Monday, 23 July 2012

Some random points about this new book

Anytime, one is making a decision as to whether one should purchase a book or not, there is the rational question of whether this book will meet your needs and if it is worth the investment.

1. This book is self-published with no professional editing or censorship. 

2. This book is aimed at each individual human being, rather than at larger organizations. However, many organizations could learn much from some of the principles that I lay out. It is not intended to meet any industry standard of such organizations like (ISC)2 or ASIS International. What you will being reading is totally no-holds barred, unedited, and uncensored! That is what makes this book a REFRESHING read!

3. Some of what you will be learning is not taught or endorsed by traditional security organizations such as the ones mentioned above in point #2.

4. Everything taught in this book is based upon previous personal experience. I am referring to Part 2 (physical survival preparation) of this book. Part 1 (Spiritual survival) is a part written subjectively from my perspective through more than 20 years of study and general observation in my own life.Too many people have fallen for the charismatic figures like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins or others like them. There are better sources of guidance than from these iconic figures. Many other aspects of humanistic psychology are also downright dangerous. My book sets the record straight.

5. Part 1 of the book on "spiritual survival" is not based upon any "religion." It is based only upon sound orthodox biblical interpretation from what some will call a "reformed" view. The purpose has been to provide the most realistic and conservative understanding of what the Bible says is to come. What you read in this book is NOT the hype that you will often see on History Channel or PBS presentations.

6. I have worked in the U.S. Military as well as the U.S. government overseas.  I have also worked for large corporations and private consulting firms both domestically and internationally. I'll leave it at that. My real world work experience spans over a total period of more than 20 years combined.

7. The overarching message of this book is this - Those who "fear God" have nothing else to fear in this life! Those who embody this simple point can indeed become very courageous!!



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