Friday, 10 August 2012

Christian Passivity

There are a fair number of Christians (many from the liberal camp) who believe that they are to pray and they are to then passively await God’s blessings to fall from the sky. To do anything other than this is to demonstrate a “lack of faith” in God. This is preposterous!

In my previous blog post about how the US Constitution will not save you, I admonished the fact that we should all seek the “highest” power (God), and that we should return to His Word. All of that is of the most critical importance. However, does that mean that we are to pray to God and to study His Word, and then sit passively with the hope that God will lead, guide, and direct us? My answer is an absolute “NO!”

For those of you who are Infowarriors doing all that you can to get the “truth” out about the current globalist scams (from top to bottom), and for those of you who are doing all that you can to wake people up to the various lies out there, you are in essence doing your part to fight corruption, and I would view that as a God-like action. God is all about “truth!” Although, not all “truth” is necessarily God’s truth…that is for another discussion and a separate tangent to this discussion.

In a nutshell, the process works like this. We are to first study God’s Word (The Bible). We are to set our goals (similar to how any unbelieving humanist would do), and then we are to pray to God regarding the goals that we have selected and then determine (against God’s Word) if these goals are in fact biblical ones. My book outlines this process in detail, so no need to detail it here.

Some liberal Christians would likely see this perspective as a “lack of faith” in God, because I dare say that people need to actually do their OWN thinking! That is right, God EXPECTS us to THINK and to use our rational capacities! Further to that, He expects us to work. As the Bible indicates, He who does not work, neither shall he eat. II Thessalonians 3:10. We are to take purposeful actions to ‘glorify God’ and then God leads and directs us to achieve those goals.

One reason unbelieving libertarians are closed off to “Christianity” is due to the liberal presentation of it, that they have received at earlier times in their lives. That is unfortunate.

Overall, those who are Infowarriors or those who are working to get the politicians to honor the US Constitution that they (i.e., their elitist predecessors) created, you are doing important work! However, seek guidance from the highest power!

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