Thursday, 19 July 2012

Introductory post

Hello readers and to all out there in cyberspace!

This is an introductory post to say hello, and to basically state that while I am not a novice in urban survival and spiritual preparation, I am indeed a novice blogger. Now that I have written a book, I now have a strong sense of purpose to reach out to others in order to make this book known and available to all that might want and need access to it.

The book is targeted to reach those particularly who are urbanites living in cities in the United States (as well as overseas). In the US, 82%+ of all people live in urban areas. Less than 18% live in rural areas. While the physical aspects of survival pertain to urban environments, some of what I write is also useful to those living in rural retreats. Also, Part 1 of my book covers the "spiritual" aspects of survival, which is an absolute must for all readers no matter what part of the world you are living in (urban or rural, US, or elsewhere). My perspective can be characterized as "conservative." I take a very rational approach to understanding the true nature of God, and I do not believe in a "pretribulation rapture."

As of today, the print version of the book is available directly from the publisher - CreateSpace, and it should be available on the Amazon stores both in the US, UK, Europe within about a week or so.

Presently, the Kindle Book is currently available for purchase.

I look forward to the connecting to others with an interest and desire to physically prepare for the difficult times ahead, as well as to most importantly, prepare to enter God's Kingdom!



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