Friday, 8 February 2013

What is the proper focus for Survival Preparation?

For the last few months, I have not done much to "plug" my survival preparation book, which I released in July 2012. I guess one reason for that is because I prefer blogging over "selling" any product that I might have on the market. Yet, my book is really the key tool that I have to offer to those who really want to do all that they can to survive in this world and the one beyond that! It is in this book that I offer my perspective of what the "proper focus" is for survival preparation.

Survival preparation to most people, I contend is mostly limited to the physical aspects of how to prepare for difficult days ahead. Many people are concerned with what "stuff" they should buy, and the best of them rehearse what they will do if/when an emergency occurs. Commonly perceived emergencies include natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, astroids, etc), diseases (pandemics), or man-made disasters like terrorism, war (including nuclear war), economic collapse, hyperinflation, etc. And for such concerns, there are a fair number of decent books out there on how to deal with such worldly disasters. 

James Wesley Rawles is one such author who is "highly endorsed" and very popular. His books are useful in their own right. I've written a review of one of his prepper books on Amazon here. It is a very good book, and I do recommend that people read it, and keep it as a reference. While I don't hold to his "rural retreat" concepts, he does offer a fair number of useful suggestions even if you are an urbanite. However, Rawles leaves out one very critical aspect, and that is the "spiritual" aspect of survival. Further to that, I understand that Rawles (himself) is a reformed Christian, who may share a biblical eschatological perspective similar to mine. Yet, in his view, he may rationalize the point that he does not want to "impose" his "religious" perspectives upon others. And for that, one will not find any information about "spiritual survival" in his survival prep books. Further to that, if he had written on "spiritual" aspects of survival, I seriously doubt that the big publishers would have promoted his work, and I doubt he would have had near the financial success that he has obtained over the years. Most of Rawles' books are sold in Barnes & Noble bookstores. The only people whose books make it onto those shelves are the ones with a notable publisher and an agent to promote the author's work. To make it to the B&N bookshelves, an author's work had better be "kosher" (i.e., not "offensive" to Jews or to Jewish special interests).

What is my point in mentioning Rawles? For certain, he is a successful author with a large readership, and he has the numbers to show for the success of his book sales. And, while he no doubt has some of the knowledge regarding Bible prophecy that I have, and perhaps even some understanding of biblical guidance principles as well, he makes no mention of this anywhere in his prepper books.

Therefore, I set out to write the book that addresses survival preparation from the proper perspective that top-selling authors will not touch! I have written the book that ambitious authors know will not receive heavy endorsement, because there are things in it that are "truth" and yet diametrically opposed to the Jewish-run "establishment" programming that sets the standard of what "kosher" is and is not! My book treads where the faint-of-heart dare not to tread! 

The proper focus as I've said in my tweets is this: Spiritual, mental, & physical. That is the proper order of priority in terms of importance. Too many people understand the later two, but neglect the former! Those of you in this category are lost souls. At best, you might have a "good" life in *this* world, yet beyond this life, I would be concerned with where you (your "soul") ends up. God knows your heart, and He will judge all people accordingly. Just that concept alone is enough to make people (like myself) do what is in accordance to His Word. God knows when we do otherwise! Whatever you do, put "spiritual" survival on the top of your list of things to prep for! My book and my blog are great places to start. 

Once you have made the commitment to "spiritually" survive in this world and the one beyond, you can now also begin your prep to get mentally and physically prepared. For that, you have many resources on top of my book and blog! Rawles' book is a good one for that, as are a number of others out there. 

Please note that I provide few details on how to physically prepare, and how to obtain a higher level of privacy on my open blog. There is a reason for this. Much of what I say, I don't want to be flowing in the mainstream. I only want a select number of conscientious people that have set their priorities straight to have my book. 

And, to the Christian readers of my blog, there are some of you who are against the idea of physical survival preparation. For those of you believe this way, please read one of my older blog entries called "Why some Christians are against survival preparations." I believe that as believers in Christ, we are to live as long and as productively as we can (in alignment to His will) while living in this world.

When I discuss physical survival prep (i.e., water, food, shelter, weapons, etc), I also stress the importance of "personal privacy." See my previous blog entry by clicking here. Even notable authors like Rawles omit this topic from their survival books. I've often stated that "privacy" will save you long before your "guns" ever will! Those who do not believe me might want to read a Washington Times news article called "Iraq vet brutalized over guns in D.C." I contend that most people give their home address out with impunity to people that they trust and should not! Read my book on how to improve your personal privacy

In a nutshell, my book is designed to accommodate God-fearing people who want to survive in this world (to carry out work pleasing to Him), and then to survive His final judgment and to inherit a fully redeemed New Earth (or Land) as promised to His chosen in Scripture. Looked at from this perspective, can you now see why "survival prep" extends beyond the physical aspects only? 

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