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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Christians MUST learn about the Jews who bash the New Testament!

Over the last week, I have been engaged in a Twitter debate with
@ashernajer (whom I'll refer to as "Asher" or "Asherstein" interchangeably...a very proud Jew of *this* world). Our Twitter transcripts are now too long for anyone following to want to read through, and so in order to preserve this debate, I thought I would do a blog entry on it. Like so many debates on Twitter, it's easy to fall into the trap of going in circles, and at times, repeating ourselves over and over again. Here, I add some focus to my statements.

My intended audience for this blog entry is Christians all around the world. Further, I am targeting this blog entry towards those who are Zionists or Judeo Christians or those who are in the Premillennialist and/or Dispensationalist eschatology camps. You people need to read this blog entry, and you need to understand why your support of the apostate nation of Israel is an act of wickedness, as well as your endorsement of everything these people do in the name of God and in the name of "righteousness." 

Asherstein parrots the Jewish mainline argument that the Old Testament (Torah) is the Word of God, but that the New Testament is little more than pantheistic pagan garbage that is little more than a goyim's fantasy. Further, Asherstein implies that Jesus deserved to be stoned for healing people on the "Sabbath" (or "Shabbat").

November 19, 2013

@ashernajer OK, #Jesus broke #Shabbat customs & #Pharisees were witness to that fact. Do YOU believe He deserved to be stoned? #ccot #tcot
@JasonReinhardt7 You can't answer that Q. b/c it shreds your pantethiestic, Greek god religion of Christianity totally apart.
@ashernajer Just answer it! Do U believe #Jesus deserved to be stoned for "doing work" on #Shabbat? Simple question.
@JasonReinhardt7 In today's time, the answer is no. The world no longer exists in times of Holiness. That stopped 2000 yrs ago by Rome
@JasonReinhardt7 In the days of the Temple, where the laws were more absolute, the priests would have executed the laws according to God.

10:13 AM - 19 Nov 13 · Details
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When I use the word "imply," that means Asherstein will not directly say that Jesus deserved to be stoned for "doing work" (healing the sick) on Shabbat, and that in that time, the Jewish Priests would have deemed it necessary to stone Jesus. He refuses to say "he" (Asherstein) would have stoned Jesus in that time; however, he believes that such a despicable act would have been fully justified during the days that Jesus lived on earth.

Then in his obtuse manner, he also states the opposite that Jesus would NOT have deserved to have been stoned by the hypocritical Jewish Pharisees IF all of this were to occur in TODAY'S world! That's good to hear! Sounds like Asherstein has a "healthy fear" of Jesus! He might as well come forth saying he would have done it himself, but cowardice can indeed be limiting.

But then Asherstein throws in another curve ball. This time, he says that Jesus must have been healing people "for profit" and for "monetary gain." There's no record of that in the Bible anywhere. Jesus did not even have a place to rest His head! (Ref to: Matthew 8:20 & Luke 9:58) I've asked Asherstein to provide Jewish historical references to substantiate his claims, and he's not provided any yet. 

@JasonReinhardt7 Preaching on Shabbot is not a violation of the Holy Day, unless he was doing so for a profit or a monetary gain.
@ashernajer #Jesus did WORK on #Shabbat. That's why you would have stoned Him! SIGNING OFF FOR NOW. #ccot
@JasonReinhardt7 So far you have established that your NT is an antique comic book of fornicating gods & Jesus has no redemption.
10:56 AM - 19 Nov 13 · Details
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And then, once Asherstein feels trapped and unsure of where to run to, he then busts a move to disproved the Bible (New Testament) as an "antique comic book of fornicating gods" and that "Jesus has no redemption." Right there is Asherstein's denial of Jesus. It is official:

23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also. (1 John 2:23 NASB)
The fact that so many Jews have denied and reject Jesus is the very reason why these Jews cannot have God. The evidence is all around us! Jews founded America based upon "Judeo - Christian" (read "TALMUDIC" VALUES), and look where America is in 2013! The evidence of Talmudic influence is one of death, destruction, greed, and moral perversion. 

The Bible does not list dates and times, as a (Jewish-controlled) humanistic historian does. Rather, God communicates with His Chosen (i.e. believers in Christ) in a manner which they understand. Those whose hearts are hardened (e.g., wicked worldly Jews), they are not able to understand God's Word. In fact, Jesus' parables would fly WAY OVER the heads of the Jewish Pharisees!

10 As soon as He was alone, His followers, along with the twelve, began asking Him about the parables. 11 And He was saying to them, “To you has been given the mystery of the kingdom of God, but those who are outside get everything in parables, 12 so that while seeing, they may see and not perceive, and while hearing, they may hear and not understand, otherwise they might return and be forgiven.” (Mark 4:10-12 NASB)
Dr. Jay Adams sheds some very good information about the Bible in his 50+ years of Bible scholarship. In his book - "The Time of the End", he says (on page 59) that many (historians) have tried to tell us how to view human history, whether it would be Edward Gibbon, H.G. Wells, or Will Durant. Yet, only from a biblical perspective can we see the rest of history. "Only the Bible gives us the facts as God knows and determines them" (Pg. 59).

Those who study only (Jewish-controlled) humanistic history will only have a part of the picture. Those who study humanistic history and the Bible will have a balanced perspective between that which the Jewish-run world offers and that which God offers. Unfortunately to worldly Jews like Asherstein, God does not communicate like a Jewish historian. He does not give us dates/times of events in history or of prophecies to occur in the future. In both the Old Testament (Torah) and the New Testament, the concept of FAITH is heavily entrenched. God does NOT want people to believe in Him and His Son Jesus if we must have dates/times and a Jewish standard of recording historical events. If He were to do that, then ALL people would believe in Him...even the wicked (Jews) would believe in Him and His Son Jesus! 

Dr. Jay Adams has this to say about the New Testament Gospels:
"The Gospel is the reporting of news, good news. It consists of two facts of history—Christ died for our sins and He rose again from the dead. Once reported and received by the listener it has been communicated in its entirety. We are not told to “preach it to ourselves” over and over again once we have heard it. It is news. The only gospel indicatives are those two facts of history—Christ died for our sins and rose again from the dead.
When it comes to gospel imperatives there is only one—BELIEVE! The Gospel is the power of God to everyone who believes. All that the Bible teaches we are to do and all it commands that we are to obey are indeed imperatives but by referring to them as “gospel” imperatives we confuse sanctification with justification and do violence to the New Testament usage of the term “gospel.” For Peter, “those who do not obey the gospel” are those who do not believe (1 Peter 4:17)." (Source link: )
Therefore, by Asherstein's standard, the Bible falls short of serving as a legitimate historical document by Jewish standards. And conveniently, he has claimed that there is very little other humanistic historical documentation about Jesus' life on earth. Could that be the reason why Asherstein will probably not be able to refute anything that is written in the Bible? After all, there's little to no other evidence in his view. Could it also be the reason why he will not be able to support any of his own (undocumented) claims that disproves the "truth" of the Bible, using Jewish style humanistic historical documentation?

As Dr. Adams stated above, the GOSPEL imperative is to BELIEVE! That's what God wanted of the Jews in the Old Dispensation. They failed nearly every time, and the Old Testament (Torah) historically documents account after account of Jewish disobedience and hardheartedness! Therefore, we are now in the time of the Gentiles, and God now holds us to the same standard that He held Jews to in the Old Dispensation. The difference being that Gentiles are not under Mosaic Law, but rather "resting" in Christ. Today, Jews have the blessings of the world, but as Malachi 2:2 predicted, those blessings are now cursed.

My call to all people, Jew and Gentile alike, is to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and in His Word (the Holy Bible) so that you may be saved! 


Asherstein continues to tweet me with tweets that reveal much about him and that which indicate whom he works for -- Satan, that is! How can I know this? Simply by the contents of his Tweets. I've asked him to post his response to this blog entry, but so far, he's not had the courage to do so. 

@JasonReinhardt7 Come on! Little Nazi Christian boy! Where is your savior while your ppl are sinking into their own miserable hell?

9:39 PM - 28 Nov 13 · Details

Asherstein's tweet above is one of mockery. He is mocking me and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Should anyone be surprised that a satanic (Christ-hating) Jew would speak such words? What does the Bible have to say about this phenomenon?

Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.”(2 Peter 3:3-4 NASB)
It is literal truth! No, it will not only be wicked elitist Jews who will mock true believers in Christ. It will also be wicked goyim who have been brainwashed by the satanic Jewish-run world... i.e., those who have managed to gain control of it. 

And when Jews like Asherstein say "where is your savior while your ppl are sinking into their own miserable hell?", I should state that there is partial (worldly) truth in his statement. God is indeed allowing Satan (& his Jewish elitist minions) to run the world for their own gain. It is true that those who accept Jesus, are living in at least some varying form of misery in *this* world. It sucks to live around so many Christ rejectors who hate God! It's even worse to live amongst a bunch of Jews who proclaim God, but can't know Him due to their rejection of His Son Jesus! (Ref to 1John 2:23) As it is written, this misery shall remain that way unto the end! 
When the thousand years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison, and will come out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together for the war; the number of them is like the sand of the seashore. And they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, and fire came down from heaven and devoured them. 10 And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. (Revelation 20:7-10 NASB)
Jewish run Hollywood should be at least one testament to the fact that those in control (Jews) are leading much of the mindless goyim away from Jesus and ultimately away from God. The most critical point here is "deception." Satan is a deceiver, and ONLY those who do his bidding can "make it" in this world. The Jews who run the world have sold their souls to Satan. That's why Satan has awarded them money (mammon), power, and influence! 

@JasonReinhardt7 Wake up you stupid fool & look around. Orthodox Judaism is the fastest growing segment of the religion & secular is dying

9:29 PM - 28 Nov 13 · Details
I shall award Asherstein another point for this (partially) truthful statement. Judaism is indeed a fast-growing religion! I shall add that his statement is truthful during a time period when Satan's deception and control of this world is ALSO growing. So, yes, the world's premier "false religion" -- Judaism, is growing faster and faster. I expect that this trend will continue! Therefore, as Satan's deception grows, so too will "false religions" proliferate.

To those who are seeking to truly know God and to do what is pleasing to Him, I suggest that you not follow the ways of the Jew. At best, following the ways of the Jew will gain you "worldly success" however that may even be defined. At worst, following the ways of the Jew could earn your soul a trip to the pits of hell.
15 And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.(Revelation 20:15 NASB)
This is the very last verse in the New Testament. The Bible ends on that note! The choice is this: Satan's Jew-run world or Jesus. Choose! 


Asherstein posted his own rebuttal in his blog reference what I wrote, so here it is. 

Hey Little Nazi Boy!  You constantly attack Jews through name calling.  You call them Zionists (which is a compliment).  You call them Kikes (which is a badge of honor, now).  I suppose that Jesus was a Kike too, because he preached to all the other Zionist Kikes on the Sermon On The Mound to keep the laws (Torah).  He surely didn't preach it to Christians.  You like to fabricate stories out of your comic book stories, called the "New Testament."  You refuse to answer my questions directly, by interjecting fables which were written by Hellenized Greek Jews, Greek Humanists Philosophers and Roman poets who were all practicing paganism. Even the term christ is a Greek word for anointment. These Hellenized pagans wrote the New Testament starting about 80 years after the life of Jesus going through King James and onward to today's time.  None of these novel writers knew or witnessed the so called Jew known as Jesus.  They have no point of references because they were not privy to records which were kept by Jewish courts of all times.  Yes, the church was more then complicit and happy to burn Jewish books to hide the truths.  In a matter of fact, there have not been hardly any records written about Jesus.  What ever little was written about him does not show him to in such a favorable light.  It was known that he did attend Torah & Talmudic studies but angered his Rabbis for his wayward attraction to women.  However, he did not commit serious offense against Torah, i.e.: Break the Shabbot (Sabbath), idol worship or involve himself with married women.  If so, he would have been put to death by the Sanhedrin (court of 70 elders) by stoning.  God's prescription for such crimes is called Skilla (Stoning), therefore, hanging was never a Jewish form of executing capital punishment.  Another fable which your new testament loves to twist is that the Sanhedrin assembled on Friday to convict Jesus.  That is another garbage lie which the Christian church spews, because Sanhedrin never met on Friday’s or Shabbot.  Another comic book fable your new testament is that the Sanhedrin turned him over to the Romans.  That story is comical to Jews who have any knowledge of their religion, laws and history, because it is against Torah for a Jew to hand over another to any Goy (all nations) for judgment and execution.  Sanhedrin would never dare break Torah. 
Now let’s examine the history of the European march in Christendom.  Not only did the early Greek Christians steal the stories from the Jewish Hellenist Christians of their time, but they had totally divorced Christianity for Judaism and with pleasure, vice a verse.  The early Christians were only wayward Hellenist Jews who became confused and discombobulated from their mother religion, i.e. Paul (Saul) of Tarsus.  That was the result of the corrosive Greek philosophers who introduced more confusion through their poetry and philosophy during times of tribulations.  This phenomenon continues to this day by the creation of Reform, Reconstruction and Conservative Judaism. Yes, eventually the Rabbis will divorce these Jews too and they can create their own form of Christian type religion.  The Greek Jews of their time waned off the face of the earth while the Greek pagans took my religion, Torah and traditions by creating fables into a new odyssey called “The New Testament.”  On the Christian march into Europe and conversions, eventually that stinking barbaric continent became proselytized by the New Greek Odyssey (NT).  The Church became populated by tyrannical murderous Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes who eventually sanctioned Crusades onto the ruins of ancient Israel, to liberate Jerusalem from other stinking murderous religious barbarians, Arabs of Islam.  These barbaric Christians, (who were your honorable ancestors) marched, killed, raped, maimed and burned Jews along the way.  This happened twice in Christendom and later it was translated into the Inquisitions in Spain, Portugal and eventually into Central and South America and the Chelminikis of Russian and Ukrane.  The Greek Orthodox and the Russian Orthodox Church were not any better than their brethren the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  The Reform Church which was led by Martin Luther, hoped to convert Jews to his New Testament, only to be rebuked by the Rabbis.  Eventually, the poison of the reform movement along with the ancient anti-Semites of the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches cast the dye which led to the various twisted alliances with human secular forms Socialism (i.e. Nazi-ism and Communism) that perpetrated murder, rape, gulags and the holocaust.  
I am not going to rehash all of history in one paragraph, but for your numb-skull followers who have any inkling in learning more about your fables of hate, should read any scholarly history books or the book I had recommended, “Christian Antisemitism-  A History of Hate” by William Nicholls.  It is populated by accepted history with references of scholarly collegiate repute, not some arbitrary fables you assemble in your nonsensical blog.    I dare you and your head burying ostriches read this book.  It may shine a thought in your brain, that is, if you and they have any. 
Now, I don’t like to criticize any religion until the followers of any particular religion attacks mine.  Then I come out with both barrels blazing.  I will take no prisoners alive when I defend my people. I am not like the state of Israel who takes prisoners alive.  Overall, I don’t think most Christians today are bad or evil people.  However, history proves that on a turn of a dime, your people could easily change, just like the Muslims and Arabs.  I do believe that most Christians are decent and moral people.  Likewise, I do believe that in the spirit and the message of Christianity, it is a moral religion; however, the history has been less then stellar. You and your scum types perpetuate the corruption of Christianity by attacking your parent religion (Judaism). 
Now let’s examine for a moment the future of your religion.  Christianity is a dying religion.  The Catholic Church is populated by non contributing third world hordes that suck its resources from capital and contribute almost nothing back.  The big philanthropists and contributors are and have dropped out of the faith.  That is why you see so many Catholic schools closings along with charity hospitals.  Nuns are no longer willing to commit to work for free.  That Church is bleeding itself into oblivion.  Christian families no longer produce enough children to commit one to the army, one to the church and one to perpetuate their next generation.  The reform church has similar issues but they themselves are populated by not committed congregants who have been smitten by human secularism and liberal political and economic ideologies.  Their mentality is very simple.  Watching football and shopping on Black Friday is paramount to any dedication to God.  That simply sums up your religion.  Europe and now the United States have become a human secular liberal society with God out of their lives.  These immoral and a-moral types leave a moral vacuum which is being filled by Muslims.  As Islam is on the march to behead Christianity (you) and godless humanists, you are stuck on deprecating Jews.   The only people, who can align themselves to fight off the next battle of civilizations, are being attacked by Christian scumbags, who will eventually loose their heads to Mohammed.  As you are dying, the Jews are proliferating in leaps and bounds.  These Jews are Torah Jews and they are committed in fulfilling Gods command of being fruitful and multiply.  That is the reason one can see that there are more Yeshivas today than the days of Jesus and Yavne, not only in Israel, but all over the world.  The secular non-religious Jews, like the Christians, are reducing themselves through birth austerity and human secular nonsensical beliefs. They have bought into the Kool-Aid of liberalism as a supreme way of life, which is destroying their families and diluting their personal faith in God.  However, many of them are redefining themselves and are coming back to the mother religion.  Israel is enjoying the well spring of these “Born Again Jews” by witnessing mass immigrations.  They bring to Israel fresh brains and wealth experience, education and capital which augment the Prophetic immigration of Jews, who are being harassed in your ancestral continent of Europe, and creating the incoming as was written by the Prophets, in Torah. To keep score, so far the Old Testament (Torah) is 7 Million Jews in Israel, and the New Testament prophesies is 0. I know this is not obvious to you and your cohorts, but too bad for bunch of losers.  So far, the Jews have replenished the loses your grandfather, Hitler, committed and we are growing, in every aspect to become the nation of God once again.  Just keep one thing in mind, Prophesies state that as long as Israel has 600,000 men, then she is indestructible.  Guess what, In 1948 Israel reached that magic number and beat back all the Arab armies against all odds.  Not only did they beat them, the army of the Jews was men who all spoke different languages and knew no Hebrew.  They all came and assembled an army of Jews, mostly from the ashes of the concentration camps, of your people and from all over the world to execute a war. They had to achieve that feat following commend from a language (Hebrew) and officers they did not know, military, discipline and combat training was none.  Weaponry was left over WWII Czech guns and an air force of couple of planes that could barley fly, against a well armed modern Arab army.  Do you think under the same circumstances any country in the world could accomplish such great feat without the divine inspiration from God?  Do you think that the U.S. with all its superior military colleges could assemble such a rag tag army and come out victorious?
As you and your maggot followers continue to deprecate Israel and the Jews, you weaken yourself, people and religion, while strengthening the Jewish resolve.  Just a thought for the ignoramuses of your linage, Christianity is the religion of sticks, because Jesus was hung on a broken stick (cross).  Islam is the religion of stone because Mohammed went up to heaven from the Kuba (stone) in Mecca.  Yes! “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me!”  Continue your diatribes because Israel and the Jews are here to stay and getting stronger by the second, while you and your types are going into the ash-bin of history, all in the blessing of God. 


Asherstein sure does make claims that are a good 180 angle to those that I have made, and at least have cited sources for. This Kike only lists one book - "History of Hate” by William Nicholls. Does he even list one single quote or reference out of it including page numbers to support any of his claims? Not even one. Asherstein, you are not done yet making your case. 

Here are some statements which need be sourced which Asherstein made in his November 30th posting to his blog. My statements are in "red" color:

1. "Yes, the church was more then complicit and happy to burn Jewish books to hide the truths.  In a matter of fact, there have not been hardly any records written about Jesus."

Really? Provide your sources with page numbers or weblinks with quotes.

2. "It was known that he did attend Torah & Talmudic studies but angered his Rabbis for his wayward attraction to women.  However, he did not commit serious offense against Torah, i.e.: Break the Shabbot (Sabbath), idol worship or involve himself with married women.  If so, he would have been put to death by the Sanhedrin (court of 70 elders) by stoning." 

Really? John 10 says the following:

31 The Jews picked up stones again to stone Him. 32 Jesus answered them, “I showed you many good works from the Father; for which of them are you stoning Me?” 33 The Jews answered Him, “For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy; and because You, being a man, make Yourself out to be God.” (John 10:30-33 NASB)

Show me your "evidence" to prove that the Jewish Rabbis did NOT attempt to stone him. Sources, page number, quotes... Let's see it!

3. "These barbaric Christians, (who were your honorable ancestors) marched, killed, raped, maimed and burned Jews along the way."

I assure you, these were NOT true Christians or "real Jews" as I would refer to them as. Would be interesting to see some sources on this though. 

4. "Eventually, the poison of the reform movement along with the ancient anti-Semites of the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches cast the dye which led to the various twisted alliances with human secular forms Socialism (i.e. Nazi-ism and Communism) that perpetrated murder, rape, gulags and the holocaust."

That's laughable and an example of how Jews simply rewrite history to benefit their own. Read this:

But, do cite your sources with page numbers and quotes. Would still like to see it. 

5. "Christianity is a dying religion."

I agree 100%! Thanks to the Jew who runs this world, and to Jew-run and owned media/entertainment, etc, for sure all that is "good" is being destroyed! Thank the Jew-run world which people like you ensure will live to the very end! The "fruits" of Judaism are indeed rotten. Look at the current state of the world! Look who runs it! I rest my case! The evidence is right before our eyes!

6. "Europe and now the United States have become a human secular liberal society with God out of their lives."

True! However, who controls EU/USA? Jews! That's who shapes these societies and have done so for a long time. Have you no concept of who runs the brainwashing machine in both places? Have you ever heard of Jew-run Hollywood? Have you ever heard of the Rothchilds? These are your people!

7. "Just keep one thing in mind, Prophesies state that as long as Israel has 600,000 men, then she is indestructible.  Guess what, In 1948 Israel reached that magic number and beat back all the Arab armies against all odds. "

But, where is the redemption of "your people?" Israel is as or more corrupt than any other nation in the world! I assure you that redemption will never be seen by your people even if you have that tiny slab of land in Palestine which was stolen at the behest of Arabs and Christians who were living there in 1948. 

As I've said, the "Israel of God" is the only true Israel, and it's NOT that which you and your Jewish propagandists purport it to be. It is multiple levels above that which you claim it to be: . 

There is no end to the disinformation that Asherstein puts out, and I don't have time to refute all of his claims. Yet, he can began by addressing the issues I have pointed out above. 


Some interesting information here for ALL Christians to be aware of. Asherstein is doing his part to destroy the perception of the New Testament. He's just behaving as a "good" worldly Jew abiding by his Talmudic mandate:
Shabbath 116a. Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament.
Dr. Israel Shahak of Hebrew University reports that the Israelis burned hundreds of New Testament Bibles in occupied Palestine on March 23, 1980 (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21). (Source link: )
A Jewish professor at Hebrew University made this admission. And, Asherstein has the gull to say that Christians are the ones burning Jewish books, when a Jewish professor in Israel admits the opposite!!! Let's see your response Asherstein. RESPOND to that evidence against your disinformation! 


As usual, I asked Asherstein to provide evidence and to cite his sources, and all I get is more lip flapping WITHOUT sources cited. 

@JasonReinhardt7 @Elderslot @MuseIlluminatus Item 1. Jews in Porn Industry: ref: Jesus (Kike) mingling w/ prostitutes. HMMM???
5:43 PM - 2 Dec 13 · Details

Asherstein, I'm requesting that you cite your sources about Jesus mingling with prostitutes. Of course, the assumption is that you (and your fellow worldly Jews) believe that Jesus actually slept with prostitutes. Cite your sources to your allegations with titles, page numbers, and quotes. 

And here, Asherstein fully admits that Jews do burn all non-Jewish books including the New Testament! Here is his admission:

@JasonReinhardt7 @MuseIlluminatus All pagan books in #Israel, Jewish homes, synogauges, Jewish owned business must be destroyed. Incld. NT.
6:06 PM - 2 Dec 13 · Details

And, there you have it! However, Asherstein has failed to provide any sourced evidence that "Christians" ever burned Jewish books including their history books. We are waiting for you to address these questions plus the ones above in the December 1st updates above!