Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What not to wear -- BTW, Who runs fashion?

After viewing a Twitter interaction between La Culinary Composer and the famed "fashion consultant" icon -- Clinton Kelly known for his appearance on a number of Television shows. "What not to wear" is the one I remember best.

La Culinary Composer ("LCC" for short) tweeted Kelly after his retweet of a Macy's youtube clip posting of him extolling the virtues of wearing "color jeans," which are now (as of 2013) the trend that the sheeple are now expected to follow. Just about everywhere I look, both males and females are wearing either solid red, solid orange, or solid teal-colored jeans. Red is the biggest color of all. This fashion concept is a unisex one that has been pushed through the various media channels now for a number of months. 

Does the idea of wearing color shock you back into black? Wanna learn? Just ask

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