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Who should read this book and who should not

I want those that would want to read this Survival Preparation book to know what this book is and what it is not. There are times when we purchase a book on Amazon, and we have some idea of what we think the book is about, and then after we receive (and read) it, the book is (at times) not what was expected. This post should help you in deciding whether this book is for you or not. The points below are not necessarily all inclusive, but are critical ones that I could think of off the top of my head.

(1)   Those seeking a purely spiritual book from a Christian perspective, this is not your book. The front cover of the book may lead some to believe that the book is entirely a book on Bible prophecy.  While the book is not entirely about Bible prophecy, Part 1 (about 30% of the book) does cover critical aspects pertaining to an orthodox view of Bible prophecy (and biblical guidance) which can be characterized from a conservative orthodox and “reformed” perspective. If you are anti-religious, you might actually like this book. I do not speak of ever joining a large denominational religious organization. Some of them have turned me off! I write about it in my book. What I do talk about; however, are the “truths” that the Bible (itself) does present, and how we can apply those “truths” to the actions that we take in this world. Part 2 of the book pertains to physical survival preparation, and accounts for approximately 70% of the entire text.

(2)   The term “spiritual” in my book title does not denote that I write anything about “spiritualism” such as yoga, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, occultism, transcendental meditation, etc. For those titles, you might want to make a trip to the local occult specialty store, where they sell more than enough of those types of books, Ouija boards, crystal balls, etc. Once upon a time (in earlier years), I was into this type of spiritualism. Due to my personal experiences with the occult, I moved away from it given my experiences with it. Those seeking a book within the realm of this type of spiritualism, and who have no desire for a refreshing exposure to the Holy Bible should not purchase my book. However, Part 2 (physical survival preparation) should still be of good use to the spiritualists.

(3)   Those into a virulent liberal Christianity where you believe in an “anytime” pre-tribulation rapture, you will find my book to be offensive when I provide overwhelming evidence that a pre-trib rapture is not biblically supported. For those of you holding this view and perspective, and for those who are willing to consider new and additional biblically supported evidence, I invite you to read my book. For those of you are hopelessly and thoroughly convinced that the pre-trib rapture is a foregone reality, and you are not open to any information to prove otherwise, then you probably will not want my book. In fact, Part 2 of my book will also likely be of little use to you, as you believe you will be raptured out prior to any type of tribulation!

(4)   Those who are ardent premillennialists and who believe in the 7 year dispensationalist perspective of “Daniel’s 70th Week” – “The Great Tribulation” will not like what I have to say. There is biblical evidence against this perspective, and I explain why. We can all thank the establishment backed History Channel and National Geographic for giving a fair amount of air time to this very perspective and all of the hype that goes along with it! For those who are unrepentant premillennialists, with no desire to ever reexamine your position, my book is NOT for you. The authors who push the premillennialist hype and “date setting” of Christ’s expected 2nd return, do often sell a lot of books. Hype does indeed sell! Nonetheless, Part 2 of my book will still be of use to you.

(5)   Those who believe that all they need to do is “pray to God” for blessings to fall from the sky will not like what they read in my book. What I write about is taking appropriate responsibility as a believer in Christ. There are no quick fixes, and no, God is not a vending machine that grants us each and every request that we might make! Those seeking quick fixes such as what you might obtain in a psychic reading, will not like what is presented in my book. My book restores a proper perspective in such a manner that we approach God in a humble manner and in a rational manner to better understand His will in our lives. I approach this topic neither from what I dub as the “liberal legalistic” perspective or the “conservative intellectual” perspective. Both are traps. While my approach is indeed conservative, it differs from the more common conservatism seen in large Christian denominational churches.

(6)   Those seeking information about 11th hour bug-out plans will not like my book at all. In fact, you will probably not like what I have to say! Those engaged in the debate as to what type of “bug-out vehicle” you should buy, here again, there is no discussion of it in my book. Do not buy this book if you are fantasizing about an 11th hour bug-out plan! If you are a multi-millionaire, you might be able to pull it off if you can afford a high performance Bell 500 “Little Bird” helicopter like the ones used in Magnum PI or in Black Hawk Down, and/or a Charter Jet if traveling to a foreign destination. Even then, your 11th hour destination might not be the utopia that you would need it to be unless of course unless you have a full staff on the other end. I teach that you will have to make a decision – a “rural retreat” or an “urban retreat.” For most of you, I preach the fact that nearly 82% of the population’s decision is already made by default. That is, an “urban retreat” is your only good option. And, I provide suggestions on how to properly hunker down in the big city. This is where the topic of personal privacy comes to play among many other critical survival aspects. Some so-called “urban survivalists” that have written books about “urban survival” have neglected proper coverage of this critical topic. My book does cover it.

(7)   Those who believe rapid fire fully automatic firearms are the way to go, you will find my suggestions to go against your current engrained beliefs or preconceived ideas of what you may have witnessed in TV, movies, or video games in America (or elsewhere) for that matter. Firearms do play an absolute critical role in survival preparation, and the full auto option is not prudent and I explain why. My previous experience in Iraq and other similar places (military, government, and private consulting sector) have led me to my conclusions. Vain glory is not a part of the package!

(8)   Those who believe that Muslim Terrorists are the biggest threat to our security in America will find what I say to be offensive. That is correct, I do not uphold Christian or Jewish Zionism or its assumptions. Those of you in this category are deceived and there might not be much I can do to help. However, if you are open-minded enough to reexamine some of your current beliefs, then my book could indeed help you understand what the bigger threats are that we are facing.

(9)   Those of you (at least those living in urban areas) who are storing massive amounts of oil, gasoline, and propane or who are wholly dependent upon these fuels, may want to make some changes in your plans…particularly if you are living in an urban area. Those following my suggestions will save yourself some pain, and you will have a good bit more storage space for other survival items. Those disagreeing with me on this point might not necessarily want to disqualify my book on this point alone.

(10) Those of you who believe that in order to maintain good health, you must either be a marathon runner or a bodybuilder. You are believing the hype in the establishment-backed “health” magazines, the TV, movies, or all of the above. I myself am a former marathon runner and I can tell you that there are better ways to maintain basic health and fitness. My suggestions are counterintuitive to what many would ever expect, and yet very basic. However, if you continue down the road as a marathon runner (or similar type sport), the “medical establishment” will love you, because of the amount of money that they will likely make treating your “sports injuries” or other health problems. Those who disagree with my point may not like what I say (initially), but you might find my admonitions to have been correct later down the line. Again, vain glory and arrogance are not a part of this package. There is so much more to life than conforming to the image that “mainstream” establishment-backed sources say you should conform to in order to be physically healthy.

Overall, I wrote this book for those who are “truth seekers.” I am not the clean-cut guy that you will see in public places (or malls) wearing a shirt/tie handing out “Come to Jesus” pamphlets, much like you would see from denominations like the Mormons or the Latter Day Saints. I violate many of the typical stereotypes of what many believe a good Christian should be! And, I speak out against Pharisitical Christianity (i.e., “liberal legalism”) in my own book.

I am not “religious!” As my late grandmother used to say, “You can be religious about anything…. You can even be religious about going to the bathroom!” That trite statement basically implies what the term “religious” really means – merely a mundane activity that one can do on a boringly routine basis day after day or week after week….e.g., going to church every Sunday (or Saturday), and doing so in a lukewarm manner. That is not to say all church goers are lukewarm. However, many are.

If anyone had told me (20 years ago) that I would write a book pertaining to the Holy Bible and to physical survival preparation, I would have thought they were crazy! At that time, I would have thought I would be crazy to write about such “boring” topics! That was then. NOW, my perspective is so very different! I thank God that He did not lead me through life in a sheltered manner. I have had my butt kicked (literally) in high school, in the military (literally and figuratively), and in other life situations (not literally, but figuratively). Such experiences make one a humble person…just the way God wants us to all be! Sadly, many people do live sheltered lives, and therefore, rarely have to deal with life’s tribulations. Those people need to have their butts kicked so they will wake up! My book restores the proper mindset that people have moved away from and need to return to.

I hope you have found this blog posting to be of use!

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