My criticism; however, is that most of the articles/essays that I have ever seen them publish are ones holding to Zionist Christian premises (i.e., those who hold to the "premillennialist dispensationalist" or "sensationalist" perspective). 

Every now and then, we might see a title like the one I've linked to above, where the Zionist Christians somehow believe it is "big news" when they hear about a Jewish lawmaker being insulted by 'Jesus prayers.' Here is the introduction to this WND article:
"(CHRISTIAN NEWS) — A Jewish lawmaker in Florida approached the Speaker of the House this week on behalf of other Jewish legislators who state that they are offended and insulted by the practice of praying in the name of Jesus during House sessions.
Jim Waldman of Coconut Creek contacted Speaker Will Weatherford to explain why what he called “the J.C. moment” presents a problem.
“This year more so than others, every time the prayer comes up, it’s in Jesus’ name,” he said. “This is my seventh year talking about it, and it’s getting to be too much. It would be nice to have an inclusive prayer.”
Waldman noted that some Jewish representatives will not enter the room until the invocation is finished so that they do not have to hear the name of Jesus." (Source: WND,
Should anyone be surprised by Jim Waldman's (the Jewish lawmaker's) comments? Perhaps if you are a Zionist Christian, you just might be! After all, you believe Jews are God's chosen people. You believe that Jews share many, if not most of the goals that a Christian shares. In truth, the opposite is in fact the case. 

Yet, when a Zionist Christian expresses any hint of surprise that a Jewish lawmaker is offended by Jesus' name, this should be a no-brainer! If I wanted to be rude, it would be enough for me to say "duhhhh!!" in the face of those who are surprised by Waldman's comments. 

There is nothing new about what we are witnessing from people like Waldman. Jews who subscribe to Judaism, are by their very nature, haters of Jesus Christ and all that He stands for! Get this single point through your heads! I know this information is painful! You would rather chant "conservative" (if I may even use that word) slogans such as "I stand with Israel" and feel like you too are one of God's chosen! 

By the way, Jews like Waldman have the power to initiate a ban of using Jesus' name either in House sessions or even on a wider scale. I am issuing this warning, so that Zionist Christians (and other Judaizing Christians -- such as Seventh-Day Adventists) can wake up to the reality of what is going on!

Some very good reading for those who are surprised by the fact that a Jewish laymaker would dare say that he is insulted by Jesus' name should read a blog entry by Dr. Jay Adams called "Controversy in the New Testament." Consider these points which Dr. Adams makes regarding the intent of the New Testament (NT):
"In the Gospels Jesus warns against false teachers, speaks of wolves in sheep’s clothing and the “leaven of the Pharisees.” The record of His ministry is one of conflict with those who refused to accept the teaching He set forth....
Galatians is a sterling defense of Justification by faith alone over against those who taught otherwise, and were upsetting the church by Judaistic legalism....
Hebrews, in its entirety, combats all influences that would cause Jewish Christians to revert to Judaism....
I Peter explains how the New Testament church is no longer a physical political entity, but that the church is now the spiritual people of God, the new Israel....
Revelation speaks of the warfare of God against apostate Judaism, the first persecutor of the church, and Rome, the second persecutor, and predicts the fall. It also mentions cults like the Nicolatians.
Now, in light of the above, if you can, tell me, why we should not be prepared to detect and refute falsehood in the Church?" (Source: Dr. Jay Adams blog;
Those who understand Dr. Adams' points above, and for those who truly understand God's Word, you will know that the New Testament's intent was to drive us Christians away from the ways of the Jew, not to make us more like them! Yet, ironically, 1/4 of all Americans consider themselves to be a Zionist (Judaizing) Christian married to the wickedness wrought by present day Jewry! If this WND article was big news to you, it should not be. Stop supporting Israel. Stop holding Jews as a 'holy cow.' And, stop voting for Jews like Jim Waldman who occupy high-level lawmaking positions in government who will no doubt, take actions to ban the mere mention of Jesus!

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